M*CH*MORE One Name Study


Tree 501. Descendants of William MITCHELMORE
(Plympton St Maurice 173x)

This subtree includes the earliest known M*CH*MOREs to have lived in Plympton. Note that Plympton St Maurice and Plympton Erle were alternative names for the same parish.

Jenny emigrated to New Zealand with her husband sometime around 1870.

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Generation 1

Tree 501

Generation 1

Family 0505

head  William MITCHELMORE

b 173x

1759 Plympton St Maurice: 3rd banns read 24 Jun for William MITCHELMORE and Elizabeth BARTLETT

m 25Sep1759 Plympton St Maurice, BARTLETT

1781 ^ The Tanyard, Plympton St Maurice UK life events

?bur 1May1784 Plympton St Maurice

?bur 1Oct1790 Plympton St Maurice

sp      Elizabeth BARTLETT

b 173x

m 25Sep1759 Plympton St Maurice

bur 5Dec1801 Plympton St Maurice


chr [6Jan1761] Plympton St Maurice

dau    Elizabeth MITCHELMORE

chr [25Sep1763] Plympton St Maurice

bur 29Sep1816 Plympton St Maurice

dau    Margaret MITCHELMORE

chr [14Feb1766] Plympton St Maurice

m 7Mar1797 Plymouth St Andrew, Peter DAILEY (MUCHAMORE)

dau Elisabeth Mitchamore DAILY

chr 1Feb1801 Plymouth Charles

son Thomas DAILEY

chr 24Apr1803 Plymouth Charles

1828 mason ^ Underwood

 m 1Jul1825, Plympton St Maurice, Philippa ROBERTS

son Thomas Michelmore DAILEY

chr 25May1828 Plympton St Mary

bur 31Aug1832 Plympton St Maurice @ 4, "cholera”

1851 mason @ 47 b Plymouth ^ Longbroook Street, Plympton St Mary

d 1859.1 Plympton

son    William MITCHELMORE

chr [10Feb1769] Plympton St Maurice

?bur 1May1784 Plympton St Maurice

?bur 1Oct1790 Plympton St Maurice


chr [1Mar1772] Plympton St Maurice

1818 inherited a silk scarf from her brother John UK wills & probates

son    Thomas MITCHELMORE

chr [3Mar1776] Plympton St Maurice


chr [5Feb1779] Plympton St Maur ice

m 2Aug1803 Stoke Damerel: Robert HUXHAM, cordwainer; Ann MITCHELMORE

1841 independent means @ 60 ^ Adelaide Street, East Stonehouse

bur 2May1847 Plymouth St Andrews @ 67 ^ Buckwell Street







One of these burials refers to William senior and one to William junior.

Generation 2

Tree 501

Generation 2

Family 1805


chr [6Jan1761] Plympton St Maurice

m 17Dec1784 Plympton St Mary: John MICHELMORE; Mary FROST; witness William FROST

13Feb1813 ^ Underwood, Plympton St Mary: made will, leaving 150 and his three tenements in Underwood to daughter Jane; 5 to each of Jane's children; his house in Underwood and the residue of his estate to daughter Ann; his clothes to Jane's husband Richard DORTAN; and a silk handkerchief to his sister Mary UK wills & probates

bur 2Jul1818 Plympton St Mary @ 57 ^ Underwood

6Oct1818 probate granted to daughter Ann UK wills & probates

sp      Mary FROST

(b 1759)

m 17Dec1784 Plympton St Mary

bur 1Oct1807 Plympton St Mary @ 48

son    William MICHELMORE

chr 8Jan1786 Plympton St Mary

bur 5Mar1786 Plympton St Mary, "an infant”

dau    Mary MICHELMORE

chr 21Sep1787 Plympton St Mary

m 5Nov1808 Plympton St Mary: Isaac BERRY, sojourner ; Mary MICHELMORE; witnesses [sister] Jane Frost MICHELMORE & [father] John MICHELMORE

d before 1851

dau    Elizabeth MICHELMORE

chr 16Aug1789 Plympton St Mary

bur 18Jan1801 Plympton St Mary

dau    Jenny Frost MICHELMORE

chr 28Nov1790 Plympton St Mary

m 23May1809 Plympton St Mary: Richard DARTON, sojourner; Jane Frost MICHELMORE; witness: [father] John MICHELMORE

son John Michelmore DARTON

chr 6May1810 Plymstock (DORDON/DORTON)

