M*CH*MORE One Name Study


Unless otherwise indicated, the parish is in Devon and both parties were resident in that parish.

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Name & details Date Parish Spouse & details Other information
Ada Louise MUCHAMORE aged 27 of 6 Avenue Villas, Laira, father William Henry MUCHAMORE, cabinet maker 9 Oct 1909 Plymouth St Augustine Charles Arthur GIDLEY, stoker aged 28 of HMS Vivid, father James GIDLEY, gentleman witnesses William Henry & Arthur Henry MUCHAMORE
Agnes MICHELMORE 23 May 1597 Blackawton Willim SLANING  
Agnis MICHELMORE 27 Sep 1653 Blackawton Willi EDMOND  
Agnis MITCHELMOORE 30 Nov 1682 Harberton John FROST  
Agnis MUCHMOOR 6 Aug 1702 Tavistock William LAVERS  
Agness MUCHAMORE 2 Jan 1727/28 West Alvington Henry CRISPIN  
Agnes MICHELMORE 2 May 1739 Stokenham Richard JEFFREY  
Agnes MUCHMORE 23 Dec 1778 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Nicholas POTE  
Agness MITCHELMORE 19 Jun 1781 Stokenham Nicholas POPE witness Nichs MICHELMORE; Agness signed MICHELMORE
Agnes MICHELMORE 1 Mar 1808 South Pool William LAPTHORNE of Charleton  
Agnes MUCHMORE 1 Jun 1809 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Charles HALEY witness Richard MUCHMORE; 3rd banns 23 Apr
Agnes Mitchelmore STONE 10 May 1826 Dodbrooke Robert RICE groom surname could be FICE
Agnes MITCHELMORE of Bantham, father William MITCHELMORE, husbandman 3 Mar 1849 Thurlestone James BEVELL, labourer aged 20, father William BEVELL, labourer  
Agnes MICHELMORE, domestic servant, father Alfred? MITCHELMORE, gentleman 1 May 1886 Berry Pomeroy Harry March TURNER, gentleman of Dartmouth, father Edward March TURNER, gentleman witness Alfred MICHELMORE
Agneta MITCHELMORE 26 Oct 1612 Buckfastleigh Johannes JEFFRIE  
Albert Edward MUCHMORE, stoker aged 33 of 44 Frankfort Street, father Thomas MUCHMORE, tailor 24 Dec 1881 Plymouth St Andrew Selina MILTON aged 26 of 26 Frederick Street, father John MILTON, coal porter  
Albert MITCHELMORE, gardener of Ilsington, son of Thomas, farmer 10 Aug 1882 Bickington Henrietta COUCH witnesses William & Josephine COUCH
Albert John MUCHMORE, tailor @ 24 of 10 Croydon Street, father Walter MICHELMORE, tailor 3 Mar 1898 London St Marylebone Parish Church Beatrice Mary LANGDON @ 22 of 10 Croydon Street, father Nicholas John LANGDON, printer witnesses E & I MUCHMORE
Albert MITCHELMORE, warder aged 29 of Sandown, Isle of Wight, father William MICHLEMORE, gardener 7 Aug 1902 Cheriton Fitzpaine Ellen ALFORD aged 22, father Richard ALFORD, labourer witness Emily MITCHELMORE
Albert Edward MUCHMORE, cooper aged 24 of 4 Vennel Street, father Albert Edward MUCHMORE (deceased), labourer 23 Dec 1906 Plymouth Charles Lily Rosina BOWEY aged 24 of 4 Vennel Street, father Frederick John BOWEY, stoker  
Albert Edgar MITCHELMORE. Sergeant ASC aged 33 of Old Park Camp, father Frank Newt MITCHELMORE (deceased), ironmonger 16 Oct 1915 Canterbury, Kent Florence May COLEY aged 20 of 67 Srowe Street, father Daniel COLEY, 3rd Buffs by licence
Albert Ernest MITCHELMORE, aged 29, journeyman painter of 15 Newcomin Road, Dartmouth, son of Charles Frederick (deceased), house painter 4 Mar 1922 Dartmouth Flavel Congregational Louisa Katherine SAUNDERS, waitress @ 25 of Royal Hotel, Torquay  
Alberta MICHELMORE aged 23 of East Street, father James Henry MICHELMORE, tailor 2 Aug 1903 Ashburton Albert John EGBEARE, tailor aged 23 of East Street  
Alfred MICHELMORE, aged 29, land agent of Berry Pomeroy, Devon; father Jeffery MICHELMORE, land agent 21 Aug 1888 Bolton le Sands, Lancashire Grace RICHMOND, aged 25 of Bolton le Sands, father Thomas RICHMOND, gentleman  
Allice MURCHMORE 24 Apr 1677 Ugborough Nicholas LUSCOOMBE  
Alice MITCHAMORE 16 Jan 1826 Tormoham Charles HANNAFORD  
Alice MICHELMORE, aged 19, father deceased 26 Mar 1846 Wolborough George FROST, tailor  
Alice MICHELMORE 18 Feb 1856 Ashprington Richard Cranch PAIGE  
Alice MITCHELMORE aged 24 of Dunford Street, father Charles MITCHELMORE, labourer 29 Mar 1892 Plymouth Holy Trinity Henry WARREN, soldier aged 28 of Stonehouse, father Charles Bye WARREN, shepherd witnesses William H & Catherine R MITCHELMORE
Alice Mary MITCHELMORE, aged 23 of Rozel, father John Henry MITCHELMORE, mason 24 Oct 1903 Torwood Charles William BURN, coachman aged 26 of 15 Hilldrop Terrace, father James BURN, coachman (decd) witness John Henry MITCHELMORE
Alice Irene May MITCHELMORE 22 Apr 1920 East Allington William HOSKIN  
Alicia MICHELMOORE 9 Feb 1560 Ugborough Johes VEALE  
Alicia MITCHELMORE 2 Nov 1641 Buckfastleigh Nicolaus COOK  
Alicia MITCHELMORE 24 May 1813 Plympton St Mary James NELDER of Cornwood witness Josiah MITCHELMORE
Alma Frances Ada MITCHELMORE of Rose Cottage, Ethelred Street, father Andrew MITCHELMORE, boilermaker 26 Oct 1913 London St Mary the Less, Lambeth Robert Arthur SHERGOLD, omnibus conductor aged 29 of Rose Cottage, Ethelred Street, father James SHERGOLD, farrier  
Alphons MITCHELMORE 26 Dec 1905 Plymouth St Andrew Ellen PARR  
Ambrose MITCHELMORE 29 Aug 1790 Stokenham Sara PEARSE  
Amelia Frances MICHELMORE aged 42, father William MICHELMORE, yeoman 19 Oct 1858 Brixham St Mary George FOGWELL, widower, malster aged 57 , father George FOGWELL, miller witness Sophia MICHELMORE
Amy Helen MUCHMORE aged 18 of 17 Modbury Street, father Frederick William MUCHMORE, engine driver 6 Jun 1899 London St Luke, New Kentish Town George BOON, newsagent aged 25 of 112 Bayham Street, father George BOON, newsagent witnesses Frederick William & Violet Harriet MUCHMORE
Amy MITCHELMORE aged 19 of 92 Embankment Road, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, labourer 15 Apr 1905 Plymouth St John Frederick SUSSEX, corporal RMLT aged 25 of Stonehouse, father Frederick SUSSEX (dec'd), labourer witness Janie MITCHELMORE
Amy MICHELMORE aged 27 of High Combe, father Charles MICHELMORE, thatcher 23 Dec 1911 Buckfastleigh George Albert PAUL, Leading Seaman RN aged 29 of HMS Pomone, Dartmouth, father William Henry PAUL, factory operative witness Susan MICHELMORE
Andrew MUCHAMORE 3 Apr 1716 Dartmouth St Clement Jane MORRISH  
Andrew MUCHAMORE of Diptford 20 Dec 1744 Charleton Ann BISHOP  
Andrew MITCHELMORE 2 Aug 1774 Sherford Mary FORD witness John FORD
Andrew MITCHELMORE 3 Jan 1793 Wolborough Elizabeth WILLS  
Andrew MITCHELMORE, widower 12 Jan 1819 Highweek Betsy SCOTT of Mevagissey, Cornwall witnesses William Lewis JONES, Richard COYSH
And Michelmore WILLS 1 Jun 1835 Harberton Sarah YEOMAN  
Andrew MITCHELMORE, sawyer aged 33 of Galley's Court, father Andrew MITCHELMORE, letter carrier 21 Jun 1852 Exeter St Olave Mary Ann SCOBLE, servant aged 27 of Bartholemew Yard, father Henry SCOBLE, shipwright  
Andrew MICHELMORE, sawyer aged 20 of Newton Abbot, father Andrew MICHELMORE, sawyer 22 Jun 1877 Wolborough Alma Lucinda PHILLIPS aged 21 of Newton Abbot, father George PHILLIPS, labourer  
An MICHELMORE 31 Oct 1642 Blackawton Georg UDEY  
Ann MUTCHAMORE 26 Mar 1695 Slapton Joseph HARVEY  
Ann MUCHAMORE 26 Jun 1738 West Alvington Philip HARDY  
Ann MUCKLEMORE 1765 Westerham, Kent John FRANCIS  
Ann MICHELMORE 25 Mar 1768 Staverton John PERRY of Gulwell  
Ann MICHELMORE 5 Apr 1774 Stokenham Thomas TROUT  
Ann MICHAMORE 10 Jan 1775 Stokenham Stephen PERRING  
Ann MITCHEMORE 7 Apr 1800 Cranleigh, Surrey Henry FAIRFIELD  
Ann MITCHELMORE 2 Aug 1803 Stoke Damerel Robert HUXHAM, cordwainer  
Ann MITCHELMORE 10 Dec 1805 Moreleigh John PRIN of Halwell  
Ann MITCHELMORE 4 Jun 1811 Blackawton William ALLERY  
Ann MITCHELMORE 26 Aug 1813 Stoke Damerel Robert WORTH  
Ann MICHMORE 27 Aug 1816 East Allington Richard WAKEHAM  
Ann MUCHMORE 25 Nov 1817 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall William TOMS, labourer witness William MUCHMORE
Ann Stone MITCHELMORE 21 Oct 1821 Stokenham Edward STREET of Chivelstone  
Ann Agnes MICHELMORE 12 Jul 1821 Plympton St Mary Thomas PEARSE, farmer of Plymstock  
Ann MUCHMORE 23 Nov 1830 Stoke Damerel William BASSETT 3rd banns 21 Nov
Ann MICHELMORE of Harbertonford, father Nicholas MICHELMORE, labourer 16 May 1841 Harberton John BROWNE, carpenter of Harbertonford, father John BROWNE, carpenter  
Ann Michaelmore DARTON of Moore Street, father Richard DARTON, mariner 7 Apr 1843 Plymouth Charles Francis Williams LISHMAN, widower, mariner of Moore Street, father Francis LISHMAN, labourer  
Ann MITCHELMORE, father Peter MICHELMORE, labourer 24 Jun 1851 Harberton George LOMBARDINI, labourer of Dartington, father Francis LOMBARDINI, traveller witnesses Robert & Margaret MITCHELMORE
Ann Elizabeth MITCHELMORE, aged 21, father John MITCHELMORE, inn keeper 23 Nov 1858 Dartmouth St Saviour James MALLETT, coastguard aged 25 of Holberton, father William MALLETT, revenue officer witness Nathaniel MITCHELMORE
Ann MICHELMORE, widow aged 37 of 11 Barbara Street, father Thomas BLACKFORD, horsehair manufacturer 10 Jun 1888 London St David, Barnsbury Peter LEARY, searcher? aged 41 of 11 Barbara Street, father Peter LEARY, warehouseman  
Ann Elizabeth Rosina MUCHMORE 21 Apr 1979 Plymouth St Budeaux David John BENNETT  
Anna HUCHMORE, widow 4 Dec 1611 Berry Pomeroy Nicholas ROLL, gent of Blackawton marriage licence only
Anna MICHELMORE 23 Apr 1695 Buckfastleigh John CHAFF  
Anna MUTCHMORE aged 23 of 14 Lambhay Hill, father William MUTCHMORE, sailor 19 Jun 1856 Plymouth Holy Trinity John GIBBS, mariner aged 28 of 14 Lambhay Hill, father James GIBBS, farmer  
Anne MICHELMORE 21 Nov 1680 East Allington John SCOBLE  
Anne MICHELMORE 12 May 1790 Buckfastleigh Richard ASCOTT  
Anne MICHELMORE 17 Apr 1827 Buckfastleigh Thomas TOLCHARD  
Anne MICHELMORE 1 Aug 1832 Stokenham Henry BOWDEN  
Annette MITCHELMORE 12 Jun 1965 Plymouth St Francis John Frederick GRINNEY  
Annie Maria MITCHELMORE aged 20, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, sawyer 28 Feb 1885 Dartmouth St Clement Frank POWERS, seaman aged 27, father Alfred POWERS (dec) witness Thomas MITCHELMORE
Annie Beatrice MITCHELMORE 18 Jun 1910 Plymouth Charles William George BARTLETT  
Annis MUCHMOOR 2 Jun 1770 St Germans, Cornwall Matthew NILL  
Arthur Frederick MICHELMORE, porter aged 27 of 18 Catherine Blds, White Hart Street, father William Francis MICHELMORE, glass engraver 25 Dec 1893 London St Michael, Westminster Florence Gertrude ELMORE aged 23 of 13 Catherine Bldings, father Edwin Henry ELMORE, tin & zinc plate worker  
Arthur John MICHELMORE, engineer @ 24 of 64 Palace Road, Streatham Hill, father William Henry MICHELMORE, gentleman 31 Jan 1907 London Holy Trinity, Lambeth Evelyn GREENFIELD @ 25 of 8 Brenda Road, Balham, father Jack Rockhead GREENFIELD (deceased), merchant witness Leonard C MICHELMORE
Arthur Francis MITCHELMORE 29 Jun 1927 Plymouth St Mark Hilda Ethel RICKARD  
Aubrey John MITCHELMORE 15 Apr 1936 Plymstock Marjorie Mildred HOLMAN  
Augusta MITCHELMORE 26 Oct 1612 Buckfastleigh Johannes JEFFRIE  
Austin MITCHELMORE 1 Dec 1778 Sherford Jane EARL  
Austin MICHELMORE, laborer, father Thomas MICHELMORE, laborer 11 Apr 1841 Stokenham Elizabeth BROOKING, father Thomas BROOKING, labourer 3rd banns read 28 Mar
Avia MICHAMORE 30 Jun 1595 Ugborough Hugo STONYER  
Avys MICHELMORE 1 Nov 1596 Brixham St Mary Davye WODDEY  
Avice MICHELMORE 27 Jul 1626 Exeter St Mary Major John WHEELER  
Barbara MICHELMORE 26 Feb 1722 Buckfastleigh Edward EVENS  
Beatrice Annie MITCHELMORE, aged 22, father John MITCHELMORE, gardener 11 Sep 1897 Kingskerswell Henry CROSS, labourer aged 23 of St Leonard, Exeter, father John CROSS, market gardener  
Beatrice Mary MITCHELMORE, widow aged 28, father Daniel MORGAN, deceased 6 Jul 1903 Penmaen, Monmouthshire James JONES, widower, engine driver aged 36, father James JONES, labourer  
Beatrice Maud MITCHELMORE aged 23 of 63 Union Place, father Edward MITCHELMORE deceased, horsedealer 26 Feb 1906 Plymouth St Matthew Ernest Albert EDGCUMBE, cab proprietor aged 22 of 36 King Gardens, father Henry EDGCUMBE, storehouseman witness Silvanus MITCHELMORE
Beatrice May MUCHMORE 21 Sep 1935 Plymouth St Jude Charlie Alfred FOSTER  
Bella Rose MITCHELMORE aged 26, father Edward Mitchell MITCHELMORE, labourer 21 Mar 1904 Stokenham James Edwin CHAMBERLAIN, coachman aged 29, father James CHAMBERLAIN, blacksmith witnesses Edward Mitchell & Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE
