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Tree 158. Stokenham unlinked records

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Tree 158

Family 0364

head  Jane MICHAMORE

b 163x

m 29Jun1661 Stokenham: Richard EDWARDS ^ Sherford; Jane MICHAMORE


Tree 158

Family 0384

head  Mary MUCHMORE

b 164x

m 16Jan1671/72 Stokenham, Richard BALL


Tree 158

Family 2280

head  Agnes MUCHEMORE

b 16xx

bur 31Dec1699 Stokenham, "poore spinster"


Tree 158

Family 1622

head  Elizabeth MUCHMER

chr 3Jan1670 Stokenham, "daughter of John ^ Chilston"


Tree 158

Family 0772

head  Robert MITCHELMORE

b 173x

m 175x

sp      Elizabeth ??

b 173x

m 175x

dau    Petronel MITCHELMORE

chr [21Jun1759] Stokenham


Tree 158

Family 2055


b 174x

m 4May1768 Stokenham: Robert EDWARDS ^ Chivelstone; Mary MICHELMORE; witness Richard MICHELMORE

The witness to Mary's marriage, who appears as a witness for several Stokenham marriages around this time, may have been Richard [Tree 05].

Tree 158

Family 2056


b 175x

m 5Apr1774 Stokenham, Thomas TROUT


Tree 158

Family 2057


b 175x

m 10Jan1775 Stokenham, Stephen PERRING


Tree 158

Family 2059


b 175x

m 27Feb1781 Stokenham, John PEDRICK


Tree 158

Family 2484

head  George MITCHELMORE

b 17xx

bur 12Aug1784 Stokenham


Tree 158

Family 1832

head  E [female] MITCHELMORE

(b 1854) Devon

1871 general servant @ 16 b Devon ^ Farm House, Cotmore and Mernborough and Lower Widdicombe, Stokenham; head: William HURRELL


Tree 158

Family 0873

head  Annie MICHELMORE

(b 1867) Stokenham

1881 general servant @ 16 b Kingsbridge ^ Kings Arms Hotel, Lower Street, Dartmouth; head: Edwin BOND (MITCHELMORE)

1891 parlourmaid domestic servant @ 23 b Stokenham ^ West Down House, Bradworthy; head: Theodore BOSANQUET, retired Indian civil service

1901 unm house maid domestic @ 32 b Stokenham ^ Plympton St Mary; head: George Soltan SYMONS

1911 unm domestic servant @ 41 b Stokenham ^ Plympton St Mary (NUCHELMORE); head G W Culme Soltau SYMONS, private means




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