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Tree 302. Descendants of Samuel MICHELMORE
(Buckfastleigh 155x)

This is one of three early Buckfastleigh subtrees. A discussion of possible links between the earliest Buckfastleigh families is available here.

Last updated at Update #16.

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Generation 1

Tree 302

Generation 1

Family 0721

head  Samuel MICHELMORE possible link

b 157x

m [17Sep1604] Buckfastleigh

?bur 10Mar1638/39 Buckfastleigh

? bur 9Jun1640 Buckfastleigh

sp      Judeth LANGSON

b 157x

m [17Sep1604] Buckfastleigh

bur [3Oct1636] Buckfastleigh, "wife of Samuel Senr"

dau    Maria MICHELMAR

chr [10Feb1604/05] Buckfastleigh

bur 6Jan1609/10 Buckfastleigh

son    Samuel MITCHELMORE

chr [5Jun1607] Buckfastleigh


chr [7Aug1609] Buckfastleigh

son    Robertus MUTCHELMORE

chr [17Mar1610/11] Buckfastleigh

bur [18Apr1616] Buckfastleigh (Robert)



One of the burial records refers to Samuel's son Samuel.

Generation 2

Tree 302

Generation 2

Family 0722

head  Samuel MITCHELMORE

chr [5Jun1607] Buckfastleigh

m [30Jan1634/35] Buckfastleigh, ILBERT

?bur 10Mar1638/39 Buckfastleigh

?bur 9Jun1640 Buckfastleigh

sp      Margaret ILBERT

b 1613, 5th child of William ILBERT of Horswell House, Bowringsleigh, West Alvington and Alice née HANAFORD, who had married in 1605 UK life events

m [30Jan1634/35] Buckfastleigh

dau    Maria MITCHELMORE

chr [13Sep1635] Buckfastleigh

bur 21Jan1653/54 Buckfastleigh (Mary)

dau    Juditha MITCHELMORE

chr [12Nov1637] Buckfastleigh



One of the burial records refers to Samuel's father Samuel.




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