Bertha Ellen MITCHELMORE aged 27, father Edward MITCHELMORE, farmer 28 Apr 1909 Stokenham Frederick Samuel JOHNS, coachman aged 26, father Samuel JOHNS, labourer witness Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE
Bessie MITCHELMORE 24 Jan 1875 Kingsbridge Nicholas YEOMAN  
Bessie MITCHELMORE of 5 Bletchymalone? Street, father Richard MITCHELMORE, gardener 12 Jul 1875 London St Mark, Notting Hill Henry DAVEY, painter of 15 St Mark Road, father Charles DAVEY, plumber  
Bessie MICHELMORE, servant aged 22, father John MICHELMORE, gardener 26 Jan 1882 Upton Samuel LUSCOMBE, labourer aged 25 of Coffinswell, father James LUSCOMBE, carpenter witness Emily MICHELMORE
Bessie Maria Sarah Isabella MITCHELMORE aged 35, father Samuel SYMONS 27 Aug 1882 Bristol St Philip & St Jacob Robert PARSONS aged 42, father George PARSONS  
Bessie Maud MITCHELMORE 30 Jul 1904 Plymouth St Jude William George WAY  
Bessie Maude Mary MITCHELMORE, father Robert MITCHELMORE labourer 12 Oct 1904 East Allington Albert John PITTS, father: John PITTS, labourer  
Bessie Alexandria Phillips MITCHELMORE aged 23 of 46 Marsland Road, father Andrew MITCHELMORE, engineers assistant 23 Dec 1905 London St Paul, Newington William Henry JENKINS, stone mason aged 29 of Walworth St John, father William JENKINS, stone mason witnesses Andrew, Reginald G A & Alma MITCHELMORE
Bessie Emma MITCHELMORE 19 Dec 1915 Plymouth St Paul, Devonport Henry James COLLICOTT  
Betsey MICHELMORE 13 Nov 1816 Staverton Jeffery MICHELMORE  
Betsy MICHELMORE 20 May 1828 Buckfastleigh John PETHERICK witness Robert MICHELMORE
Betty MICHELMORE 13 Oct 1807 Stokenham Nicholas DURE  
Betty MITCHELMORE, widow, father Joseph COOK, tanner 10 Dec 1837 Highweek Edward HOOK, widower, mason of Newton Bushell, father Henry HOOKE, mason  
Blanche Emma MUCHMORE aged 26 of 2 Queens Road, father Richard MUCHMORE, carpenter 26 Sep 1896 London St Marylebone Parish Church Frederick William PENN, machinist aged 25 of 2 Queens Road, father Edwin PENN, railway inspector witnesses Richard & Sarah MUCHMORE
Brian William George Richard MITCHELMORE 26 Mar 1955 Plymouth St Budeaux Edna May Georgina PALMER  
Brian Kim MITCHELMORE 20 Aug 1977 Plymouth St Aubryn, Devonport Doreen Wendy LAUNCE  
Bridgett MITCHELMORE 3 Feb 1641 Berry Pomeroy Walter LANE  
Caecilia MUCHAMORE, sojourner 17 Aug 1783 Plymstock John PICKEN of Brixton, cordwainer, sojourner  
Caroline MICHELMORE of Totnes, father Charles MICHELMORE, solicitor 27 Aug 1844 Totnes Stephen Frances SHARP, banker of Totnes, father William SHARP, major in army witnesses Charles & Elizabeth MICHELMORE
Caroline MICHELMORE, aged 20, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, sawyer 8 Apr 1875 Dartmouth St Clement Elijah HARRIS, labourer aged 19, father Grylls HARRIS (dec.) witnesses Thomas & C MITCHELMORE
Caroline MITCHELMORE, father Wm MITCHELMORE, butcher 5 Sep 1878 Dartmouth St Petrox Robert Thomas PILLAR, builder of St Petrox, father L C PILLAR, builder  
Caroline MUCHAMORE aged 24 of 28 Burnthwaite Road, Fulham, father William MUCHAMORE, cabinet maker 2 Oct 1898 London St John, Fulham William BENNETT, electrician aged 26 of 16 Burnthwaite Road, Fulham, father William Henry BENNETT (deceased), sailor  
Caroline Agnes Elizabeth MICHELMORE aged 18 of Brayburne Avenue, father Charles MICHELMORE, butcher 12 Aug 1907 London St Paul, Clapham William HAYES, furniture dealer aged 24 of 1 Barnes Cottages, Merton, father Henry HAYES, furniture dealer witness George Walter MICHELMORE
Cateren MICHELMORE 19 Oct 1608 Newton Ferrers William YOW  
Catherine MUGEMORE 21 Dec 1721 St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall Sampson SKINNARD  
Catherine Reeves MITCHELMORE aged 24 of 17 Morley Place, father William MITCHELMORE, sergeant of police 5 Aug 1899 Plymouth Christ Church Charles George Hoskin SMALE, painter aged 27 of 1 Higher York Place, father William Richard SMALE, carpenter witness William Henry MITCHELMORE
Catherine Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 12 Oct 1913 Plymouth Ebrington St Methodist John Colin CRAWFORD  
Cellia MITCHELMORE, minor of Kingsbridge, father Wm MITCHELMORE, labourer 25 Dec 1871 Charleton Nicholas LEE, labourer, father Richard LEE, labourer  
Charles MICHELMORE 13 Oct 1820 Staverton Betsy Furneaux BOWDEN Witnesses N MICHELMORE, C BOWDEN
Charles Stone MITCHELMORE, labourer , father Edward Stone MITCHELMORE, labourer 25 Apr 1848 Sherford Mary Agness WEEKS aged 19 of Sherford, father Walter WEEKS, labourer  
Charles Frederick MICHELMORE, gentleman, son of Charles (dec'd) 31 May 1849 London St Pancras Old Church Sophia Harriet EDYE By licence
Charles MICHELMORE, butcher aged 21 of 3 Holles Street, father Frederick MICHELMORE, upholsterer 31 Mar 1872 London St Clement Danes Mary Ann BEGG aged 23  
Charles MICHELMORE, merchant service of Craven Terrace, father Charles Frederick MICHELMORE, solicitor 21 Jan 1873 London Christ Church Paddington Annie OVERMASS ofa, of Craven Terrace, father John OVERMASS (deceased), tailor  
Charles Frederick MITCHELMORE, aged 21 years, painter, son of Nathaniel, painter 24 Nov 1887 Paignton Congregational Dartmouth Road Caroline Louisa TUCKER  
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE 24 Dec 1890 Plymouth St Paul, Devonport Charlotte Louisa BUCKINGHAM  
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE, shipwright aged 27 of 25 King Street, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, sawyer 24 Dec 1890 Plymouth St Paul, Devonport Charlotte Louisa BUCKINGHAM aged 25 of 25 King Street, duaghter of William George BUCKINGHAM, signalman  
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE 10 Oct 1896 Plymouth St Michael Mary MARKLAND  
Charles Stuart MICHELMORE @ 29, father Henry MICHELMORE 7 Sep 1896 York St Olave's-Marygate, Yorkshire Lucy PEARSON @ 25, father Paul PEARSON  
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE, shipwright aged 32 of 1 Haddinton Road, father Thomas MITCHELMORE (dec'd), sawyer 10 Oct 1896 Plymouth St Michael Mary MARKLAND aged 27 of 1 Haddington Road, father Richard MARKLAND, labourer  
Charles Fredeick MITCHELMORE, horsekeeper @ 29 of 43 Kensington Park Road, father Charles Henry MITCHELMORE, deceased 23 Dec 1900 London All Saints, Notting Hill Harriet MAQUIRE @ 24 of 43 Kensington Park Road, father William MAQUIRE, deceased  
Charles Lionel Bickford MITCHELMORE 19 Feb 1905 Plymouth St Jude Lily Mabel Alice CASTLES  
Charles Frederick MICHELMORE, butcher @ 30 of Wandsworth Road, Clapham Common, father Charles MICHELMORE, butcher 12 Jun 1905 London St Stephen, West Ealing Minnie Catherine PROWSE @ 30, father George PROWSE, coachman  
Charles Henry MUCHMORE, warehouseman @ 20 of 28 Huntsworth Terrace, father William John MUCHMORE, tailor 25 Dec 1910 London St Matthew, Marylebone Florence JANES @ 20 of 28 Huntsworth Terrace, father Thomas Walter JANES, tin smith witnesses Thomas Walter & Isabel Love MUCHMORE
Charles MICHELMORE, engineer @ 25 of Barnet Lane, Elstree, father Philip MICHELMORE, gentleman 21 Dec 1914 London St Gabriel, Bounds Green Gertrude Agnes KEES @ 25 of 18 Palace Road, father William KEES, builder witness Philip MICHELMORE
Charles Alfred MITCHELMORE 12 Nov 1914 Walkhampton Eliza Ellen ROWE  
Charles MITCHELMORE 6 Sep 1923 Plymouth St Gabriel Beatrice Ethel DOWNING  
Charlotte MITCHELMORE 28 Apr 1825 Churchstow William MASTERS of Thurlestone, husbandman witness William MITCHELMORE, with consent of friends
Charlotte MITCHELMORE, servant of South Pool, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 12 Jul 1877 East Portlemouth William YOULDEN, labourer of Portlemouth, father John YOULDEN, labourer  
Charlotte Maria MITCHELMORE aged 33 of 35 Lennox Gardens, father William MITCHELMORE, gardener 29 Apr 1908 London St Luke, Chelsea Henry Thomas MITCHELL, butler aged 39 of 35 Lennox Gardens, father William MITCHELL (deceased), butler witnesses William Henry & Charlotte Lydia MITCHELMORE
Chase MICHELMOORE 24 Oct 1563 Blackawton Robert WILL  
Christian MYCHELLMORE 26 Jun 1564 East Allington John BYCKFORD  
Christian MICHELMORE 19 Jan 1658/59 Halwell Robert FOLLETT  
Christian MICHEMORE 22 Sep 1719 Ashburton Richard GOODMAN  
Christiana MITCHELMORE aged 42 of Newton; father: Richard Hancock MITCHELMORE, farmer 15 Oct 1872 Calstock, Cornwall John PARKIN, farmer aged 48 of Danescombe, father: John PARKIN, farmer 3rd banns read 6 Oct 1872
Christine Elaine MITCHELMORE 11 Apr 1966 Whitchurch Michael Anthony HARRISON  
Christopher Roy MITCHELMORE 20 May 1978 Plymouth St Gabriel Carole Elisabeth JENNINGS  
Clara Alberta MITCHELMORE aged 22 of 74 Richard Street, Cardiff, father Henry Andrew MITCHELMORE, builder 25 Dec 1900 Cardiff St Andrew, Glamorgan John Rees JONES, grocer aged 24 of 74 Richard Street, father Benjamin JONES, commercial traveller witness Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE, by licence
Clase MYCHELMOR 3 Feb 1578 Brixham St Mary William EDWARDS  
Colleen Frances MUCHMORE 22 Jun 1985 Plymouth St Budeaux Christopher James TONER  
Daisy MITCHELMORE 14 Apr 1915 Plymouth St Matthew John Wallace BELL  
Dawnes MICHELMORE 1 Nov 1670 Dean Prior John LAVERS  
Dinah Rendell MICHELMORE of Rocombe in Combe, father Henry MICHELMORE, yeoman 16 Sep 1852 Combeinteignhead John Hellyer OXFORD, Lieut RN of Bridport Harbour, Dorset, father John OXFORD, Martin PE witnesses Margaret & Henry MICHELMORE, Dinah Michelmore ROSSITER
Dionysia MICHELMOORE 2 Jun 1696 Staverton Henry EMOTT  
Dora MICHELMORE, dressmaker aged 24 of 18 Havelock Road, father George MICHELMORE, carpenter 5 Apr 1920 London St Matthew, Hammersmith Burt TODD, telegraphist aged 20 of 18 Havelock Road, father Joseph TODD, gentleman witness George MICHELMORE
Dora May MITCHELMORE 4 Aug 1934 Plymouth Charles Lionel Charles George WEBB  
Dorcas MICKELLMORE 3 May 1654 Kirkby-upon-Bain, Lincolnshire John STAMPE  
Doris Kathleen MITCHELMORE aged 21 of Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, father Ernest Lyttleton MITCHELMORE, gentleman 9 Jan 1908 London St Marylebone Parish Church Carew Blackburn OWEN, gentleman aged 26 of 66 Margaret Street, father Arthur Walsh OWEN, Clerk in Holy Orders father “hotel keeper” crossed out; witness Ernest MITCHELMORE
Doris May MITCHELMORE 1 Nov 1941 Plymouth Christ Church George Edwin MOON  
Dorothy MITCHELLMORE 29 Oct 1684 East Allington John GRANT  
Dorothy MUTCHAMORE 1 Jan 1690 Slapton William ALMOND  
Dorothy MUCHAMORE of Kingsbridge 23 Feb 1730 Churchstow Arthur COLE of Dodbrooke  
Dorothy MUCHAMORE 8 Apr 1751 East Allington Joseph POOPE  
Dorothy MICHELMORE 28 Jun 1778 Blackawton John THORNING, husbandman  
Dorothy Elvira MITCHELMORE 26 Apr 1930 East Allington Samuel Henry MARCH  
Edith MICHELMORE, father Jeffery MICHELMORE, land agent 3 Jul 1889 Berry Pomeroy William Frederick TOLLIT, contractor, father William Mills TOLLIT, architect witness Jeffery MICHELMORE
Edith Augusta MITCHELMORE, aged 28, father William Henry MITCHELMORE, butcher 23 Dec 1893 Dartmouth St Clement Walter Manning SEWELL, warehouseman aged 27 of Bayswater West, father William Hullen SEWELL, farmer witness F MITCHELMORE
Edith MUCHAMORE aged 21 of 5 Gilwell Street, father William Henry MUCHAMORE, cabinet maker 7 May 1898 Plymouth Charles Richard Caleb MANNELL, mason aged 21 of 5 Gilwell Street, father Caleb MANNELL, tanner witnesses William Henry & Ada Louisa MUCHAMORE
Edith Alberta MICHELMORE aged 31 of 155 Queen's Road, father Frederick MICHELMORE, bucher 22 Nov 1903 London Holy Trinity, Dalston William Battenborn FRANKLIN, wood carver aged 23 of 155 Queen’s Road, father Charles FRANKLIN, decorator  
Edith Elizabeth MITCHELMORE aged 30, father William MITCHELMORE, mason 7 Dec 1907 Stoke Fleming Francis Henry PALK, seaman RN of HMS Indus, Plymouth, father William PALK, gamekeeper witness William Henry MITCHELMORE
Edith MITCHELMORE 7 Jul 1919 Plymouth Christ Church John Henry BUNT  
Edith Kate MITCHELMORE 2 Mar 1921 Plymouth St Mary, Cattedown Ernest George BROWN  
Edmond MYCHELLMOR 18 Jan 1578/79 East Allington Johane NORRYS?  
Edmond MITCHAMORE 15 May 1692 Blackawton Richord MITCHES  
Edmund MOCHEMORE 29 Jan 1636/37 Charleton Jane TERNY  
Edwarde MYCHCHELMORE 26 Jun 1569 Cornworthy    
Edward MICHELMORE ? Nov 1606 East Allington Joane? TURBON?  
