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Tree 751. North London unlinked records

This subtree consists of unlinked records from the the City of London, areas of the county of Middlesex taken into London in 1889 (Bethnal Green, Chelsea, Finsbury, Fulham, Hackney, Hammersmith, Hampstead, Holborn, Islington, Kensington, Paddington, Poplar, St Marylebone, St Pancras, Shoreditch, Stepney, Stoke Newington, Westminster) and 1965 (Barnet, Brent, Camden, Ealing, Enfield, Haringey, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, parts of Richmond upon Thames, Tower Hamlets and parts of Waltham Forest), and areas of Essex taken into London in 1965 (Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham, Redbridge and the remaining parts of Waltham Forest).

Underlining indicates the latest update (#31).

Tree 751

Family 2282

head  Nicholas MUCHMORE possible link

b 162x

1Jul1657 mariner ^ Lymehouse, Stepney otherwise Stebenheath: made will, leaving his entire estate to friend Anne HARKER UK wills & probates

(d 1659) UK wills & probates

29Apr1659 probate granted to Anne HARKER UK wills & probates




A transcription of Nicholas's will is available here.

Tree 751

Family 0187

head  Nahor MACHELLMOR possible link

b 165x

m1 [8Sep1671] St Gluvias, LOVEDAY

1682 mariner ^ Lower Shadwell

1688 mariner ^ Milk Yard

m2 6Jan1694 London Holy Trinity Minorities, Stepney, BELL

sp1    Leans LOVEDAY

b 165x

m [8Sep1671] St Gluvias

d before 1694

dau    Joyce MECHELMORE

b 167x

m 29Sep1696 London St Paul, Shadwell, Richard SIMONS, mariner ^ Foxes Laine


b 167x

bur 26Apr1688 London St Paul, Shadwell

son    William MITCHELMORE

b 167x

bur 11Nov1682 London St Paul, Shadwell


(b 1682)

bur 6Nov1682 London St Paul, Shadwell, "infant"

sp2    Alice BELL

b 165x

m1 167x

m2 6Jan1694 London Holy Trinity Minorities, Stepney

bur 25Jul1702 London St Mary, Whitechapel ^ Bakers Arms Alley


Tree 751

Family 1735

head  Rebecca MICKELMORE

b 16xx

bur 1Mar1745 St Botolph, Aldgate


Tree 751

Family 2131

head  Mary MUDGMORE

b 173x

m 25Sep1762 St James the Less, Westminster, Charles FREMAN ^ East Horndon, Essex


Tree 751

Family 0998

head  John Martin METCHIMER

(b 1746)

m 177x

bur 17Feb1811 London St George in the East, Stepney, Tower Hamlets @ 65 ^ Church Lane

sp      ? ??

b 174x

m 177x

?dau  Sarah MUCHLEMORE

(b 1764)

bur 6Aug1766 London St George in the East, Stepney, Tower Hamlets @ 2 ^ Don. Street


Tree 751

Family 2481

head  Lorlley? Anne MICHELMORE

b 176x

m 16May1786 St George, Hanover Square, John Christian KING, widower


Tree 751

Family 2477

head  Sarah MUCHMORE

b 178x

m 13May1802 St George, Hanover Square, James Moses MURRELL


Tree 751

Family 1534

head  Mary MITCHELOR

(b 1804)

1851 unm shirtmaker @ 47 b Paddington ^ 23 Peter Street, Westminster St James


Tree 751

Family 1268

head  Samuel MITCHMORE

(b Sep1808)

bur 25Jan1808 St John, Smith Square, Westminster @ 4 mo ^ Workhouse


Tree 751

Family 1195


b 180x

1836-1837 ^ St Martin in the Fields: paid poor rate UK street & trade directories


Tree 751

Family 0899

head  James MUCHMORE

b 180x

m 183x

sp      Mary Ann ??

b 180x

m 183x

son    Benjamin MUCHMORE

chr 25Jun1837 St Botolph, Bishopsgate

son    Albert Samuel MUCHMORE

chr 26Jan1840 St Botolph, Bishopsgate


Tree 751

Family 1165

head  Horatio James MICHELMORE

(b 1814)

bur 26Mar1815 St Anne, Soho @ 4 mo ^ St Giles


The forename Horatio, first used by William [Tree 15], strongly suggests a connection to Tree 15.