1818 inherited 5 from his grandfather UK wills & probates

1818 executrix of her father's estate; inherited 150 and his three tenements in Underwood UK wills & probates

1820, 1822 ^ Oreston, Plymstock

dau Ann Michelmore DARTON

(b 1820) Plymouth

chr 1Feb1820 Plymstock

m 1843.2 Plymouth, Francis Williams LISHMAN (Ann Michaelmore)

m 7Apr1843 Plymouth Charles: Francis Williams LISHMAN, widower, mariner ^^ Moore Street, father Francis LISHMAN, labourer; Ann Michaelmore DARTON ^ Moore Street, father Richard DARTON, mariner

1851 @ 31 b Plymouth ^ Cambers Court, Plymouth St Andrews (Ann)

son William Thomas Michelmore DARTON

chr 28Jul1822 Plymstock

1851 fisherman, unm @ 28 b Plympstock [sic] (William)

1871 fisherman @ 48 b Oreston (William)

d 1879.4 Plymouth @ 56 (William Thomas M)

bur 9Nov1879 Ford Park Cemetery @ 56 (William Thomas Mitchamore)

son Thomas Michelmore DARTON

b 12Mar1825 Plymouth

chr 27Mar1825 Plymouth St Andrew (Thomas Michaelmore)

m 1850.4 Plymouth, Harriet Yeo BRAY

m 3Oct1850 Plymouth St Andrew: Thomas Mitchelmore DARTON, sailmaker @ 25 ^ 15 Lambhay Street, father Richard DARTON, baker; Harriet Yeo BRAY @ 22 ^ 15 Lambhay Street, father John BRAY, fisherman

m 3Oct1850 Plymouth St Andrew: Thomas Michelmore DARTON, First Class PO, HMS Albatross ^ Plymouth;  Harriet Yeo BRAY ^ Plymouth New Zealand vital statistics

son Thomas Daily Michelmore DARTON

b 1851.3 Easington

b 16Jul1851 Seaham, Durham

Apr1878 gives notice of application for a lease of a block of land at Tuapeka West for agricultural purposes (Thomas Daily) New Zealand life events

d 1931 NZ @ 70

d 26Nov1931; bur Lawrence NZ

1852 emigrated to Victoria, Australia

1856 sailmaker ^ 4 Bourke Street, Melbourne: on electoral roll Australian population surveys

1858 moved to Canterbury NZ and then settled in Tuapeka NZ, had 11 children New Zealand life events

Mar1859 wife and 5 children [aged 7, 5, 4, 2 and infant] departed Melbourne aboard Marchioness for Nelson & Littleton NZ (MICHELMORE) Australian shipping records

1864 member of Lawrence District High School Committee New Zealand life events

Apr1878 gives notice of application for a lease of three blocks of land at Tuapeka West for agricultural purposes