Edward MUCHELMORE 28 Nov 1665 Charleton Mary ARENELL  
Edward MUCHAMORE 3 Nov 1687 Charleton Elizabeth LOCK  
Edward MUTCHAMORE 26 Nov 1717 Charleton Winifret DISTING  
Edward MUCHAMORE 20 Jul 1719 Moreleigh Joan EFFORD  
Edward MUCHAMORE 12 Sep 1721 Charleton Winnifret CREBER  
Edward MITCHELMORE 26 Dec 1732 Kingsbridge Margery WHITE  
Edward MUCHMORE 7 Apr 1735 Charleton Susanna ROLSTONE  
Edward MICHELMORE 20 Apr 1753 Sherford Joan MURCH  
Edward MICHELMORE 3 Apr 1757 Blackawton Elizabeth DAMERELL  
Edward MICHAMORE 11 Apr 1763 South Milton Mary WITHERIDGE witness Thomas MUCHAMORE; banns 26 Dec 1762, 2 & 9 Jan 1763
Edward MUCHAMORE 7 Oct 1764 Stokenham Agnes STONE  
Edward MICHELMORE 24 Mar 1782 South Pool Eleanor PRYN of Stokenham banns only
Edward MITCHELMORE of South Pool 30 Oct 1782 Stokenham Eleanor PRYNN  
Edward MICHELMORE 19 May 1817 London St George, Bloomsbury Mildred ROBERTS witnesses Frederick & Mary Ann MICHELMORE
Edward Stone MITCHELMORE 11 Mar 1823 Stokenham Elizabeth MITCHEL  
Edward Horatio MICHELMORE, boot closer of 7 Drake Street, father Edward MICHELMORE, boot maker 7 Jun 1840 London St George the Martyr, Queen Square Sarah Ellen GROOM, milliner of New North Street, father John GROOM, greengrocer witness G H MICHELMORE
Edward MICHELMORE, joiner of Tottenham Street, son of William, carpenter 10 Feb 1848 London St Pancras Old Church Elizabeth WILLS witness John MICHELMORE
Edward Horatio MICHELMORE 27 May 1855 London St Martin in the Fields Elizabeth Matilda JENKINS  
Edward MITCHELMORE, private Royal Marines aged 27 of HMS Ajar, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 28 Jun 1856 Stoke Damerel Catherine HORSWELL aged 28 of Mount Pleasant, father John HORSWELL, labourer  
Edward Mitchell MICHELMORE, railway porter aged 24 , father Edward MICHELMORE, laborer 14 Jan 1867 Sherford Elizabeth OLDRIDGE aged 19 , father Peter OLDRIDGE, laborer  
Edward MITCHELLMORE @ 22, painter of Skircoat, father Francis MITCHELLMORE, engraver 24 Jul 1869 Bradford St Peter, Yorkshire Emma ALDERSON @ 22 of Bradford, father John ALDERSON, farmer  
Edward MITCHELMORE, labourer aged 20 of Hallsands, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 7 Feb 1878 Stokenham Mary Jane GILLARD aged 21 of Hallsands, father Richard GILLARD, fisherman  
Edward Horatio MICHELMORE, coach builder & wheelwright @ 23 of 9 Drake Street, Red Lion Square, father Edward Horatio MICHELMORE, boot closer 12 Feb 1882 London St James, Pentonville Minnie LAMBOURNE @ 22 of 3 Rising Hill Street, father Henry LAMBOURNE, labourer  
Edward MITCHELMORE, mariner @ 31 of 1 Odell Street, Camberwell, father Edward MITCHELMORE, care? taker 29 Oct 1887 London St Mary, Southwark Jane NASH, widow @ 36 of 1 Odell Street, Camberwell, father John Henry CARTER, gate keeper  
Edward Charles MITCHELMORE, waiter @ 22 of 41 Inville Road, father John MITCHELMORE, waiter 28 Oct 1894 London St Stephen, Walworth Common Nellie THOROGOOD, domestic servant @ 23 of 48 Boyson Road, father Thomas THOROGOOD, tailor  
Edward MITCHELMORE, commissionaire @ 39, widower of 68 Albany Road, Old Kent Road; father Edward MITCHELMORE, pensioner 30 May 1896 London St Mary, Southwark Susan HEARD @ 29 of 68 Albany Road, father John HEARD, deceased witness Elizabeth MITCHELMORE
Edward MITCHELMORE, plasterer aged 21 of 42 Waterloo Street, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 31 Dec 1904 Stoke Damerel Florence Maud Mary TREGILLIS aged 21 of 42 Waterloo Street, father Joseph TREGILLIS, mason witness Alfred MITCHELMORE
Edwin Thomas MUCHMORE, labourer of 17 Doidge's Well, Devonport, father Thomas MUCHMORE, shipwright 8 Aug 1853 Plymouth St Mary, Devonport Margaret OWENS of 17 Doidge's Well, Devonport, father Samuel OWENS, gardener  
Edwin MICHELMORE, fisherman aged 23 , father John MICHELMORE, carpenter (deceased) 12 Apr 1898 Brixham All Saints Louisa Finch SANDERS aged 22 , father William Penry SANDERS, fisherman  
Edwin Herbert MITCHELMORE, assistant manager aged 22 of 42 Richard Street, father Henry Andrew MITCHELMORE, deceased 10 Jul 1912 Roath, Glamorganshire Laura THOMAS aged 23 of 10 Cottrele Road, father William John THOMAS, marine engineer witness Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE, by licence
Eleanor MICHELMORE 30 Jul 1703 Buckfastleigh Richard WREFFORD  
Eleanor MICHELMORE, widow of Church Fields, father James PETERS, deceased 3 Feb 1846 London St Mary, Newington Charles GILBERT, widower, gardener of Church Fields, father William GILBERT, deceased banns read 10, 17, 24 Aug 1845 & 11, 18, 25 Jan 1846
Eleanor Mudge MICHELMORE 15 Aug 1851 Ashprington Thomas Hunt EDMONDS, solicitor of Totnes witnesses Philip & Alice MICHELMORE
Eliza MITCHELMORE 7 Apr 1818 Harberton Richard FARLEIGH  
Eliza MICHELMORE of St John’s Place, father William Vanderbost MICHELMORE, glass engraver 12 Sep 1859 London St Andrew, Holborn Alfred Elijah SMART, railway clerk, minor, of St John’s Place, father Robert SMART, fruit salesman witness William Vanderbost MICHELMORE
Eliza Jane MITCHELMORE aged 24 of Hotham Place, father Robert MITCHELMORE, labourer 24 Apr 1859 Stoke Damerel John BENNETT, baker aged 28 of Ford, father James BENNETT, tallow chandler witnesses R & Elizabeth MITCHELMORE
Eliza Dickson MICHELMORE, father Thomas MICHELMORE, gentleman 2 Sep 1876 Wolborough William KNOWLES, gentleman of Kensington, father Samuel Posgate KNOWLES, gentleman witness Thos MICHELMORE
Eliza MITCHELMORE, aged 23, father William Henry MITCHELMORE, butcher 24 Mar 1885 Dartmouth St Clement John Putt DECENT, draper aged 24 of Brixham, father William DECENT, mariner  
Eliza Crocker MITCHELMORE aged 26, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 9 Jun 1886 Marldon William Henry POLLARD, market gardener aged 27 of Collaton, father James POLLARD, labourer witness John MITCHELMORE
Eliza MICHELMORE, widow aged 29 of 40 Rainstomas? Street 4 Jan 1886 London St Mark, Myddleton Square John RING, greengrocer aged 45, widower of 20 Easton? Street, father Jerekiah RING, bricklayer  
Eliza Dickson KNOWLES-JONES, widow aged 62 of Durrant’s Hotel, George Street, father Thomas MITCHELMORE 11 Oct 1921 London St Paul, Marylebone Alfred Clarence ROGERS, widower, gentleman aged 66 of Ford’s Hotel, Manchester Street, father Robert ROGERS (deceased), gentleman by licence
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 16 Jun 1616 Blackawton Bennet HARRIS  
Elizabeth MUCHELLMORE 9 Jun 1623 Halwell Edmon COLLEN  
Elizabeth MICHAELMORE 6 Feb 1653 Kingsbridge Richard BAKER  
Elizabetha MICHOLMORE 5 Jun 1684 Buckfastleigh Gulielmus WHITAWAY  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 30 Jul 1715 Sherford William DAVIS  
Elizabeth MUCHAMOR 24 May 1719 Dartmouth St Petrox Robert HUNT  
Elizabeth MICHEMORE 27 Oct 1723 Wolborough Stephen BIRD  
Elizabeth MUGEMOOR 7 May 1729 St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall Richard TEAGUE  
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE of Churstow? 27 Dec 1734 Loddiswell Andrew PILDITCH of Thurlestone  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 7 Nov 1738 Stokenham William KING  
Elizabeth MUCHMORE 9 Jun 1742 Exeter St David William CHESEMAN  
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 26 May 1747 Stokenham Matthew PIPPERELL  
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE 15 Feb 1747 Chivelstone William GOLD  
Eliz. MUCHMORE 16 Dec 1751 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall John KEAST  
Eliz MICHELMORE 20 Feb 1754 Sherford William PROUSE  
Elizabeth MICHAELMORE 16 Mar 1755 Staverton James FORSTER banns only
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 3 Jun 1755 Slapton Samuel PYKE  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 1 Apr 1755 Broadhempston James FORSTER  
Elizabeth MUCHEMORE 10 Apr 1757 Malborough Richard MASTERS  
Elizabeth MICHEMORE 7 Aug 1763 Woodleigh Joseph FROST  
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE 16 Oct 1766 West Alvington Walter FURZELAND  
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 2 Jul 1769 Blackawton Richard OSBORNE, husbandman  
Eliz MUCHMORE 9 May 1770 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Richard SCORY  
Elizabeth MUCHMORE, sojourner 11 Jun 1772 Liskeard, Cornwall Robert BATTEN, sojourner 3rd banns 17 May
Elizabeth MUTCHIMORE 15 Mar 1776 Dartmouth St Petrox William PHILLIPS banns only
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 13 Aug 1777 Buckfastleigh William PHILLIPS  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 9 Nov 1780 Dartmouth St Saviour George LOYE both sojourners; witness William MITCHELMORE
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE 12 Apr 1780 Thurlestone William ADAMS, yeoman by licence, Elizabeth signed MITCHAMORE
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 26 Jan 1780 Blackawton John EDMONDS, husbandman  
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 8 Jul 1782 Dartington John SMITH  
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 31 Oct 1782 Buckfastleigh James BORDER  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 11 Nov 1783 Slapton William HAMBLING  
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 5 Dec 1785 Buckfastleigh Thomas MICHELMORE witness William MICHELMORE
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 14 Sep 1791 Chivelstone Robert WHITE  
Elizabeth MICHAMOOR 25 Aug 1795 East Allington John ASH  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 16 Oct 1800 Tormoham Thos SATCHWILL  
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 16 May 1805 Totnes Henry TOPE witness Geo MICHELMORE
Elith MICHELMORE 25 Jun 1812 Charleton George PEARSE, sojourner  
Elizabeth MICHAMORE 11 Feb 1813 Charleton John PARSLIF  
Elizabeth MITCHAELMORE 7 Feb 1815 Churchstow George HAMBLING with consent of parents
Elizabeth MUCHMORE 17 Dec 1816 Stoke Damerel John FRAZIER  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 14 Oct 1817 Halwell John REEVE witness John MITCHELMORE
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 27 Feb 1822 Slapton Samuel PEPPERELL  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 29 Apr 1824 Stokenham George ROGERS  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 16 Jan 1825 Stoke Fleming Thomas CUMMING  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 11 Sep 1827 Slapton William CANN  
Elizabeth MUCHEMORE 11 Jul 1828 Dartmouth St Saviour Joseph CARTER of Humberstone, Leics.  
Elizabeth MUCHMORE 15 Nov 1828 Tywardreath, Cornwall Thomas WALKHAM  
Elizabeth MUCHMORE 14 Dec 1829 East Stonehouse William GILES  
Elizabeth MITCHMORE 13 Apr 1830 Bigbury Samuel EVANS, sojourner witness Thomas MITCHMORE
Elizabeth MUCHMORE 18 Feb 1830 Stoke Damerel Peter ANDERS  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 18 Apr 1839 South Milton William FORD 3rd banns read 24 Mar
Elizabeth Pearce MICHELMORE aged 20 of Tor Cross 29 Sep 1839 Stokenham George KELLOND, carpenter of Dartmouth St Petrox, father Henry KELLOND, carpenter 3rd banns read 8 Sep
Elizabeth MICHELMORE of Tavistock Street, father William MICHELMORE, labourer 27 Dec 1840 Plymouth Charles Thomas CALLARD, woolcomber of Old Town Street, father William CALLARD, cordwainer  
Elizabeth MICHELMORE aged 24 of Combe, father Henry MICHELMORE, yeoman 15 Sep 1842 Combeinteignhead Henry CROCKWELL, cabinet maker of Tormoham, father Peter CROCKWELL, merchant witness Henry MICHELMORE
Elizabeth MUCHMORE of Frederick Street, father William MUCHMORE, pianoforte maker 3 Apr 1842 London St Pancras Old Church Joseph TATCHELL, tailor of Frederick Street, father Thomas TATCHELL, rope maker witness William MUCHMORE
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE of Tor, father Robert MITCHELMORE, labourer 19 Dec 1844 Tormoham James SEARLE, gardener of Tor, father Christopher SEARLE, gardener  
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 4 Aug 1844 London St Martin in the Fields James GILES  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE, plum worker of St Mary Arches Street, father Nicholas MITCHELMORE, messenger 14 Nov 1845 Exeter St Mary Arches John SHEPPERD, malster of St Mary Arches Street, father William SHEPPERD, labourer  
Elizabeth Jemima MICHELMORE, widow of St Ann Court, father John JONES, butcher 27 Sep 1846 London St Anne, Soho Thomas DAYKIN, labourer, widower of St Ann Court, father George DAYKIN, schoolmaster witnesses Frederick & Eliza MICHELMORE
Elizth MITCHELMORE, minor, father Nicholas MITCHELMORE, labourer 6 May 1846 Sherford Edward COLE, labourer, father Edward COLE, labourer  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE, widow of 3 York Street, father John WILLIAMS, gentleman 22 Nov 1847 London Christ Church, Southwark Richard ADAMS, widower, licensed victualler of 22 Stanford Street, father Richard ADAMS, gentleman  
Elizabeth MITCHEMORE, mantle maker, father John Beck MITCHEMORE, labourer 20 Nov 1851 Brixham St Mary Samuel COYDE, labourer, father Samuel COYDE, labourer witnesses John Beck & Mary Lane MITCHEMORE
Elizabeth MICHELMORE, father John MICHELMORE, farmer 18 Jun 1851 Buckfastleigh William ADAMS, yeoman of Heavitree  
Elizabeth Ann MUCHMORE of St Mawes, father John MUCHMORE, mariner 3 Jun 1854 St Just in Roseland, Cornwall Richard Thomas PERRINS, mariner of St Mawes, father Richard PERRINS, mariner 3rd banns 1 May (PERRAN)
Elizabeth MICHELMORE of Totnes, father Charles MICHELMORE, solicitor 2 Oct 1854 Totnes Thomas Harrison MARSCHALL, surgeon of Totnes, father Thomas Harrison MARSHALL, ship owner witnesses William & Charlotte MICHELMORE
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE, aged 19, father Peter MICHELMORE, labourer 12 Jan 1855 Harberton Samuel BOW, labourer of Berry Pomeroy, father William BOW, labourer witnesses John & Mary MITCHELMORE
Elizabeth Michelmore TOLCHARD, minor, father Thomas TOLCHARD, farmer 13 Mar 1856 Buckfastleigh Robert WILLCOCKS, carpenter, father John WILLCOCKS, carpenter  
Elizabeth MICHELMORE of Bridgetown, father Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE, gentleman 23 Oct 1861 Berry Pomeroy Charles LEVINGSTON, widower, rector of St Lawrence, Isle of Wight, of Ventnor New Church, Isle of Wight, father George Scott LEVINGSTON, gentleman  
Elizabeth Mitchelmore PARTRIDGE aged 29 of 92 Cobourg Street, father James PARTRIDGE, laborer 20 Nov 1861 Plymouth St Andrew John HURRELL, mason aged 29 of 92 Cobourg Street, father Edward HURRELL, mason  
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 16 Aug 1868 South Milton James Edward LANE 3rd banns
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE aged 21 of Rattery, father George MICHELMORE, labourer 29 Apr 1873 Rattery John FURZE, sailor aged 23 of Rattery, father John FURZE, labourer witness John Thomas MICHELMORE
Elizabeth Ann Michelmore PERRY, father David Eddy PERRY 25 Apr 1876 Christow John BROOKS, miner, father William BROOKS, miner  
