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Tree 553. Torbay district unlinked records

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Tree 553

Family 1863

head  Margreat MITCHELMORE

b 167x

m 18Jul1697 Marldon, Allexander RANDALL

1699-1718 emigrated to the new colonies [possibly PA] with husband & son personal communication


Tree 553

Family 0632

head  ? [male] MYCHELMORE

b 152x

dau    English MYCHELMORE

b 155x

m 24Sep1578 Brixham, John LUSCOMB

dau    Allase MYCHELMORE

b 155x

m 3Feb1578/79 Brixham, William EDWARDS

dau    Avys MICHELMORE

b 157x

m 1Nov1596 Brixham, Davye WODDEY

dau    Cateren MICHELMORE

b 158x

m [19Oct1608] Newton Ferrers, William YOW


Miscellaneous marriages are collected together for convenience. It is not suggested they all came from the same family.

Tree 553

Family 0642


b 174x

m [3Mar1762] Brixham St Mary, MILLS

son    Thomas Mills MITCHELMORE

b 10Jan1762 Brixham St Mary, "base child"

d 13Nov1763 Brixham (Thomas MILLS)

sp      Thomas MILLS

b 173x

m [3Mar1762] Brixham St Mary

Tree 553

Family 0695


b 177x

m 19Sep1811 Tormoham, John WOTON


Tree 553

Family 2079

head  Alice MITCHAMORE

b 180x

m 16Jan1826 Tormoham, Charles HANNAFORD


Tree 553

Family 1417

head  Charles MITCHELMORE

b 184x

28Aug1878 Devon County Court, East Stonehouse: Charles MITCHELMORE and George E WILKINSON ^ Brixham, boilermakers and engineers, declared bankrupt UK businesses

14Sep1878 bankruptcy adjudication annulled UK businesses


Tree 553

Family 1475


b 1864 Torquay

1890-1891 bosun, Laertes, Liverpool UK shipping & migration

Built in 1880, the cargo ship SS Laertes was involved in a collision and sank in the Malacca Straits in 1917 (see http://www.wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?105434)


Tree 553

Family 0606

head  Alfred John MITCHELMORE

(b 1904)

d 29Apr1906 Paignton @ 2 ^ 13 Nuncham Terrace, Paignton: fell into a lime pit and died from the resulting burns [father a naval seaman on HMS Forth] UK newspaper announcements

d 1906.2 Totnes @ 2




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