1890, 1896 on electoral roll at Tuapeka New Zealand life events

3Oct1900 ^ Tuapeka: celebrated 50th wedding anniversary New Zealand vital statistics

d 24Jun1909; bur Lawrence New Zealand cemetery records

d 24Jun1909 at his residence, "The Willows", Lawrence, in his 85th year New Zealand vital statistics

bur 27Jun1909 Lawrence New Zealand vital statistics

1909 Dunedin: will probated, "of Lawrence, farmer"

1909 farmer ^ Lawrence: probate granted Dunedin NZ New Zealand legal records

1851 @ 60 b Plympton ^ Lambhay St, Plymouth St Andrew (Jane)

d 1871.4 Plymouth @ 81 (Jane Frost)

son    William Frost MICHELMORE

chr 17Feb1793 Plympton St Mary

bur 25Nov1793 Plympton St Mary

son    William John MICHELMORE

chr 12Oct1794 Plympton St Mary

bur 16Feb1797 Plympton St Mary

dau    Ann Agness MICHELMORE

chr 12Jun1796 Plympton St Mary

1818 inherited her father's house in Underwood and the residue of his estate UK wills & probates

m 12Jul1821 Plympton St Mary, Thomas PEARSE (Ann Agnes)

son John Michelmore PEARSE

chr 24Mar1822 Plymstock

m 185x

1881 master mariner, married @ 58 b Plymstock ^ Garrett Street, Rame, Cornwall with widowed mother-in-law Maria PEARSE (John M)

1891 master mariner, retired @ 69 b Oreston ^ Garret Street, Rame, Cormwall

d 1893.3 St Germans @ 71

son Thomas Michelmore PEARSE

chr 4May1828 Plymstock

dau    Kezia MICHELMORE

chr 10Feb1799 Plympton St Mary

bur 4Mar1801 Plympton St Mary






A copy of John's will is available here.

















Mary is not mentioned in her father's will, so she may have died before 1818.


































Another son, James Bray DARTON, also gave notice of application for an agricultural lease in Apr1878.

Tree 501

Generation 2

Family 0735

head  Thomas MITCHELMORE

chr [3Mar1776] Plympton St Maurice

m [26Jul1799] Plympton St Maurice, ROBERTS (MICHELMORE)

8Apr1808 Plympton St Maurice: witnessed marriage of James WHITE and Mary ROACH

2Aug1815 mason ^ Plympton St Maurice: along with William BARKER, leased Quarry Field and Dorsmouth Hill quarry UK legal documents

1830-31 stone mason ^ Plympton Earl UK street & trade directories

1838, 1839 paid rates on an orchard with house and quarry, part of Dorsmouth Hill UK street & trade directories

1841 mason @ 60 b Devon ^ Fore Street, Plympton St Maurice

1843 stone mason ^ Plympton Earl UK street & trade directories

184x owned & occupied 300 m2 land and occupied a further 2000 m2  in Plympton St Maurice Early UK population returns

1850 sergeant at mace ^ Plympton Earl (Thos MICHELMORE) UK street & trade directories

1851 mason @ 74 b Plympton ^ Church Street, Plympton St Mary (MICHELMORE)

1853 sergeant at mace, Plympton Urban District Council (MICHELMORE) UK street & trade directories

d 1853.2 Plympton

bur 24Apr1853 Plympton St Maurice @ 76

d 21Apr1853 Plympton St Maurice: probate granted 11Jul1853 to Philippa MICHELMORE, the widow, estate under 100, leaves everything (including property near a quarry belonging to the Earl of Morley) to his wife Philippa, with nephew Thomas DAILY and niece Philippa HEMMINGS to receive the residue of his estate after his wife's death (MICHELMORE) UK wills & probates

sp      Phillippa ROBERTS

(b 1767) Ermington

m [26Jul1799] Plympton St Maurice

1841 @ 70 b Devon ^ Fore Street, Plympton St Maurice

1851 @ 84 b Ermington ^ Church Street, Plympton St Mary

1853 widow ^ Plympton St Maurice: executor of her husband's will UK wills & probates

bur 7Nov1858 Plympton St Maurice @ 91 (Phillis)




The first child of James and Mary was named Mary Ann Mitchelmore WHITE [Tree 900], apparently in Thomas's honour.










A sergeant at mace was the mayor's personal attendant and mace-carrier.





In relation to average earnings, Thomas's estate would have been equivalent to about 70,000 today.



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