Elizabeth Fox MITCHELMORE aged 53 of Newton, father: Richard Hancock MITCHELMORE, farmer 30 Oct 1877 Calstock, Cornwall George WARNE, farmer aged 57 of Todsworthy, father: Digory WARNE, farmer 3rd banns read 21 Oct 1877
Elizabeth Johanna MUCHAMORE aged 27 of Russell Street, father William MUCHAMORE, mariner 8 Mar 1877 Plymouth St Andrew William Charles GAYLARD, lighthouse keeper of 14 Green Street, father John Gorden GAYLARD, bank messenger witness William MUCHAMORE
Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE aged 29 of Chillington, father Charles MITCHELMORE, laborer 23 Mar 1878 Stokenham Nicholas FRIEND, laborer aged 21 of Chillington, father William FRIEND, lime burner witness Sarah MITCHELMORE
Elizabeth Burell MITCHELMORE, aged 20, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, sawyer 10 Apr 1879 Dartmouth St Clement Charles WRIGHT, Royal Marine, HMS Britannia aged 30, father John WRIGHT (dec) witnesses Thomas & Anne MITCHELMORE
Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE of Vicarage Road, father William Quirck MITCHELMORE, builder 12 Oct 1879 London St Giles, Camberwell Robert Goudie THOMSON, draper of Westminster St James, father John THOMSON, farmer  
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE aged 26, father William MITCHELMORE, labourer 17 Jul 1880 St Marychurch Richard Henry RODGERS aged 24 of St Marychurch, father William RODGERS, labourer witnesses Sarah Mary & Richard William E MITCHELMORE
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE, aged 26, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 19 Nov 1882 Kingswear Richard BROWN, labourer aged 21 of Kingswear, father George BROWN  
Elizabeth Ellen MITCHELMORE aged 17 , father Robert MITCHELMORE, labourer 15 Apr 1894 Sherford Thomas TUCKER, labourer aged 21 , father William TUCKER, labourer witness Robert MITCHELMORE
Elizabeth Grace MUCHAMORE, aged 23, father William Henry, cabinet maker 13 Jul 1896 Egg Buckland Richard James STONEHOUSE, photographer aged 21, father Richard James STONEHOUSE, photographer witness William Henry MUCHAMORE
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE aged 28, father John MITCHELMORE (deceased), quarry man 13 Oct 1904 Marldon Arthur John LOWE, quarry man aged 24 of Marldon, father Nicholas LOWE, carpenter witness Fred MITCHELMORE
Elizabeth Jane MICHELMORE aged 30 of 234 Glyn Road, Clapham Park, father Frederick MICHELMORE, butcher 12 Mar 1907 London St John, Hackney Frederick Richard HORNSEY, phonograph dealer aged 40 of 32 Clarence Road, Lower Clapton, father William HORNSEY (deceased), pawnbroker witnesses Frederick & Florence MICHELMORE
Elizabeth Mildred MICHELMORE aged 24 of 13 Raphael Street, father Edward Horatio MICHELMORE, packer 26 Jun 1909 London All Saints, Ennismore Gardens Charles LANKESTER, chauffeur aged 27 of Wallsgrove House, High Beech, Essex, father William LANKESTER, gardener witness Edward H MICHELMORE
Elizabeth Ann MITCHMORE aged 62, widow of 164 Queens Building, Southwark Bridge Road, father John STEPHENS (deceased), labourer 26 Jan 1913 London St George the Martyr, Southwark John Fergus STOCKLEY, painter aged 62, widower of 164 Queens Building, Southwark Bridge Road, father John STOCKLEY (deceased), shoe maker witness Alfred E S MITCHELMORE
Elkanah MITCHELMORE 15 Apr 1819 Charleton Mary Ann NICHOLS  
Elling MUCHAMORE 22 Mar 1658/59 Dartmouth St Petrox Walter HINKSONE  
Ellen MUCHMORE of 1 Prospect Cottage, Camden Street, father William MUCHMORE, pianoforte maker 25 Dec 1862 London All Saints, Camden Town John BALE, jeweller of 23 King Street, father Thomas BALE, basket maker witness William MUCHMORE
Ellen MITCHELMORE aged 21, father John MITCHELMORE, carpenter 17 Mar 1864 Slapton James BLANK, labourer aged 26, father John BLANK, labourer witnesses Edward & Mary MITCHELMORE
Ellen Ann MUCHMORE, florist aged 22 of 30 Hereford Street, father Walter MUCHMORE, harness maker 25 Dec 1885 London St Mark, Marylebone Road Frank William BALLARD, gas fitter aged 25 of 46 Hereford Street, father George BALLARD, agent  
Ellen Amelia MUCHMORE aged 27 of 38 Holmes Road, father Frederick William MUCHMORE, mechanic 24 Dec 1911 London St Barnabas, Kentish Town Richard Clive ENGLISH, painter aged 26 of 38 Holmes Road, father Walter Charles ENGLISH, plumber witness F W MUCHMORE
Emily Jane MITCHELMORE, minor of St Marylebone, father Charles MITCHELMORE, joiner 6 Jan 1874 London St Marylebone Parish Church Robert Henry GARNETT, joiner of St Marylebone, father Robert Henry GARNETT, tailor witness Charles MITCHELMORE
Emily MITCHELMORE, aged 20, father John MITCHELMORE, gardener 1 Nov 1883 Kingskerswell John HART, gardener aged 22, father Edward HART, labourer  
Emily Reachel Lee MUTCHMORE aged 18 of 17 High Street, father James MUTCHMORE, porter 22 Dec 1894 Plymouth St George, Stonehouse George PRIDDLE, private in Somerset Regiment aged 25 of 17 High Street, father William PRIDDLE, labourer  
Emily Elizabeth MITCHELMORE aged 21 of 19 Leigham Terrace, father Edwin MITCHELMORE, shoemaker 25 Sep 1897 Plymouth Charles Ernest Cecil TINGLEY, labourer aged 22 of 5 Hampton Cottages, Regent Street, father Henry TINGLEY, labourer witnesses William & Annie Beatrice MITCHELMORE
Emily Maude MITCHELMORE, father Silvanous MITCHELMORE, postmaster 23 Apr 1902 East Allington Samuel FURNEAUX, father: Edwin FURNEAUX, farmer  
Emily MITCHELMORE aged 37, father William MITCHELMORE, gardener 27 Sep 1906 Rattery Charles Josiah SALISBURY, gardener aged 37, father John SALISBURY, bootmaker witness John May MITCHELMORE
Emily MICHELMORE, aged 30 of Kernon, father Jeffrey John MICHELMORE (dec) 2 Jan 1907 Paignton Edwin James STURDEE, widower, clerk in holy orders of Brown Edge Vicarage, Stoke on Trent, father Edwin Thomas STURDEE (dec), marine insurance agent witness Annie Gough MICHELMORE
Emma Jane MITCHELMORE aged 23 of Kings Tamerton, father James MITCHELMORE, shoemaker 8 Jun 1878 Plymouth St Budeaux James SHIELDS, soldier aged 32 of Devonport, father Thomas SHIELDS, bookbinder witness James MITCHELMORE
Emma MITCHELMORE, aged 18, of South Knighton, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, farmer 22 Sep 1881 Ilsington William WILLCOCKS, baker aged 23 of South Knighton, father George WILLCOCKS, farmer  
Emma Jane MITCHELMORE aged 19 of Chillington, father Charles Stone MITCHELMORE, laborer 25 Dec 1883 Stokenham George Edwin KELLAND, laborer of Chillington, father William KELLAND, laborer  
Emma Jane MUCHMORE aged 24, father William MUCHMORE, bootmaker 24 Feb 1887 London St Philip, Battersea James RAMSDEN, servant aged 21 of 49 Barnett Road, father Alfred RAMSDEN, deceased  
Emma Eliza Phobe MICHELMORE aged 21, father Horatio Edward MICHELMORE 26 Dec 1892 Luton, Kent Joseph Thomas LOWDELL aged 23, father Charles LOWDELL  
Emma MITCHELMORE aged 21, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 7 Jan 1894 Marldon Richard AUSTIN, farm labourer aged 20, father John AUSTIN, shoemaker witnesses John & Jane MITCHELMORE
Emma MITCHELMORE aged 22 of 6 Eton Place, father George MITCHELMORE, labourer 31 Jul 1897 Plymouth Christ Church James Edward SMALL, boiler maker aged 24 of 6 Eton Place, father George Jackson SMALL, engineer  
Emma BALLARD, widow aged 60 of 11 Cartwright Street, father Samuel MITCHAMORE (deceased), builder 2 Oct 1898 Everton St Peters, Lancashire John WEAVER, widower, freight clerk aged 60 of 11 Cartwright Street, father William WEAVER (deceased), tailor  
Emma Jane MITCHELMORE aged 25 of Emeridge, father John Henry MITCHELMORE, mason 11 Mar 1899 Stoke Fleming William John BURGOYNE, labourer aged 24 of Norden, father John Mumford BURGOYNE, farmer witness John Henry MITCHELMORE
English MYCHELMORE 24 Sep 1578 Brixham St Mary John LUSCOM  
Ernest MUCHMORE of 55 Wilson Street 14/12/1902 London St Paul Battersea Louisa ANSTEAD of 55 Wilson Street 3rd banns
Ernest MITCHELMORE, architect @ 26 of Cardiff, father William MITCHELMORE, contractor 16 Sep 1885 Manchester All Saints, Newton Heath, Lancashire Millicant Emily JACQUES @ 27 of All Saints, Newton Heath, father James JACQUES, manager of farm  
Ernest Henry MITCHELMORE 29 Apr 1913 Egg Buckland Marjorie TULLIDGE  
Ernest Henry MITCHELMORE, captain's steward @ 21 of St Mary Battersea, father Tom MITCHELMORE, police pensioner 16 May 1916 London St Mary, Battersea Caroline Alice SMITH @ 21 of St Mary Battersea, father Alexander Robert William SMITH, picture frame maker witness Tom MITCHELMORE
Ernest William Algar MITCHELMORE, clerk @ 27 of 53 Brixton Hill, father Ernest Peter MITCHELMORE, business manager 2 Oct 1920 London St Matthew, Brixton Enid Alice Adelaide Carew BROWN @ 21 of 53 Brixton Hill, father George BROWN, schoolmaster  
Estelle Anne MITCHELMORE 9 July 1983 Tamerton Foliot Andrew Hartley SLAUGHTER  
Ethel Blanche MITCHELMORE aged 24 of 13 Poplar’s Avenue, father Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE, engineer 29 Sep 1908 London Christ Church, Brondesbury Christ Church Henry Arthur CHURCHILL, clerk aged 25 of Villa Harzburg, Sudbury Court Road, Sudbury, Harrow, father Henry Mark CHURCHILL, journalist witness Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE
Ethel Louise MUCHMORE, librarian aged 29 of 48 Oxford Road, Ealing, father Richard MUCHMORE, builder 14 Jun 1913 London St Paul, Kilburn Square Albert Owen MOORE, clerk aged 34 of 7 Kilburn Square, father Arthur Owen MOORE, carpenter witness Richard Adrian MUCHMORE
Ethel Christine MICHELMORE, clerk aged 21 of 16 Amies Street, Battersea, father Frederick MICHELMORE, manager, provision dealer 5 Aug 1918 London St Barnabas, Clapham Common Albert George YOUELL, sapper RE on active serive of 57 Eccles Road, father Albert YOUELL, wood working machinist witnesses Doris May & F J MICHELMORE
Evelyn Elizabeth MITCHELMORE of St Saviour, Ealing 25 Mar 1917 Blandford Forumt, Dorset George Vincent KILPACK 3rd banns
Fanny Michelmore BOVEY aged 27 of 10 Tavistock Street, father Thomas BOVEY, miller 16 Apr 1854 Plymouth St Andrew William BROWNING, tailor aged 32 of 12 Buckwell Street, father William BROWNING, tailor  
Florence MICHELMORE aged 23, father Jeffery MICHELMORE, land agent 28 Jun 1887 Berry Pomeroy George Francis KELLOCK, solicitor aged 26 of Totnes, father Thomas Creaser? KELLOCK, solicitor witness Jeffery MICHELMORE
Florence MITCHELMORE of 35 Albert Road 13 Dec 1903 Liverpool, St Dunstan Edge Hill, Lancashire Noah LAWSON of 5 Railway Cottages 3rd banns read 6 Dec 1903
Florence Maud Mary MITCHELMORE, aged 26 of Mill House, father Robert E MITCHELMORE, foreman Torbay District Council 26 Oct 1907 Paignton John Henry TUCKER, joiner aged 28 of Colley End, father Edward Gilham TUCKER, confectioner witness Elisa Louisa MITCHELMORE
Florence Maud MUCHMORE aged 19 of 7 Roberts Mews, father Frederick William MUCHMORE, metal worker 23 Dec 1917 London St James, Pancras John BRUSHMEAR, carman aged 19 of 7 Roberts Mews, father John BRUSHMEAR, master carman witnesses George Henry & Frederick William MUCHMORE
Florence Irene MITCHELMORE 25 Jun 1932 Plymouth St Michael, Devonport Albert Wilfred FOLLEY  
Florence Daisy MITCHELMORE 28 Jul 1945 Plymouth St John Peter Gerald JINKS  
Frances Mary MITCHELMORE, father William MITCHELMORE 28 Jun 1868 Tilehurst, Berkshire Henry Branson HALIFAX, father Christopher HALIFAX  
Frances Elizabeth MICHELMORE 4 Mar 1888 Cornworthy Edward Henry FARR of Uckfield, Sussex 3rd banns
Frank MITCHELMORE, tailor @ 21 of Bridgetown, father John MITCHELMORE, sexton 10 Aug 1896 Bridgetown Bertha HEATH @ 21 of Bridgetown, father Thomas HEATH (dec), labourer witnesses John & M MITCHELMORE
Frederick MICHELMORE 7 Jan 1813 London Christ Church, Southwark Mary Ann BIGGS witness William MICHELMORE
Frederick MICHELMORE, sopha maker of 6 Grange Court, father William MICHELMORE, shoe maker 11 Jun 1849 London St Clement Danes Caroline WESTON of 3 Colonnade, Clare Market, father Thomas WESTON, tripe dressor  
Frederick MUCHMORE, carpenter of King Street, son of William, pianoforte maker 26 Dec 1852 London St Pancras Old Church Elizabeth MONDAY  
Frederick MICHELMORE, tripe man aged 21 of 3 Holles Street, father Frederick MICHELMORE, smaker 25 Dec 1869 London St Clement Danes Elizabeth Ann GRAINGER aged 25 of 3 Holles Street, father George GRAINGER, sawyer witnesses Frederick & Caroline MICHELMORE
Frederick MUCHMORE, railway fireman of Mansfield Place, son of Frederick, carpenter 12 Jan 1874 London St Luke, Pancras Mary Ann TAYLOR, minor of Mansfield Place, father James TAYLOR, eating house keeper  
Frederick William MUCHMORE, metal worker @ 20 of 55 Ch Ch Resid; father Walter James MUCHMORE, harness maker 3 Aug 1884 London St Barnabas, Marylebone Ellen Amelia AULT @ 19 of 17 Burwood Mews, father James William AULT, coachman  
Frederick George MITCHELMORE, clerk aged 24 of Dartmouth St Saviour, father William Henry MITCHELMORE (deceased), butcher 27 Dec 1893 Dartmouth St Petrox Mabel Augusta Mary ATHERTON aged 21 , father Thomas William ATHERTON, retired master at arms by licence
Frederick George MITCHELMORE, police constable aged 22, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, retired 3 Feb 1896 Llandilofawr, Carmarthenshire Edith Mary REES aged 24 of Towy Terrace, father John REES, retired  
Frederick Robert MITCHELMORE, gardener aged 23 of Iheand? Terrace, father Robert MITCHELMORE, carter 11 Jun 1898 Paignton Florence Harriett WESTAWAY aged 20 of 8 Palace Avenue, father James WESTAWAY, farm labourer  
Fred MITCHELMORE, farm labourer aged 24 of Parraway Cottages, Yalberton, father John Mitchelmore (deceased), farm labourer 10 Feb 1906 Paignton Maud Mary FRIEND aged 24 of Goodrington, father William Prowse FRIEND, farm labourer  
Fred MITCHELMORE, aged 24, farm labourer, son of John (dec.), farm labourer 10 Feb 1908 Paignton Maud Mary FRIEND of Goodrington  
Frederick Thomas Nathaniel MITCHELMORE aged 22 of Newcomin Road, engine room artificer RN, father Charles MITCHELMORE, decorator 1 Aug 1910 Dartmouth St Saviour Minnie May BURNELL aged 30 of Above Town, father William BURNELL, coastguard  
Frederick Wallace MITCHELMORE, soldier @ 23 of 7 Manor Park Road, Harlesden, father John Henry MITCHELMORE, smith 12 Jun 1916 London All Souls, Harlesden Ethel Florence CHENERY @ 24 of 7 Manor Park Road, Harlesden, father Henry John CHENERY (deceased), pianoforte maker  
Frederick Atherton MITCHELMORE @ 26, father Frederick George MITCHELMORE 22 Jan 1922 Broughton-Gifford, Wiltshire Elsie Irene THOMAS @ 31, father Moses THOMAS  
Frederick George MITCHELMORE 12 Jun 1937 Plymouth St Philip Doreen Marjorie JOLIFFE  
George MICHELMOORE of Trewint 4 Jan 1602/03 Menheniot, Cornwall Margrett CUNNEY  
Geo MUDGMOUR 25 Aug 1673 St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall Mary HANNAFORD  
George MUDGMOOR 31 May 1680 St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall Ann SLADE  