Tree 751

Family 0667

head  George Edward MICKELMORE

(b 1815)

bur 16Apr1817 St Mary le Strand, Westminster @ 2 ^ 7 Windsor Court


Tree 751

Family 1240

head  William MICHELMORE

(b 1821)

bur 1Mar1826 St Bride, Fleet Street @ 5 ^ Workhouse, measles


Tree 751

Family 1239

head  ? [male] MITCHELMORE

b 182x

6Aug1867 landlord of the Princess Royal tavern, Walham Green, Fulham: fined at Surrey assizes for keeping a dangerous dog UK legal documents


Tree 751

Family 1209

head  Martin MUCHMIRE

b 182x

m 184x

1850 sugar maker ^ 5 Elizabeth Street, Pimlico

sp      Isabella ??

b 182x

m 184x

son    George MUCHMIRE possible link

b 24May1849

chr 4Aug1850 St George in the East, Stepney


Tree 751

Family 1427

head  George Thurber MUCHMORE possible link

(b 1858)

25Feb1889 arrived Sydney NSW from Melbourne VIC aboard Burrumbeet (G T) Australian shipping records

d 1910.1 St Giles @ 52

d 31Mar1910 76 Gower Street, Bloomsbury: probate granted 12 Mar 1921 to John Weston Parsons PETERS, retired major, HM Army, and David William MEYLER, solicitor, estate 6 0s 0d UK wills & probates








In relation to average earnings, George's estate would have been equivalent to about 2,000 today.

Tree 751

Family 0385

head  ? [male] MITCHELMORE

b 183x

dau    Emily Jane MITCHIMORE

(b 1873)

d 1876.1 Kensington @ 3


b 1875.4 Kensington, "mother's maiden name LATHBURY"

d 1876.4 Kensington @ 0

son    John William MITCHMORE

(b 1876)

d 1876.2 London City @ 2 [mo]

dau    Beatrice Elizabeth MICHELMORE

b 1881.3 St Neots

d 1883.1 Fulham @ 1

dau    Lucy MICHEMORE

b 1884.1 Kensington, "mother's maiden name HIMSON"

d 1884.1 Kensington @ 0

dau    Emily Cheeseman MICHELMORE

b 1885.4 Strand

d 1886.1 Strand @ 3 [mo]

dau    Rosina MITCHELMORE

b 1896.3 Fulham


Miscellaneous short-lived children are collected here for convenience. It is not suggested they all came from the same family.






















Tree 751

Family 2039


b 188x

m 1912.4 Willesden, Alfred G CAPHAM


Tree 751

Family 2482

head  Elizabeth A MITCHELMORE

b 189x

m 1913.1 Southwark, John F STOCKLEY


Tree 751

Family 2473

head  ? [female] MITCHELMORE

(b 1887)

1939 @ 52 ^ Ealing


Tree 751

Family 0601

head  Sidney MITCHELMORE

(b 1895)

1939 @ 44 ^ Fulham; head: Elsie MILNE


Tree 751

Family 1455

head  Evelyn Gwyneth M MICHELMORE

(b 1899)

1939 @ 40 ^ Finsbury


Tree 751

Family 0833

head  ? [male] MUCHAMORE

b 189x

m 191x

sp      ? NEWLYN

b 189x

m 191x

son    Arthur Ashley Cecil MUCHAMORE

b 1919.3 W Ham

d 1919.4 W Ham @ 5 [mo]


Tree 751

Family 1155

head  Winifred MICHELMORE

b 190x

m 1926.3 Hackney, Vahen A TCHIGHIANOFF


Tree 751

Family 1237

head  ? [female] MUCHMORE

b 190x

dau    Alexandra MUCHMORE

b 1929.2 Marylebone

d 1931.3 Hampstead @ 2 (Alexander)


Tree 751

Family 0653

head  Christopher MITCHELMORE

b 9Mar1960

d Apr1994 Westminster


Tree 751

Family 2122

head  Dominic Francis A MITCHELMORE

b 1964.3 Hammersmith, "mother MITCHELMORE" (Dominic F)

b 1Aug1964

m Oct1988 Kensington & Chelsea, TOOLAN (Dominic F)

d Aug1996 Kensington & Chelsea

confidential persons omitted




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