George MUTCHAMORE 8 Jul 1700 Totnes Mary PASCO  
George MUCHEMORE of Chivelson 9 Nov 1708 Stokenham Eliz. COTTON of Harberton  
George MUCHALMORE 12 Jan 1713 Totnes Maray WALKHAM  
Geo MICHAMORE 22 Sep 1743 Totnes Joan BEARD  
George MICHELMORE 4 Feb 1751/52 Buckfastleigh Eliz FURNEAUX  
George MICHELMORE 13 Jun 1775 Totnes Elizabeth BASTOW  
George MITCHAMORE 17 Feb 1778 Chivelstone Mary EDWARDS  
George MICHELMORE 17 Mar 1789 Buckfastleigh Elizabeth LEE witness George HUNNIWELL
George Thomas MICHELMORE of Poplar 30 Jan 1814 London St Dunstan, Stepney Eleanor PETERS  
George MITCHELMORE 14 May 1818 Chivelstone Elizabeth ADAMS  
George Humberstone MITCHELMORE 9 Apr 1820 London St Marylebone Parish Church Sarah WHITE, widow  
George MITCHAMORE, widower, fisherman 6 Mar 1822 Chivelstone Ann GUNN  
George Triddle MITCHELMORE 20 Apr 1837 Slapton Jane PROWSE  
George Humberstone MITCHELMORE 11 Aug 1853 London St Martin in the Fields Eliza Jane AUSTIN or COTTON  
George MITCHELMORE 15 Jan 1854 Blackawton Ellen WEEKS 3rd banns
George MICHELMORE, carpenter, father Robert MICHELMORE, carpenter 12 Jul 1854 Buckfastleigh Mary WILLCOCKS , father Thomas WILLCOCKS, wheelwright witness Robert MICHELMORE
George MITCHELMORE, labourer of Burlestone, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, labourer 16 May 1854 Blackawton Ellen WEEKS, servant aged 20 of North Mill, father William WEEKS, labourer  
George Henry MICHELMORE, bootmaker of Hampstead, father Edward MICHELMORE, bootmaker 23 Jun 1860 London St John, Hampstead Susannah ADAMS, widow of Hampstead, father Richard HITCHING, lawyer’s clerk witness Edward Horatio MICHELMORE
George Henry MITCHELMORE, mariner ofa, widower of Limehouse St Anne, father John Austin MITCHELMORE, carpenter 18 Oct 1870 London St Anne, Limehouse Harriett REYNOLDS of Limehouse St Anne, father Sampson REYNOLDS, miller  
George MITCHELMORE, policeman aged 25 of Llandilo, father George MITCHELMORE, farmer 28 Dec 1875 Swansea, Glamorganshire Elizabeth Jane COLE aged 32 of 124 Macoc Street, father Richard COLE (deceased), contractor  
George Michelmore CREBER, wheelwright aged 52, father James CREBER, wheelwright 1 May 1875 Buckfastleigh Alice BARTER aged 48, father Gregory BARTER, blacksmith  
George MITCHELMORE, baker of Paignton, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 12 Apr 1877 Wolborough Emma Creber GILES of Newton Abbot, father James Creber GILES, carpenter  
George MITCHELMORE, carpenter @ 24 of 34 Rockley Road, Uxbridge Road, father Robert MITCHELMORE, carpenter 8 May 1881 London St John, Upper Holloway Emma ASHFORD @ 23 of 9 Mercer Road, father Charles ASHFORD, labourer  
George Michelmore Creber BARTER, wheelwright, father George Michelmore CREBER, wheelwright 3 May 1882 North Huish Jemima Quick BROWNE aged 24, father James Henry BROWNE, carpenter  
George MITCHELMORE 17 Oct 1885 Kingsbridge Sarah Elizabeth FARLEIGH  
George Frederick MICHELMORE 24 Mar 1889 London St Stephen, Walworth Common Eliza Jane HEWITT 3rd banns
George MITCHELMORE, fisherman aged 23 , father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 29 Dec 1889 Brixham All Saints Louisa Ellen EALES aged 21 , father William Henry EALES, quarryman witness Jane MITCHELMORE
George Charles MUCHMORE, milkman @ 22 of Sittle Park Road, father Walter James MUCHMORE, harness maker 2 Aug 1891 London St Barnabas, Marylebone Alice Maud AULT @ 19 of 31 Beaumont’s? Dwellings, father James William AULT, coachman witnesses Frederick William & Ellen Amilia MUCHMORE
George MITCHELMORE, plumber @ 32 of 6 Station Road, father Edward MITCHELMORE, naval pensioner 25 Aug 1900 London St Mary, Stamford Bridge Thirza SHEARS @ 27 of 13 Greenside Road, father George SHEARS, carpenter  
George Wilton MITCHELMORE, painter aged 25 of 83 Paisley Street, father John Thomas MITCHELMORE, boilermaker, HM Dockyard 26 Dec 1905 Stoke Damerel Margaret REED aged 23 of 83 Paisley Street, father John Bartlett REED, painter (deceased) witness A MITCHELMORE
George Henry MITCHELMORE, labourer aged 24, father Edward Coes MITCHELMORE, farmer 17 Apr 1911 Stokenham Kate TORR aged 30, father Philip William TORR, labourer witness Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE
George Stanley MITCHELMORE of St Mary Battersea 29 Jun 1913 London St Mary, Battersea Beatrice ALLEN of St Andrews, Earlsfield 3rd banns
George Stanley MITCHELMORE, at steel works, Wellington Road @ 23 of Wellington Road, Battersea, father Tom MITCHELMORE, pensioned policeman 19 Jul 1913 London St Andrew, Earlsfield Beatrice ALLEN @ 21 of 45 Brentweed Lane, father Edwin ALLEN, builder  
George MITCHELMORE 22 Apr 1914 East Allington Anna Amelia PITTS  
George William MITCHELMORE, motor mechanic @ 28 of 13 Poplars Avenue, father Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE 9 Jul 1920 London Christ Church, Brondesbury Christ Church Ethel Mary PHILLIPS @ 24 of 164 Clapton Road, father Walter PHILLIPS, builder  
George Thomas MITCHELMORE 24 Dec 1921 Plymouth St Boniface Emily Maude DALLIMORE  
George Edward MITCHELMORE 20 Sep 1945 Plympton St Mary Congregational Hilda Norah ASH  
Gertrude Sarah MITCHELMORE aged 21, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 19 Dec 1903 Slapton John William James HEAD, labourer aged 22 witness William George MITCHELMORE
Gertrude Priscilla MICHELMORE aged 21 of 19 Hutton Street, father George MICHELMORE, carpenter 25 Sep 1906 London St John Hammersmith Samuel Denis MALONEY, soldier aged 23 of 19 Hutton Street, father James Denis MALONEY, labourer witness Emily MICHELMORE
Gertrude Emily MICHELMORE, widow aged 32 of 64 Palace Road; father William Henry MICHELMORE, gentleman 3 Jul 1914 London Holy Trinity, Lambeth Percy Bentley PATTENDEN, commercial traveller aged 39 of Hazlemere, Grasmere Road, Purley, father Walter Philip PATTENDEN, agent witness William Henry MICHELMORE
Gladys Colton MITCHELMORE 25 Sep 1929 Plymouth St Michael, Devonport Wallace John WEBBER  
Gladys May MITCHELMORE 25 Mar 1961 Plymouth St Augustine Edwin Thomas John JONES  
Grace MITCHELMORE 20 Jun 1597 Buckfastleigh Joannes MUDGE  
Grace MUCHMOORE 13 May 1655 Quethiock, Cornwall John WADLOCK  
Grace MICHELMORE 7 Nov 1671 Blackawton Luke COSH  
Grace MUCHAMOORE 10 Oct 1682 Staverton John BLACKLOR  
Grace MUTCHMOORE 3 Nov 1683 Linkinhorne, Cornwall John HARRIS  
Grace MICHELMORE 19 Nov 1706 Buckfastleigh Henry CALLARD  
Grace MICHELMORE 9 Mar 1790 Buckfastleigh Richard EVINS witness Robert MICHELMORE
Grace MITCHELMORE 27 Jul 1814 Totnes Oliver WOODLEY  
Grace MITCHELMORE of Stoke Climsland, father Richard Hancock MITCHELMORE, yeoman 10 Jun 1840 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall John Hony SNELL, groom of Launceston, father John SNELL, carpenter witness John MITCHELMORE
Hannah MICHELMORE 17 Mar 1812 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall John BUDGE Hannah signed MITCHELMORE
Hannah Hancock Mitchelmore SPEAR aged 23 of Calstock, father James SPEAR, farmer 5 May 1880 Plymouth Holy Trinity Thomas CHING, farmer aged 23 of Kelly, father Tomas CHING, farmer  
Harold Gaye MICHELMORE, solicitor @ 35 of Wolborough, Devon, father Henry MICHELMORE, solicitor 21 Oct 1905 London St Marylebone Margaret Mignon GALABIN @ 28 of Wimpole Street, Marylebone, father Alfred Lewis GALABIN, MD witness H MICHELMORE
Harriet MICHELMORE 20 May 1830 Brixham St Mary Jonas CHAMPION  
Harriett MICHELMORE, father Philip MICHELMORE, yeoman 11 Apr 1845 Paignton Jacob Bartlett BLACKALLER, widower, surgeon, father Elias BLACKALLER, yeoman witness Tho MICHELMORE
Harriet MITCHELMORE aged 21 of Temple Street, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, sailor 21 Dec 1853 Temple Church, Bristol William CROCKER aged 22 of 7 Avon Street, father Thomas CROCKER, dairyman  
Harriet MICHELMORE, aged 31 of Beaston, father Robert MICHELMORE, yeoman 7 Oct 1854 Broadhempston Benoni TOZER, yeoman aged 34 of Letherton in Berry Pomeroy, father Benoni TOZER, yeoman witnesses Phillip & Mary MICHELMORE
Harriett MITCHELMORE, aged 22, father John MITCHELMORE, publican 26 Jul 1854 Dartmouth St Saviour John LEAR, baker aged 25, father John LEAR, game keeper  
Harriett MICHELMORE of South Poole, sojourner, father Philip MICHELMORE, yeoman 10 Nov 1875 Staverton Charles PRATT, yeoman of Talaton, father John PRATT, yeoman  
Harriet Elizabeth MICHELMORE 21 Nov 1886 Blackawton Robert Franck MICHELMORE of Portlemouth 3rd banns
Harriet Violet MUCHMORE aged 25 of 66 Carlton Road, father Frederick William MUCHMORE, engine driver 25 Dec 1907 London St Martin, Kentish Town Frederick PLUMBLY, sailor aged 27 of 152 Carlton Road, father Frederick PLUMBLY, weaver witness Hilda MUCHMORE
Harriet Alice MITCHELMORE aged 28 of 13 Poplars Avenue, Cricklewood, father Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE, engineer 17 Sep 1910 London Christ Church, Brondesbury Christ Church Percival Arthur James WOODLEY, boat builder aged 29 of Argylle Road, Southampton, father William Henry WOODLEY, boat builder witness Lily MITCHELMORE
Harriet Rossiter MICHELMORE aged 32 of 18 Grassmere Road, father Philip William MICHELMORE (deceased), chemist 10 Aug 1912 London St Andrew, Alexandra Park Philip William McCREA, medical practitioner aged 47 of 19 Portland Square, father Edward Darcy McCREA (deceased), collar manufacturer witness A Stuart MICHELMORE
Harry Morgan MICHELMORE, clerk aged 27 of 2 Rothsay Villa, father Henry MICHELMORE, gentleman 23 Apr 1889 Ramsgate, Kent Eliza Margaret Leigh LYE aged 22 of South Eastern Road, father George LEIGH-LYE (deceased), lieut col  
Helena Blanche MITCHELMORE aged 25 of 21 Moray Road, father James Weeks MITCHELMORE, licensed victualler 4 Apr 1904 London St Matthew, Tollington Park Thomas Sawyer SAWYER, pianoforte maker aged 28 of Woodview, Archway Road, Highgate, father Philemon Cumming SAWYER, hatter  
Henrie MUCHILLMORE 6 Feb 1622 East Allington Trith? HORSEMAN  
Henrietta Adams MITCHELMORE, aged 21 of Winner Street, father George MITCHELMORE, baker & confectioner 22 Jun 1897 Paignton Joseph William VINSON aged 27 of Winner Street, baker & confectioner, father Joseph VINSON, baker & confectioner witness George MITCHELMORE
Henry MUCHMORE 23 Dec 1747 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Agnes GEACH  
Henry MUCHMORE 22 Feb 1814 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Jenny BRAY 3rd banns 23 Jan
Henry MICHELMORE 14 Apr 1814 Coombe in Teignhead Dinah RENDELL  
Henry MUCHMORE 9 Apr 1822 Maker, Cornwall Mary KINGDON  
Henry MICHELMORE, widower of Middle ???, son of Philip, yeoman 8 Aug 1837 Wolborough Caroline MARDON  
Henry MITCHELMAN, father William MITCHELMAN 2 May 1842 Luckham, Somerset Charlotte STRATE, father John STRATE  
Henry MUCHMORE, currier aged 28 of Chapel Street, father John MUCHMORE, letter carrier 17 Jan 1859 Stoke Damerel Mary Ann FISHER aged 27 of Chapel Street, father Richard FISHER, blacksmith  
Henry MICHELMORE, gentleman of Totnes, father Charles MICHELMORE, solicitor 6 Mar 1861 Dartmouth St Clement Mary Ann PUDDICOMBE of Townstal, father John PUDDICOMBE, surgeon witness Jeffery John MICHELMORE
Henry MICHELMORE, solicitor of Wolborough, father Thomas MICHELMORE, land agent 17 Sep 1863 Exeter St Stephen Elizabeth Mary Justina TOMBS, father William TOMBS, banker witness Thos MICHELMORE
Henry Will MICHELMORE of Exeter St Leonard 30 Jul 1889 Durham Christ Church, Durham Marion SIMEY of College  
Henry Cecil MICHELMORE @ 27 2nd lieut MGC? (Heavy) of Wool, father Henry Morgan MICHELMORE, banker 24 Feb 1917 Winfrith Newburgh, Dorset Persis Edith VENNER @ 25 of Winfrith, father Percey Henry Richard VENNER, gentleman  
Herbert MICHELMORE, surveyor @ 29 of Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy, father Jeffery MICHELMORE, surveyor 19 Nov 1896 Bridgetown Florence Mary ADAMS @ 25 of Totnes, father William ADAMS, hotel proprietor  
Herbert MICHELMORE, wine merchant @ 35 of Broadstone House, Dartmouth, father Henry MICHELMORE, wine merchant 23 Oct 1900 London St Jude, Kensington Edith Marian GOLDWYER @ 22 of 39 Courtfield Gardens, father George Ash GOLDWYER, Captain HM Army (retired)  
Herbert Stephen MUCHMORE, paper hanger @ 25 of 39 Wayford Street, father William MUCHMORE, labourer 12 Nov 1911 London Christ Church, Battersea Eva Rosetta WARRELL @ 22 of 39 Wayford Street, father Alfred WARRELL, button maker  
Herbert Henry MITCHELMORE, aged 26, gardener of Staverton, son of Thomas John, carpenter 27 Feb 1919 Broadhempston Hilda Mary ELLIS witness Mabel Annie ELLIS
Herman Henry Michelmore PEEKE, farmer aged 23 of Halwill, father William PEEKE, farmer 9 Jul 1904 South Brent Bessie WAKEHAM aged 20 of Horsebrook, father Thomas WAKEHAM, farmer  
Hilda Laura MICHELMORE 25 Jun 1916 Plymouth St Matthias William Leonard BRAY  
Hilda Lavinia MITCHELMORE 25 Nov 1933 Plymouth St Michael, Devonport Joseph Leslie Martin MILLER  
Honour MYCHELLMORE 11 Jan 1585/86 East Allington Wyllyam SOWDON?  
Honer MICHELMORE 28 Jan 1604/05 Halwell Robert BAKER  
Honor Triddle MITCHELMORE aged 21 , father Thomas MITCHELMORE, labourer 15 Oct 1847 Slapton Thomas WILLS, labourer aged 20  
Horatio Rowland MICHELMORE 15 Feb 1824 London St George the Martyr, Queen Square Mary Ann SUTTON witnesses Edward & Mildred MICHELMORE
Horatio Rowland MICHELMORE, widower 5 Feb 1827 London St Andrew Undershaft Ann Maria BROWNE  
Horatio Rowland MICHELMORE, widower 16 May 1832 London St Luke, Finsbury Caroline BROWNE witness Edward MICHELMORE
Humfry MITCHELMORE 12 Oct 1652 East Allington Ctian HODGE  
Humphry Muchmore SCOREY 5 Jan 1804 Maker, Cornwall Mary CHAPMAN  
Irene Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 23 Dec 1939 Plymouth Christ Church William Henry REED  
Iris Winnaretta Maud MITCHELMORE 18 Nov 1918 East Allington William HUGHES  
Isabell MICHELMORE 5 Feb 1610 Halwell William GILLIARD  
Isabella MITCHELMORE 12 Apr 1883 East Allington William Herbert TUCKER  
Isobel Love MUCHMORE aged 25 of 9 Citizen Dwellings, father Walter John MUCHMORE, tailor 11 Oct 1913 London St John, Hoxton Alfred Earnest BATEMAN, civil servant aged 28 of 9 Albion Grove, father Samuel BATEMAN, bootmaker  
Ivor John MITCHELMORE, medical lab scientific officer aged 26. father Kenneth Ivor MITCHELMORE 1 Sep 1984 Sheffield, Yorkshire Deborah Lynne SWIFT aged 24, medical lab scientific officer, father Peter John SWIFT  
Jabez MITCHELMORE 4 Oct 1824 London St James, Clerkenwell Maria LANGDON  
James MUTCHAMORE 20 Nov 1677 Dartmouth St Petrox Honora ALLARD  
James MUCHMORE 15 Aug 1736 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Ann LAMERICK  
James MUCHMORE of Stoke Damerel 19 Oct 1778 Plymouth St Andrew Joanna HANCOCK  
James MITCHELMORE 26 Feb 1793 Stokenham Sarah ARNOLD  
James MUCHMORE, widower 11 Oct 1807 London St Dunstan, Stepney Mary SAUNDERS, widow witnesses W K, Daniel PRIEL?
James MITCHELMORE 31 Aug 1828 Stokenham Rebecca RIDER  
James Richard MITCHELMORE, sawyer aged 20 of Townstal, father Richard MITCHELMORE, sawyer 31 May 1868 Dartmouth St Clement Sarah Ann POPE aged 18 of Townstal, father Richard POPE, dairyman  
James Henry MITCHELMORE, father William MITCHELMORE 6 Mar 1871 Bristol St Matthias, St. Judes Bessie Maria Sarah Isabella SYMONS, father Samuel SYMONS  
James Henry MITCHELMORE, tailor aged 22 of Tor, father Andrew MITCHELMORE, sawyer 16 Dec 1877 Tormoham Anne FOOT aged 23 of Tor, father Thomas FOOT, sawyer  
James MITCHELMORE, farmer of Slapton, father John MITCHELMORE, carpenter 26 Jan 1880 London St Giles, Camberwell Elizabeth Walke CROCKER of Warner Road, father Henry CROCKER, farmer  
James MITCHELMORE, labourer aged 20 of Chillington, father Charles MITCHELMORE, labourer 8 Jan 1882 Stokenham Susan RUNDLE aged 24 of Coleridge, father William RUNDLE  
James Richard MITCHELMORE, builder @ 38, widower of Mount Pleasant, Southampton, father Richard MITCHELMORE, deceased, timber merchant 11 Apr 1887 London St Andrew, Barnsbury Mary Ann HINVEST @ 37 of Thornluse? Square, father Joseph HINVEST, bricklayer witnesses Samuel Albert & Emily Ada HINVEST, Emma Alice BOLT, Arthur J BRIDGMAN
James Mitchelmore JACKMAN, clerk in surveyor's office, of St Jude's, Kensal Green, father Samuel JACKMAN, railway guard 1 Oct 1889 Staverton Bessie FURNEAUX, father Herbert FURNEAUX, yeoman  
James Henry MITCHELMORE, boot salesman @ 29 of Gifford Villa, Brynland Avenue, father William MITCHELMORE, farmer 4 Aug 1895 Bristol Holy Trinity, Horfield Alice Bailey FRY @ 30 of Gifford Villa, Brynland Avenue, father Frederick FRY, traveller witness Louisa Martha FRY
James MITCHELMORE, widower, labourer aged 34 of Chillington, father Charles MITCHELMORE, labourer 2 May 1895 Stokenham Hannah Kelland Randall PEPPERELL, widow aged 34 of Chillington, father Henry BASWELL, labourer  
James Thomas MITCHELMORE 23 Sep 1903 Burton-on-Trent Holy Trinity, Staffordshire Annie Marian LABAN  
James Henry George MICHELMORE @ 20 of Newquay, father: Robert Henry, goods guard 24 Jan 1909 St Columb Minor, Cornwall Bessie Ethel RODDA @ 19 of Newquay, father: Nicholas James, mason witnesses Thomas RODDA, Elsie May MICHELMORE
James MITCHELMORE 13 Dec 1913 Plymouth Christ Church Elizabeth Jane CROCKER  
James Henry MITCHELMORE 25 Jan 1941 Plymouth St Mary, Devonport Lilian Edith BEHENNA  
James William MITCHELMORE 13 Oct 1973 Plymouth St Peter Sandra MOIR  
Jane MUCHMORE 5 Jun 1655 Tavistock Robert GOW 3rd banns called 31 Dec 1654
Jane MICHAMORE 29 Jun 1661 Stokenham Richard EDWARDS of Sherford  
Jane MITCHELMORE 2 Mar 1689 Berry Pomeroy John HOLMAN  
Jane MUCHMORE 8 Apr 1692 Blackawton Jonas PEACE  
Jane MUCHAMORE 30 May 1727 Stoke Fleming William PUTT  
Jane MUCHMORE 12 May 1731 Thurlestone Roger MOOR  
Jane MUCHMORE 13 Jun 1738 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall John RATTENBURY  
Jane MICHELMORE 3 Mar 1762 Brixham St Mary Thomas MILLS  
Jane MUCHAMORE 12 Dec 1763 Stokenham John BURNER witness John MUCHAMORE
Jane MUCHMORE 5 Jun 1787 St Veep, Cornwall Thomas SCANTLEBURY  
Jane Frost MICHELMORE 23 May 1809 Plympton St Mary Richard DARTON, sojourner witness John MICHELMORE
Jane MUCHAMORE 12 Sep 1815 West Alvington Joseph CRANCH  
Jane Stone MICHELMORE 23 Jul 1820 Stokenham Silas GOODYEAR  
Jane MITCHAMORE 3 Aug 1834 Kingston Philip DAVIS with consent of parents
Jane MUCHEMORE, widow, father William WALLACE 24 Mar 1844 Dartmouth St Clement John PARRING, labourer of Townstall, Dartmouth, father William PARRING, labourer  
Jane MUCHMORE aged 28 of 28 Doidge's Well, father John MUCHMORE, shoemaker 15 Apr 1851 Stoke Damerel Thomas HUDDY, shoemaker aged 33 of 3 Doidge's Well, father William HUDDY, labourer  
Jane Michelmore TOLCHER, father Thomas TOLCHER, farmer 24 Nov 1853 Buckfastleigh Samuel CALLARD, carpenter of Stokenham, father Thomas CALLARD, carpenter witness John MICHELMORE, by licence
Jane MITCHELMORE aged 32, father Peter MITCHELMORE, sailor 16 Apr 1874 Highweek Frederick HALE, carpenter aged 34 of South Warmborough, Hampshire, father William HALE, farmer  
Jane MITCHELMORE, aged 20, domestic servant, father John, labourer 2 Nov 1882 Berry Pomeroy William George COOKE, mariner aged 26 of Brightlingsea, Essex witness Alfred MITCHELMORE
Janice Fay MITCHELMORE 23 May 1964 Whitchurch Alexander Eadie DOW  
Jean MITCHELMORE 15 Jul 1961 Plymouth St Gabriel George William HAWKES  
Jeffery MICHELMORE of Staverton 17 Oct 1771 Ashburton Elizabeth IRELAND  
Jeffery MICHELMORE, widower 21 Jan 1784 Ashburton Mary WOTTON  
Jeffery MICHELMORE 21 Oct 1806 Staverton Mary EDWARDS  
Jeffery MICHELMORE 13 Nov 1816 Staverton Betsey MICHELMORE  
Jeffery Michelmore MAYE, yeoman aged 38, father Thomas MAYE, yeoman 25 Apr 1844 North Huish Ann BOWDEN aged 30, father William BOWDEN  
Jeffery Michelmore BOWDEN, yeoman , father William BOWDEN, yeoman 24 Apr 1846 South Brent Celia FURNEAUX of Chagford, father William FURNEAUX, yeoman  
Jeffery MITCHELMORE, land agent aged 24 of Berry Pomeroy, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, land surveyor 21 Sep 1858 Plymouth St Andrew Emily Durnford PIKE aged 21 of 1 Princess Square, father Anthony PIKE, storekeeper, HM Victualling Yard by licence
Jeffery John MICHELMORE, yeoman aged 29 of Stokeleigh, father Charles MICHELMORE, solicitor 4 Jun 1863 Stokenham Kate PITTS aged 22 of Coleridge, father John PITTS, yeoman  
Jeffery Edward MICHELMORE of Porteous Road 10 Aug 1879 London St Mary, Paddington Green Mary Eugenie CODNOR of King’s Kerswell, Devon 3rd banns
Jeffery Edward MICHELMORE, solicitor, son of Philip, gentleman 30 Dec 1879 Kingskersewell Mary Eugenie CODNER  
Jeffrey MITCHELMORE 21 Sep 1858 Plymouth St Andrew Emily Durnford PIKE  
Jemima Michelmore PUTT of South Pool, father John PUTT, labourer 19 Apr 1856 Stokenham William Henry RHYMES, mason of Chillington, father Peter RHYMES, mason  
Jenny MITCHELMORE 31 Mar 1796 Sherford John INCH  
Jenny MITCHAMORE of South Allington, Chivelstone 31 Oct 1824 Tamerton Foliot James FAIRWEATHER banns only
Jenny MITCHAMORE 2 Nov 1824 Chivelstone James FAIRWEATHER of Tamerton  
Jeremiah MUDGMORE 17Jun1732 Landrake, Cornwall Thomasin PARKING  
Jessie Mabel MUCHMORE aged 21 of 44 Mession? Avenue, Kilburn, father Richard MUCHMORE, building contractor 26 Aug 1903 London St Paul, Kilburn Square Alfred John MORDANT, commercial traveller aged 25 of 170 Ivenson Road, West Hampstead, father Frederick MORDANT, mortgage broker witness Richard MUCHMORE
Joan MICHELMORE 5 Sep 1540 Blackawton Willm SPARKE  
Joane MICHELMORE 17 Apr 1570 Charleton John SAUNDERS  
Joan MICHELMORE 21 Nov 1603 Blackawton Willim SULLOCKE  
Joan MUCCHEMUR 15 Sep 1629 South Huish Crispin COURTIS  
Jone MICHELMOORE ?? ??? 1665 St Cleer, Cornwall John COLE  
Joan MUDGMOR 1 Jan 1669/70 St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall Richard JANE  
Joane MICHELMORE 26 Jul 1685 Blackawton Richard TUCKER  
Joan MICHELLMORE 9 Dec 1701 Harberton John CHARICK  
Joan MUGEMORE 26 Nov 1724 St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall Henry HOLMAN  
Joan MUCHMORE 19 Nov 1750 Quethiock, Cornwall William HENWOOD  
Joan MICHELMORE 18 May 1768 Staverton John HEWETT  
Joan MICHELMORE 4 Nov 1783 Totnes William COWLEY  
Joan MITCHEMORE 31 Dec 1784 Harberton Philip ANDREWS  
Joan MICHAELMORE 27 Apr 1786 Buckfastleigh Richard BORDER witness Thomas MICHELMORE
Joan MUCHMORE 31 Oct 1786 Stoke Damerel Oliver ROBERTS of this parish house, carpenter  
Joan MICHELMORE, father George MICHELMORE, yeoman 17 Jan 1839 Buckfastleigh Thomas WAYCOTT, yeoman of Holne, father William WAYCOTT, yeoman  
Joanna MICHELMOORE 20 Jan 1559 Ugborough Johes MUDGE  
Johanne MYCHELMORE 22 Nov 1566 East Allington Thomas LOCKE  
Joanna MICHELMOORE 11 Oct 1576 Ugborough Rogerus LAVERS  
Johane MYCHELMORE 30 Jan 1586/87 East Allington Thomas SOWDON  
Johanna MICHEMORE 1 Jan 1690/91 Wolborough Humphrey BABB  
Johanna MITCHELMORE 18 Jul 1693 Stoke Fleming William EDMONDS  
Joanna MITCHAMORE 1 Feb 1777 Dodbrooke William WHITELOCK  
Johanna MITCHELMORE 24 Jan 1785 Stokenham Richard CULLIN of Kilsenlands?, County Waterford, Ireland witness William MITCHELMORE, by licence
Joanna MITCHELMORE 24 Aug 1813 Sherford John MOORE with the consent of parents
Joanna MITCHELMORE 3 Feb 1814 Slapton William GOUGE  
Joanna MICHELMORE of Rocombe, father Henry MICHELMORE, farmer 27 Jan 1838 Combeinteignhead Frederick ROSITTER, butcher of Torquay, father William ROSITER, farmer witnesses Henry & Elizabeth MICHELMORE
Johes MICHELMOORE 4 Nov 1560 Ugborough Joanna  
John MYCHELLMORE 21 Jan 1570/71 East Allington Edith YEABECOMB  
John MICHELMORE 15 Oct 1592 Blackawton Elinor POY  
John MYCHELLMORE 27 Feb 1597/98 East Allington Elizabeth ABRAHAM  
John MITCHELLMORE, widower 17 Jun 1610 East Allington Jane? HUNT  
Johes MICHELMORE 26 Jul 1641 Buckfastleigh Margareta CHAFFE  
John MICHELMORE 17 Feb 1643 East Allington Frances BAKER  
John MYCHELLMORE 3 Mar 1652 Tavistock Willmott ROW  
John MUCHAMORE 13 Apr 1656 Chivelstone Margret JELLARD  
John MUCHEMORE 9 Aug 1659 Modbury Mary STRICKLAND  
John MICHELMORE 28 Jul 1664 Wolborough Mary HACKING  
John MICHELMORE 14 Nov 1671 Dean Prior Johane HOLMAN  
John MICHAMORE 3 Jan 1675 Slapton Jone MILLCUM  
John MICHELMORE 1 Oct 1676 Sherford Ann GRANT  
John MITCHAMORE 19 May 1684 Dittisham Mary SHARPEM  
John MICHMORE 29 Nov 1688 St Cleer, Cornwall Mary DERRY  
John MUTCHMORE 29 Sep 1688 Tavistock Agnes LIPSON  
John MUCHEMORE 25 Jul 1693 Charleton Elinor LISTON  
John MUCHMOOR 5 Feb 1694/95 St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall Joan SANDS  
John MUCHEMORE 8 Feb 1696 Bigbury Mary HINGESTON  
John MICHAELMORE of Buckfastleigh 27 Jul 1698 Dartington Joane HANNAFORD  
John MUCHMORE 13 May 1712 St Germans, Cornwall Alice SAWDY  
John MUCHEMORE 29 May 1716 South Pool Grace STONE  
John MUCHMORE 11 Apr 1717 St Germans, Cornwall Michal SPREDDLE  
John MICHELMORE 8 Sep 1721 Buckfastleigh Margret MICHELMORE  
John MICHELMORE 13 Aug 1723 Holne Joan PALMER  
John MUCHAMORE 1 Jan 1725/26 Charleton Mary MUCHAMORE, widow  
John MICHELMER 11 Apr 1726 Stokenham Elizabeth BOVY  
John MUCHAMORE 22 Nov 1731 Stoke Fleming Jane OLDRIVE  
John MUCHAMORE 12 May 1734 Dartmouth St Clement Elizabeth BRAY  
John MICHELMORE 30 Nov 1741 Stokenham Joan MUDGE  
John MUCHAMORE 18 Jan 1741 Chivelstone Grace PARTRIDGE  
John MICHELMORE 16 Nov 1746 Stokenham Elizabeth ADAMS  
John MUCHAMORE 14 Dec 1751 Dartmouth St Saviour Mary WATTS  
John MICHEMORE 17 Dec 1753 Charleton Clemence BASTARD  
John MUCHMORE 29 Jun 1755 West Alvington Elizabeth DOWNING  
John MUCHMORE 16 May 1756 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Hannah WATTS  
John MICHELMORE 7 Sep 1757 Buckfastleigh Judith CHAFFE  
John MUCHMORE of Menhinnet 22 Sep 1760 Liskeard, Cornwall Elizabeth BUNT  
John MICHELMORE 28 Dec 1763 Buckfastleigh Elizabeth KNIGHT  
John MICHELMORE, husbandman 4 Apr 1763 Blackawton Elizabeth WOOTTON  
John MICHMOOR 10 Aug 1772 East Allington Elizabeth PENHEY  
John MUCHMORE 14 Feb 1774 Churchstow Mary MORGAN witness John MORGAN
John MICHELMORE 17 Jan 1775 Stokenham Mary BASTARD  
John MUCHMORE 17 Apr 1775 South Pool Agnes STRAW  
John MITCHELMORE 3 Aug 1781 Stokenham Sarah JEFFARY  
John MITCHELMORE 19 Apr 1784 Sherford Joanna WILLIAMS  
John MICHELMORE 17 Dec 1784 Plympton St Mary Mary FROST  
John MUCHMORE 4 Nov 1785 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Ann MORRISH witness William MUCHMORE; 3rd banns 2 Oct 1785
John MITCHELMORE 25 Jan 1789 Slapton Susanna WILLS  
John MITCHELMORE of Stoke Fleming 8 Dec 1790 St Mellion, Cornwall Hannah HANCOCK by licence
John MUCHMORE 6 Aug 1792 Liskeard, Cornwall Mary Ann BOUND witness William MUCHMORE
John MUCHAMORE 3 Jul 1796 Churchstow Elizabeth MORRIS witness Henry VEALE
John MUCHMORE 2 Jun 1796 Fowey, Cornwall Elizabeth FOUND  
John MUCHAMORE 12 Nov 1801 Plymouth St Andrew Mary SOPER  
John MITCHELMORE 11 Dec 1803 Dartmouth St Saviour Ann KELLOND  
John MUCHAMORE, sojourner 25 Jun 1809 Thurlestone Mary COLE, sojourner  
John MITCHELMORE, widower 17 Aug 1811 Lifton Grace COCKERMAN, widow  
John MUCHMORE 2 Feb 1813 East Stonehouse Susan HAMMET  
John MUCHMORE, sojourner 30 Jun 1815 Plymstock Mary ROWLEY, widow  
John MITCHELMORE 27 Jun 1816 Charleton Grace MUDGE  
John MICHELMORE 22 Jun 1819 Slapton Thirza HEATH  
John MICHELMORE 5 Mar 1820 Buckfastleigh Ann PETHERIDGE with consent of friends; W: Robert FOOT
John MUCHMORE 28 Dec 1823 Liskeard, Cornwall Mary COOK witness William COOK
John MITCHELMORE 2 Jan 1823 Slapton Elizabeth BUCKPITT  
John Beck MITCHEMORE 13 Mar 1826 Brixham St Mary Rachel LANE, sojourner  
John MITCHAMORE 1 Apr 1827 Topsham Catherin JARROTT  
John MUCHMORE 4 Mar 1830 Falmouth, Cornwall Elizabeth LEWARN  
John MITCHELMORE, widower 27 Mar 1832 Brixham All Saints Elizabeth GORTLEY by licence
John MITCHELMORE 17 Apr 1832 Modbury Harriett HOSKING  
John MITCHELMORE 16 May 1833 Slapton Elizabeth PROWSE  
John MITCHELMORE of Slapton, sojourner 31 Oct 1834 South Pool Mary SHEPPERD  
John MITCHELMORE 2 Oct 1836 Bridgwater, Somerset Rebecca PRING  
John MUCHMORE 29 Dec 1842 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Mary CLOGG witnesses William & Ann CLOGG
John MITCHAMORE, labourer of North Pool, father Thos MITCHAMORE, labourer 18 Nov 1845 South Pool Ann COSE, servant of North Pool, father John COSE, labourer witness Elizabeth MICHELMORE
John MICHELMORE of Cornworthy 31 Jan 1847 Bridgetown Thirza BUNKER of Totnes by licence
John MITCHELMORE 18 Feb 1849 Blackawton Jane FERRIS 3rd banns
John MITCHELMORE, joiner of William Street, father William MITCHELMORE, builder 14 May 1849 London Holy Trinity, Marylebone Jane BARTER of William Street, father Nicholas BARTER, baker witness Edward MITCHELMORE
John MITCHELMORE 13 Sep 1849 Kingsbridge Tryphena CLARKE  
John MITCHELMORE, servant, son of Edward, labourer 16 May 1856 Kingskersewell Sarah Ann CHANNING, servant witness William CHANNING
John MITCHEMORE, wheelwright aged 20 , father John MITCHEMORE, labourer 5 Aug 1856 Brixham St Mary Ann TUCKER of Brixham, father James TUCKER, labourer  
John MUCHMORE 28 Sep 1857 Stoke Damerel Margaret Frances Edda ROXBURGH  
John Michelmore WAKEHAM, shipwright, father George WAKEHAM, tailor 8 Mar 1857 Totnes Mary Ann RICHARDS, father Samuel RICHARDS, inn keeper  
John MUCHMORE, cooper aged 25 of 11 Milne Place, father John MUCHMORE, labourer 28 Sep 1857 Stoke Damerel Margaret Frances Edda ROXBURGH aged 25 of 11 Milne Place, father William ROXBURGH, mariner  
John MICHELMORE, labourer of Cornworthy, father John MICHELMORE, labourer 20 Mar 1860 Harberton Susanna CROCKER, father John CROCKER, labourer witness George MITCHELMORE
John Henry MITCHELMORE 3 Nov 1872 Blackawton Amelia WEYMOUTH of Stoke Fleming 3rd banns
John MICHELMORE, carpenter aged 23 , father William MICHELMORE, carpenter 15 Dec 1872 Brixham All Saints Susan Avery DOUST aged 22, father William DOUST, fisherman  
John MICHELMORE, carpenter aged 30 , father Robert MICHELMORE, carpenter 26 Apr 1873 Buckfastleigh Elizabeth Jane HAYMAN aged 23 , father William HAYMAN, woolcomber witness Robert MICHELMORE
John MITCHELMORE, butler @ 26 of 65 Nelson Street; father Edward MITCHELMORE, bailiff 14 Apr 1874 London St Philip, Stepney Mary Ann SELFE @ 19 of 65 Nelson Street; father Charles SELFE, coachman  
John MITCHELMORE 22 Feb 1875 Stoke Damerel Amelia WILTON  
John MICHELMORE, draper of Wolborough, father deceased 30 Jan 1877 London St Pancras Old Church Anna Maria LUCAS, widow witness William H MICHELMORE
John MITCHELMORE, labourer aged 23 of Slapton, father William MITCHELMORE, labourer 12 May 1877 Slapton Emma Maria MUGFORD aged 19, father Richard MUGFORD, labourer  
John William Scott MITCHELMORE, fisherman aged 21 , father Andrew MITCHELMORE, fisherman 13 Feb 1881 Brixham All Saints Alice Loram BRIDGE aged 20 , father Philip BRIDGE, fisherman  
John MICHELMORE, carpenter aged 24 , father William MICHELMORE, labourer 2 Oct 1883 Buckfastleigh Emma COOMBES aged 26 , father Samuel COOMBES, wool dealer  
John Mitchemore COYDE, laborer aged 21, father Samuel COYDE, laborer 1 Jul 1883 Brixham St Mary Fanny Mary WOODMAN aged 20, father John WOODMAN, laborer  
John Thomas MITCHMORE, aged 27, carpenter of Brixham, son of John MITCHMORE, wheelwright 9 Feb 1886 Ashburton Sarah Jane WEBBER witnesses John & William WEBBER
John MICHELMORE, carpenter aged 23 , father Robert MICHELMORE, carpenter 21 Jul 1888 Buckfastleigh Elizabeth Ann BARTLE aged 24 , mother Susan BARTLE, spinster witness Mary Ellen MICHELMORE
John Henry MITCHELMORE 17 Jul 1890 East Allington Ann HAYMAN  
John Marchant MICHELMORE, farmer aged 34 of Havant, father Philip MICHELMORE (deceased), farmer 24 May 1893 Ipplepen Millie LEAMON aged 26, father William McGanon Tout LEAMON (deceased), gentleman  
John MICHELMORE, fisherman aged 22 , father John MICHELMORE, carpenter (deceased) 26 Dec 1898 Brixham All Saints Honor Stockman MILLS aged 22 , father Samuel Decent MILLS, fisherman  
John MITCHELMORE, labourer aged 26 of Park Hill, father William MITCHELMORE, farm labourer 18 Feb 1899 Ipplepen Ellen Georgina WARD, domestic servant aged 21 of Park Hill, father John WARD, quarryman witness Sarah MITCHELMORE
John Thomas MITCHELMORE, sawyer aged 39 of Silver Street, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, sawyer 3 Dec 1899 Dartmouth St Clement Harriet Lily TUCKER, widow aged 41 of Silver Street, father John GREEN, sailor  
John Michelmore PEEKE, farmer aged 24 of Ashprington, father John Michelore PEEKE, farmer 26 Sep 1900 North Huish Mary Anna Hewitt HOPPIN aged 24, father John Whiteway HOPPIN, farmer  
John Thomas MITCHELMORE, assistant boilermaker aged 25 of 91 Albert Road, father John MITCHELMORE, assistant boilermaker 11 Aug 1901 Plymouth St Michael Lavinia COLTON aged 25 of 13 Pym Street, father Edward COLTON, pensioner witness George MITCHELMORE
John Henry MITCHELMORE, widower aged 58, mason of 4 Hillside Cottage, Stoke Fleming, father John MITCHELMORE (dec), mason 22 Jan 1908 Dartmouth St Saviour Sophia PEDRICK aged 38 of Dartmouth, father James PEDRICK (dec), miller  
John Vincent MUCHMORE, soldier aged 22 of 40 Lonsdale Road, father Martin MUCHMORE, fireman 11 Aug 1917 London All Saints, Notting Hill Lillian Florence GOODCHILD of 40 Lonsdale Road, father Walter GOODCHILD, labourer  
John Wilson MITCHELMORE, gentleman aged 55, widower of 19 Howarden Gove, Herne Hill, father John MITCHELMORE (deceased), gardener 8 Jan 1920 London St Paul, Herne Hill Bertha HARTNOLL, clerk aged 32 of 31 Ruskin Walk, father John HARTNOLL (deceased), printer witness Ada Eliza MITCHELMORE
John Edward MITCHELMORE 4 Apr 1926 East Allington Audrey FREEMAN  
John Charles MITCHELMORE 24 Oct 1970 Stoke Damerel Judith HUGHES  
Joseph MUTCHMORE, mariner of 25 Dock Wall Street, father John MUTCHMORE, shipwright 4 Oct 1847 Stoke Damerel Mary WHEYMOUTH of 25 Dock Wall Street, father John Wheymouth, shipwright  
Joseph Henry MICHELMORE, engineer aged 25 of 197 London Road, Croydon, father William Henry MICHELMORE, late engineer 2 Sep 1903 London St Luke, West Norwood Florence Rose BASTIN aged 21 of 123 High Street, father Robert BASTIN, plumber witness W H MICHELMORE
Joset MOCHIMORE 25 Jan 1702/03 Exeter St Mary Major Emanuel LYSCOMBE surname could be MORTIMORE
Josiah MITCHELMORE 5 Nov 1824 London St Pancras Old Church Charlotte Louisa GENGER  
Josiah MITCHELMORE 8 Sep 1833 London St Pancras Old Church Jane HALL  
Josias Mitchelmore NELDER, carpenter, father James NELDER, carpenter 1 Dec 1843 Cornwood Ann Horswill BLACKLER, servant, father John BLACKLER, husbandman  
Josias MITCHELMORE 3 Jul 1863 East Allington Mary Ann KELLOND 3rd banns read 10 May 1862
Joyes MICHELMORE 19 Jan 1623/24 Blackawton Richard SULLOCKE  
Joyce MECHELMORE 29 Sep 1696 London St Paul Shadwell Richard SIMONS, mariner in Foxes Laine
Judeth MICHELMORE 16 Nov 1657 Totnes Thomas LEE  
Judith MITCHELMORE 19 Jan 1623/24 Buckfastleigh Nicholaus HORE  
Julia Michelmore CALLARD aged 26, father John Pederick CALLARD, accountant 27 Aug 1881 Berry Pomeroy George PERROTT, plumber aged 25 of St Luke's, Chelsea, father Henry George PERROTT, builder  
Juliana MICHELMORE 3 Jul 1683 Buckfastleigh Georgius STONNING  
Julian MICHELMORE 21 Oct 1707 Buckfastleigh Thomas SYMMONDS  
Julian MICHELMORE 3 Jan 1721 Buckfastleigh John BASTOW  
Julian MICHELMORE 5 Sep 1817 Buckfastleigh Thomas CALLARD  
Julie Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 2 Aug 1969 Plymouth Emmanuel William Frederick GEORGE  
June Frances MITCHELMORE 18 Jul 1959 Plymouth St Budeaux William CRAIG  
Kate Mary MITCHELMORE, aged 18, father William Henry MITCHELMORE 9 Jan 1882 Dartmouth St Clement William Henry HAWKE, merchant aged 21 of St Saviour, father William Ash HAWKE, merchant witnesses William Henry & Eliza MITCHELMORE
Kate MUCHMORE aged 27 of Boro 15 Nov 1905 Liskeard, Cornwall Robert CURTIS, labourer aged 34? of Boro, father James CURTIS, naval pensioner witness Thomas MUCHMORE; 3rd banns 29 Oct
Katherina MITCHILMORE 5 Nov 1599 Buckfastleigh Nicolaus COLE  
Katherine Louise MITCHELMORE aged 20, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 22 Dec 1898 Slapton John Henry WILLS, farm bailiff aged 26 of Ilsington, father George WILLS, farmer witness Gertrude Sarah MITCHELMORE
Kay MITCHELMORE 23 Nov 1890 Kingsbridge William Henry WELLINGTON  
Keith George MITCHELMORE 2 Apr 1966 Whitchurch Madeleine Annette WILLS  
Kezia MITCHELMORE 19 Feb 1824 Stokenham Robert ISSELL  
Kezia MITCHELMORE 29 Oct 1827 Sherford Andrew COUCH witness James MITCHELMORE
Larence MUCHAMER 8 Aug 1677 Staverton Grace EDWARDS  
Laura Louisa MUCHMORE aged 19 of 8 Luton Street, father Walter James MUCHMORE, harness maker 6 Jan 1896 London St Matthew, Marylebone Frederick Harry HUTCHINSON, seaman aged 26 of 8 Luton Street, father William HUTCHINSON, gentleman’s servant  
Leslie James MITCHELMORE 27 Dec 1926 Plymouth St Peter Jessie Louisa PREW  
Lilian May MITCHELMORE aged 22 of 13 Poplars Avenue, father Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE, engineer 16 Jun 1917 London Christ Church, Brondesbury Christ Church William Barnett SPITTLE, Sergeant, Canadian Expeditionary Force aged 22 of Sandling Camp, Saltwood, father Robert SPITTLE, motor man witness Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE
Lilian May MITCHELMORE 5 Jun 1918 Plymouth St Matthew John Henry LYMAN  
Lillian Emma MUCHMORE 19 Mar 1932 Plymouth St Jude Fernley Alfred ROGERS  
Lorlley? Anne MICHELMORE 16 May 1786 London St George, Hanover Square John Christian KING, widower marriage bond
Louisa MUCHMORE 25 Mar 1833 Plymouth Charles John YABBACOMBE  
Louisa Harriett MICHELMORE of Craven Terrace, father Charles Frederick MICHELMORE, solicitor 18 May 1871 London Christ Church, Lancaster Gate Robert Mayland JENKINS, banker’s clerk of Hereford Road, father Robert JENKINS, collector witness Sophia Harriett MICHELMORE
Louisa MICHELMORE aged 25 of 37 Bangor Street, father Charles Henry MICHELMORE, carpenter 6 Aug 1899 London St Clement, Notting Hill Joseph KEMP, labourer aged 25 of 2 Bangor Street, father Joseph KEMP (deceased), gas fitter  
Louisa Ellen MITCHELMORE aged 22, father George MITCHELMORE, fisherman 26 Dec 1914 Brixham All Saints Silas Henry ANDREWS, stonemason aged 23 of Christ Church, Plymouth, father Samuel ANDREWS, stonemason witness George MITCHELMORE
Luco MUCCHAMORE 11 May 1703 Westerham, Kent Thomas STILES by licence
Lucy MUCKAMORE of Titsey 11 Nov 1725 London St Benet, Paul's Wharf, Middlesex William BOYLES of Lingfield  
Lynda MITCHELMORE 20 May 1972 Tamerton Foliot Ronald Henry BLANK  
Mabel Gertrude MITCHELMORE aged 25 of 13 Poplar’s Avenue, father Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE, engineer 9 Oct 1906 London Christ Church, Brondesbury Christ Church William George ROW, builder aged 26 of Clarence Hill, Dartmouth, father William George ROW, builder witnesses S L & H MITCHELMORE
Mabel Florence MICHELMORE aged 22 of 39 Sheridan Buildings, father Arthur Frederick MICHELMORE, labourer 6 May 1916 London St John, Drury Lane Stanley Ross JENNER, chauffeur mechanic aged 28 of 134 Seymour Place, W, father William JENNER (deceased), civil engineer witness Arthur Frederick MICHELMORE
Margaret MYCHELMORE 20 Nov 1581 Stoke Gabriel John FULL  
Margaret MICHELMORE 3 Aug 1601 Blackawton John TUCKER  
Margaret MUCHELMORE 29 Jan 1632 Menheniot, Cornwall John ROWE  
Margrett MICHELMORE 5 Feb 1638 Staverton Hugh HAWKES  
Margareta MICHOLMORE 15 May 1688 Buckfastleigh Samuel WHITE  
Margareta MICHELMORE 11 Jan 1692 Buckfastleigh Johannes FOSTER  
Margreat MITCHELMORE 18 Jul 1697 Marldon Allexander RANDALL  
Margarett MITCHELMORE 12 Dec 1699 Stoke Fleming Richard CRANCH  
Margarett MICHELMORE 13 Apr 1702 Buckfastleigh John DAMARET  
Margaret MUCHAMORE 26 Dec 1714 Woodleigh John LEE  
Margaret MITCHELMORE 11 Jun 1717 Buckfastleigh John COD  
Margaret MICHELMORE 8 Sep 1720 Buckfastleigh John MITCHELMORE  
Margaret MITCHELMORE 14 Oct 1747 Buckfastleigh William MITCHELMORE  
Margaret MICHELMORE 21 Jan 1788 Buckfastleigh Henry GIDLEY witness Thomas MICHELMORE
Margaret MICHELMORE 5 Feb 1792 Buckfastleigh Simon BASTOW  
Margaret MUCHAMORE 7 Mar 1797 Plymouth St Andrew Peter DAILEY  
Margaret MUCHIMORE, widow 31 Mar 1801 Dartmouth St Saviour Nicholas WAYMOUTH, widower of Harberton by licence
Margaret MICHELMORE 10 Feb 1803 Cockington John SYMONS of Moreleigh  
Margaret MICHELMORE 23 Oct 1816 Buckfastleigh Samuel CHURCHWARD  
Margaret MICHELMORE 11 Jul 1822 Buckfastleigh James CREBER  
Margaret MICHELMORE, father Henry MICHELMORE, farmer 6 Nov 1856 Combeinteignhead William Tapley SHAPLEY, gentleman of Stokeinteignhead, father John SHAPLEY, farmer  
Margaret Michelmore WHITEWAY, widow aged 34, father Samuel CHURCHWARD, gentleman 30 Jun 1862 Buckfastleigh Simeon Richards TONKIN, miner aged 27, widower, father John TONKIN, farmer witness John MITCHELMORE
Margaret Elizabeth MICHELMORE aged 21 of 60 Chalk Farm Road, father Edward MICHELMORE, builder 31 Oct 1870 London Holy Trinity, Haverstock Hill William TURNILL, widower aged 40, baker of Sawtry All Saints, Huntingdonshire, father Robert TURNILL, farmer witness Edward MICHELMORE
Margaret SHAPLEY née MICHELMORE, widow, father Henry MICHELMORE 16 Mar 1872 Catherston-Leweston, Dorset John LOWCOCK  
Margaret MITCHELMORE, domestic servant of Granby Street, father Peter MITCHELMORE, tailor 24 Dec 1874 Plymouth St Paul, Devonport Nicholas MAY, widower, labourer of Granby Street, father John MAY, labourer witness Thomas MITCHELMORE
Margaret Evelyn MITCHELMORE 27 Dec 1930 Plymouth Wycliffe Congregational, Devonport John Benjamin BALE  
Maria MACHELMORE 5 Sep 1642 Ashburton Willmus SENTILL  
Maria MICHELMORE 11 Jun 1689 Buckfastleigh Hugo HILL  
Maria MICHELMORE 1 Jan 1694 Buckfastleigh Jacobus FABIAN of Staverton  
Maria MICHMORE aged 27 of 73 Fore Street, father William MICHMORE, labourer 28 Jun 1851 Stoke Damerel Richard HANCOCK, labourer aged 24 of 12 Granby Ope, father William HANCOCK, labourer  
Maria MICHELMORE , father Nicholas MICHELMORE, labourer 1 Apr 1855 Sherford Robert STONE, labourer , father John STONE, labourer  
Maria MITCHAMORE, dress maker aged 20 , father Samuel MITCHAMORE, joiner 14 Nov 1858 Exeter St Paul Samuel BOUNDY, joiner, father Humphrey BOUNDY, tailor witness Samuel MITCHAMORE
Maria Winifred MITCHELMORE, father Richard MITCHELMORE, farmer 21 Feb 1861 Lifton John Bullen CROUT, father Robert CROUT, saddler  
Marianne MITCHELMORE 17 Jun 1877 Bristol St Luke, Bedminster John Isaac MASON  
Mark MITCHELMORE, gardener aged 26 of Thursley, father Richard MITCHELMORE, gardener 10 Oct 1892 Thursley, Surrey Annie BOXALL aged 24 of Thursley, father George BOXALL, farmer  
Martha MUCHAMORE, widow 10 Oct 1736 West Alvington John SYMONDS of Blackawton by licence
Martha MUCKLEMORE 10 Nov 1767 Westerham, Kent William JENNINGS  
Martha MUCKAMORE 23 Dec 1780 London St George the Martyr, Southwark John CLARK  
Mary MICHELMORE 15 Nov 1608 Slapton William LOCKE  
Mary MUCHMORE 16 Jan 1671/72 Stokenham Richard L?OLL  
Mary MICHELMORE 15 Oct 1685 Wolborough Richard BABB  
Mary MICHELLMORE 4 Aug 1686 Exeter Holy Trinity William POMMORY  
Mary MICHERMORE 3 Nov 1703 Dean Prior Thomas HAMLING  
Mary MUCHAMORE 23 Apr 1703 Bigbury Nicholas RUNDELL  
Mary MUCHMOOR 20 Jun 1718 St Cleer, Cornwall Robert KEAST  
Mary MUCHAMORE 19 Jul 1719 Charleton John HOOPER  
Mary MUCHMORE 14 Feb 1720 London St Mary, Rotherhithe Nicholas WOOD  
Mary MICHELMORE 12 Jul 1723 Buckfastleigh Richard SOPER  
Mary MUCKAMORE 16 Aug 1724 Tatsfield, Kent    
Mary MUCHMORE 25 Apr 1725 Kingsbridge John PHILIPS  
Mary MUCHMOOR 24 Jan 1725 St Cleer, Cornwall Sampson DENNITHORN  
Mary MUCHAMORE, widow 1 Jan 1725/26 Charleton John MUCHAMORE  
Mary MICHELMORE 17 Feb 1728 Ashburton John BASTARD  
Mary MICHELMORE 17 Feb 1736 Buckfastleigh John SEARLE  
Mary MUCHMORE 3 Sep 1738 Menheniot, Cornwall Robert SYMONS  
Mary MICHELMORE 16 May 1749 Buckfastleigh Giles DOLBEARE  
Mary MUCHMORE 20 Jul 1750 St Germans, Cornwall John HOBB  
Mary MICHELMORE 8 May 1757 Holne Richard STRANGER witness Robert MICHELMORE
Mary MUDGMORE of St James Piccadilly 25 Sep 1762 London St James the Less, Westminster Charles FREMAN of East Horndon  
Mary MUCHIMORE 29 Sep 1763 Stoke Damerel William DENHAM, mariner  
Mary MUCHEMORE 29 Apr 1765 Dodbrooke John LANE of Charleton  
Mary MICHELMORE 4 May 1768 Stokenham Robert EDWARDS of Chivelstone witness Richard MICHELMORE
Mary MITCHELMORE 11 Apr 1769 Slapton Stephen EFFORD  
Mary MITCHELMORE 10 Dec 1772 Stokenham Philip BARDONS  
Mary MITCHELMORE 25 Oct 1772 Aveton Gifford Philip BARDONS  
Mary MICHELMORE 7 Jan 1776 Totnes Laurance LEE  
Mary MICHELMORE 20 Oct 1776 Slapton Roger CLOWTER, labourer  
Mary MITCHELMORE 6 Aug 1781 Stokenham William LUKE witness Wm MITCHELMORE; by licence
Mary MITCHELMORE 27 Feb 1781 Stokenham John PEDRICK  
Mary MITCHELMORE 16 Apr 1786 Sherford Nicholas PEPPEREL  
Mary MICHELLMORE, widow 12 Nov 1786 Woodleigh Jacob PHILIPS, labourer  
Mary MICHELMORE 19 Jan 1790 Chivelstone James MASTERS  
Mary MICHELMORE 13 Sep 1791 Buckfastleigh John BOVEY of Staverton  
Mary MICHELMOOR 8 Mar 1791 Exbourne John LEWIS  
Mary MUCHMOOR 14 Jul 1791 Lansallos, Cornwall John HORE, sojourner  
Mary MICHELMORE 27 Sep 1796 Stoke Damerel George WATTS, painter  
Mary MICHELMORE 25 Mar 1797 Staverton William BOWDEN  
Mary MITCHELMORE, sojourner 8 Nov 1799 Kingsbridge John DAVEY, sojourner  
Mary MITCHELMORE 15 Jan 1799 Loddiswell William Wakeham PYKE of Sherford  
Mary MICHELMORE 24 Jul 1804 Totnes Robert WORTH  
Mary MUCKAMORE of St Martin Ongar 10 Apr 1805 London St Clement, Eastcheap John MARSHALL of St Martin Ongar 3rd banns 14 Oct 1804
Mary MICHELMORE 12 Sep 1806 Sherford John ELLIOT 3rd banns read 8 Sep 1806; witness Michael MITCHELMORE
Mary MITCHELMORE 5 Feb 1808 Plympton St Mary Isaac BERRY, sojourner witnesses Jane Frost & John MICHELMORE
Mary MITCHMORE 2 Jul 1809 London St Mary Lambeth Thomas RILEY 3rd banns
Mary MUCHEMORE 4 Apr 1809 South Milton William LUCKHAM  
Mary MICHELMORE 30 Nov 1809 Buckfastleigh Oliver BLATCHFORD of Staverton  
Mary MUCHAMORE 25 Apr 1810 South Milton John COUGHILL witness Edward MUCHAMORE
Mary MITCHAMORE 19 Sep 1811 Tormoham John WOTON  
Mary MICHELMORE 18 Apr 1814 Ashburton George FITZE of Totnes by licence
Mary MUCHMORE 13 Apr 1815 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall John HANCOCK aged 24 witnesses Richard & William MUCHMORE
Mary MITCHELMORE, widow 29 Jan 1818 Thurlestone John WILTON, sojourner  
Mary MITCHELMORE of Sherford 15 Jun 1820 South Pool John PUTT  
Mary MUTCHMORE 2 Jan 1821 Stoke Damerel William DAWE  
Mary MICHELMORE 20 Jun 1822 Staverton Thomas MAYE  
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE 29 Aug 1822 Totnes William JACKSON  
Mary MITCHELMORE 19 Feb 1822 Stoke Fleming Richard TOLMAN  
Mary MICHELMORE 20 Feb 1827 Buckfastleigh Henry COREM of South Brent, sojourner witness John MICHELMORE
Mary Blake MITCHAMORE 28 Jul 1829 Chivelstone John CANNTER 3rd banns 26 Jul 1829
Mary MUCHAMOOR 4 Apr 1832 South Milton John NUTE witnesses Maria & John MITCHELMORE
Mary MUCHMORE 24 May 1832 Stoke Damerel William GILBARD  
Mary MUCHMORE of Tywardreath 5 Jun 1836 Fowey, Cornwall Samuel BULLER banns only
Mary MUCHMORE 5 Jun 1836 Tywardreath, Cornwall Samuel BULLER witness William UDY; 3rd banns 3 Apr (BUTLER)
Mary MITCHELMORE 24 Mar 1836 Charleton John SHEPHARD  
Mary MITCHLEMORE 13 Dec 1836 Dartmouth St Saviour John BREWER, widower  
Mary MITCHELMORE, widow of Penryn 4 Jun 1837 St Gluvias, Cornwall John BRYANT, widower of Penzance  
Mary Anne MICHELMOOR 7 Jan 1838 South Milton Benjamin LEE 3rd banns
Mary MITCHELMORE aged 19, father Robt MICHELMORE, labourer 7 Oct 1838 Stokenham James KELLAND, fisherman of Tor Cross, father Wm KELLAND, fisherman 3rd banns read 23 Sep
Mary MUCHMORE Mar 1839 Fowey, Cornwall William UDY banns
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE of St Mary, father William MITCHELMORE, shipwright 5 May 1839 Cardiff St John, Glamorganshire Thomas Fearncombe PROUSE of St Mary, father Thomas PROUSE, musician witness Wm MITCHELMORE; Mary signed MICHELMORE
Mary Ann Muchmore HOAR of 7 South Hill Buildings, father John HOAR, labourer 3 Oct 1839 Stoke Damerel Joseph HICKS, tanner of 3 Church Street, father John HICKS, waggoner  
Mary Ann MICHELMORE 4 Apr 1841 London St Martin in the Fields Charles TRIGGER  
Mary Mitchelmore BULLEY aged 20, father Robert BULLEY, mason 29 Sep 1842 Brixham All Saints William RODD, mariner, father Thomas RODD, labourer  
Mary Ann MICHMORE of Lambhay Hill, father William MITCHMORE, labourer 21 Oct 1847 Plymouth St Andrew William HARVEY, mariner of HMS Exellent, father Joseph HARVEY, shipwright  
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE of Flora Place, father William MITCHELMORE, farmer 13 Dec 1848 Plymouth St Andrew William DOLTON, mariner of the smack Sarah Ann, father Samuel DOLTON, labourer  
Mary Anne Coombes MICHELMORE, minor, father Philip, woolcomber 2 May 1852 Buckfastleigh David Eddy PERRY, miner witnesses William & Amelia MICHELMORE
Mary Michelmore CHURCHWARD, father Samuel CHURCHWARD, victualler 8 Jan 1852 Buckfastleigh William WHITEWAY, carpenter, father William WHITEWAY, yeoman  
Mary MITCHELMORE , father Richard MITCHELMORE, labourer 12 Nov 1853 Charleton Thomas DAMERAL, labourer , father John DAMERAL, labourer witness William MITCHELMORE
Mary MICHELMORE, aged 42 of Fishacre, father Robert MICHELMORE, yeoman 24 Oct 1855 Broadhempston Thomas BOWDEN, yeoman of North Huish, father William BOWDEN, yeoman witnesses Robert Junr & Rebecca MICHELMORE
Mary Jane MUCHMORE of Norley Place, father John MUCHEMORE, letter carrier 17 Nov 1857 Plymouth Charles Richard BETTINSON, cabinet maker of Norley Place, father Charles BETTINSON, carpenter witness William MUCHMORE
Mary Jane MITCHELMORE, father John Beck MITCHELMORE, labourer 23 Feb 1857 Brixham All Saints Henry SALISBURY, widower, fisherman witnesses John Beck & Ann MICHEMORE
Mary Jane MICHELMORE 30 Jan 1859 Cornworthy William Tamling ABRAHAM of Stoke Fleming banns only
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE, aged 23, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 20 Feb 1862 Dartmouth St Saviour John BROOKING, mariner aged 23, father Thomas BROOKING, labourer  
Mary Michelmore CREBER aged 40, father James CREBER, wheelwright 15 Feb 1866 Buckfastleigh James LEE, tailor aged 53, father James LEE, sailor  
Mary Elizabeth Ellen MUCHAMORE aged 32 of 4 Zion Street, father William MUCHAMORE, mariner 25 Feb 1868 Plymouth St Andrew George LOCK, mariner aged 30 of HMS Shearwater, father Jonathan LOCK, tailor witnesses William & Elizabeth MUCHAMORE
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE, widow 24 Mar 1870 East Allington John HAYMAN, sojourner 3rd banns read 6 Mar 1870
Mary Grace MITCHELMORE, aged 20, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, sawyer 8 Aug 1870 Dartmouth St Clement John MARSHALL, sailor HMS Britannia, father James MARSHALL, leather dresser witnesses Thomas & Caroline MITCHELMORE
Mary Jane MICHELMORE, father William MICHELMORE, builder 18 Sep 1872 Tormoham David MANNING, widower, butcher of Berry Pomeroy witness Harriett MICHELMORE
Mary MICHELMORE of Camberwell Grove, father John MICHELMORE, carpenter 4 Mar 1873 London St Giles, Camberwell Benjamin HAWES, labourer of College Street, father Henry HAWES, labourer  
Mary Elizabeth MITCHELMORE of Melcombe Regis, father Richard MITCHELMORE, sawyer 28 Mar 1874 Melcombe Regis, Dorset Frederick LIGGETT, Guard, G W Railway, father Frederick LIGGETT, tanner  
Mary Michelmore WAYCOTT aged 30, father Thomas WAYCOTT, farmer 6 Apr 1876 Buckfastleigh Albert WAYCOTT, farmer aged 36 of Cornworthy, father George WAYCOTT, farmer by licence
Mary Mitchelmore MUGFORD aged 28, father Joseph MUGFORD, labourer 2 Jul 1876 Paignton Robert MUGFORD, labourer aged 29, father Robert MUGFORD, labourer  
Mary Louisa MITCHELMORE of St Marylebone, father Charles MITCHELMORE, joiner 26 Jul 1877 London St Marylebone Parish Church Amos MALYAN, coachman, widower of St Marylebone, father James MALYAN (deceased), farm bailiff witness Charles MITCHELMORE
Mary MITCHELMORE aged 19 of St Petrox, father John MITCHELMORE, mason 22 Sep 1878 Dartmouth St Petrox William SMITH, mariner aged 24 of HMS Britannia, father Daniel SMITH, blacksmith  
Mary Margaret MITCHELMORE aged 24, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 28 Apr 1882 Newton Abbot William KNAPMAN, taylor aged 53, widower, father Thomas KNAPMAN witness Jane MITCHELMORE
Mary Margaret MITCHELMORE aged 24 of Newton Abbot, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 27 Apr 1882 Wolborough William KNAPMAN, widower, taylor aged 53 of Newton Abbot, father Thomas KNAPMAN, labourer  
Mary Elizabeth MICHELMORE, aged 21, father Philip John MICHELMORE, labourer 25 Sep 1899 Dean Prior Samuel Goss HUSK, coastguard aged 28 of Falmouth, father George Sellick HUSK, labourer witness Caroline Louise MICHELMORE
Mary Elizabeth MITCHELMORE aged 22 of Templemore, father John Henry MITCHELMORE, mason 10 Jun 1905 Paignton Josiah Oakley PETHICK, gardener aged 26 of 6 Blandford Road, father Josiah PETHICK, carpenter witness John Henry MITCHELMORE
Mary Jane MICHELMORE, aged 21 of Coombe, father Charles MICHELMORE, thatcher 14? Dec 1907 Buckfastleigh Fearley Luther CHIVALL, employee woollen factory aged 22, father John Henry CHIVALL, blanket raiser deceased witness Susannah MICHELMORE
Mary Louise MITCHELMORE aged 28 of Avenue Lodge, Poplar’s Avenue, father Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE, motor engineer 19 Dec 1911 London Christ Church, Brondesbury Christ Church Jonathan Claudius CLOUDSDALE, dentist aged 29, widower of 33 High Road, Willesden Green, father Jonathan Claudius CLOUDSDALE, dentist witness Harriet Caroline MITCHELMORE
Matilda Sargeant MUCHMORE aged 28 of 78 St John’s Hill, father William MUCHMORE (deceased), shoemaker 24 Aug 1901 London St Luke, Battersea Frederick David CLINKER, cleark aged 27 of Gorst? Road, father Thomas Aaron CLINKER (deceased), ironfounder 3rd banns read 28 Jul
Maud Ann MUCHMORE aged 23 of 54 Marville Road, father William MUCHMORE, labourer 10 Jun 1906 London St Peter, Fulham Thomas Arthur DAY, labourer aged 28 of 54 Marville Road, father William DAY, deceased witness Margaret MUCHMORE
Maud MICHELMORE aged 24 of 142 Carsland Road, father Frederick MICHELMORE, butcher 21 Apr 1912 London St Augustine, Hackney Thomas Joseph COLEMAN, greengrocer aged 32 of 142 Carsland Road, father Joseph COLEMAN, greengrocer witness F MICHELMORE
Michael MITCHELMORE, widower 9 Feb 1809 Sherford Joanna NINN, widow  
Michael Charles MITCHELMORE, aged 21, student (teaching), father Albert Ernest MITCHELMORE, retired painter 26 Aug 1961 Marlow Baptist Chapel Glade Road, Buckinghamshire June Anthea Mary VIVIS witness A E MITCHELMORE
Micheal MITCHELMORE, yeoman 24 Jun 1783 Slapton Sarah HYNE  
Mildred Amelia MICHELMORE aged 20 of 6 Harford Place, Drury Lane, father William Vanderbost MICHELMORE 29 Jun 1863 London St Clement Danes Michael GRIFFIN, seaman aged 23 of 7 Harford Place, Drury Lane, father Michael GRIFFIN, tailor witnesses William Vanderbost & Mary Elizabeth MICHELMORE
Mildred Emily MICHELMORE aged 27 of Merok, Church Way, Sanderstead, father William MICHELMORE, deceased 17 Aug 1935 Sanderstead All Saints, Surrey Robert Henry PHILPOTT aged 31 of 36 Foxearth Road, Selston, South Croydon, father William Henry PHILPOTT, deceased witness P A MICHELMORE
Minnie Cecily Beatrice Maud MUCHMORE aged 25 of 19 Wellington Road, St Marylebone, father Richard MUCHMORE, joiner 4 Oct 1893 London St Marylebone Parish Church Charles HEYWOOD, telegraphist aged 24 of 14 Wilfred Street, Westminster, father George HEYWOOD, pastry cook witness Richard MUCHMORE
Minnie MICHELMORE, aged 24, father John MICHELMORE, carpenter 13 Oct 1897 Brixham All Saints William John Gidley WEYMOUTH, fisherman, father William John WEYMOUTH, sailor witness E MITCHELMORE
Miriam MICHAMORE of Totnes, father George MICHAMORE, labourer 26 Jan 1842 Littlehempston Henry EASTMAN, carrier of Totnes, father William EASTMAN, labourer  
Miriam Mitchelmore ADAMS, father John ADAMS, malster 26 May 1845 South Pool William QUARM, painter of Kingsbridge, father George QUARM, painter  
Muriel Anna MICHELMORE aged 25, father Robert Frank MICHELMORE, farmer 18 Apr 1914 East Portlemouth Horace George MASON, schoolmaster aged 26 of Ealing, father Joseph George MASON, shoe machinery manufacturer witnesses Robert Frank, Harriet Elizabeth, Winifred Annie & H W MICHELMORE
Muriel Dorothy MITCHELMORE 28 Oct 1982 Plymouth St Andrew Colin HOLLICK  
Nahor MACHELLMOR 8 Sep 1671 St Gluvias, Cornwall Leans LOVEDAY  
Naihor MUCHELMORE, widower of St Paul Shadwell 6 Jan 1694 London Holy Trinity Minorities, Stepney Alice BELL, widow of St Paul Shadwell  
Nancy MITCHELMORE 19 Oct 1820 Stokenham James CLEMENTS  
Nathaniel MITCHELMORE, aged 22, painter, father John MITCHELMORE, inn-keeper 17 Apr 1862 Dartmouth St Clement Elizabeth HOLE aged 25 of Townstall, Dartmouth, father John HOLE, brewer  
Nellie Gertrude MICHELMORE aged 22 of 39 Sheridan Buildings, Long Acre, father Arthur Frederick MICHELMORE, scavenger 27 May 1928 London St Martin in the Fields, Cornwall William Harold SCOTT, motor driver aged 22 of 19 Bedfordbury, father William SCOTT, carman witness Arthur Frederick MICHELMORE
Nicholas MICHELMORE 16 Feb 1617/18 Blackawton Joan GEERE the same time [as Thomas]
Nicholas MUCHMORE, lab. 13 Apr 1702 Menheniot, Cornwall Jane MAYNARD  
Nich. MUCHEMORE 30 Dec 1707 Stokenham Susannah LAVERS  
Nicho MICHELMORE 30 Dec 1713 Sherford Mary BARRIE  
Nicholas MITCHELMORE 27 Apr 1725 Sherford Agnes DEACON  
Nicholas MUTCHMORE 5 Feb 1748 East Allington Wilmot MABIN  
Nicholas MITCHELMORE 7 Jan 1747/48 Sherford Mary JELLARD of Stokenham  
Nicholas MITCHELMORE 14 Feb 1782 Wolborough Elizabeth VAVASOR  
Nicholas MITCHELMORE 14 Nov 1815 Chivelstone Mary ROGERS  
Nycholas MYCHELLMORE 30 Sep 1599 East Allington Elizabeth REPLY?  
Oliver MICHELMORE 19 Aug 1698 Menheniot, Cornwall Mary BUDGE  
Oliver MUCHMORE, lab. 22 Apr 1706 Menheniot, Cornwall Eliz. KEANE  
Oliver MUCHMORE 1 Jan 1732 Menheniot, Cornwall Mary PARKYN  
Oliver MUCHMORE of St Veep, labourer 20 Nov 1800 Lanteglos by Fowey, Cornwall Sarah COLENSOE 3rd banns 9 Nov
Patience MITCHELMORE, aged 20, father John MITCHELMORE, inn keeper 2 Nov 1864 Dartmouth St Saviour William ALLEN, ship's corporal, father John ALLEN (dec), licensed victualler witness W H MITCHELMORE
Patricia Lilian MITCHELMORE 24 Apr 1965 Plymouth St Gabriel Richard George Neil GODEFROY  
Peggy MUCHEMORE 30 Dec 1817 Dartmouth St Petrox John PERING  
Peggy MUCHMORE 25 Mar 1824 Liskeard, Cornwall Joseph HANCOCK with consent of parents; witness Mary Ann MUCHMORE
Percy Alfred Grant MITCHELMORE, chauffeur aged 27 of Mill House, father Robert MITCHELMORE, carter (deceased) 17 Feb 1912 Paignton Elizabeth Jane LEES aged 26 of 12 Camden Terrace, father Elijah LES, brick burner  
Peter MICHELMORE 22 Apr 1690 Buckfastleigh Margaret WIAT  
Peter MUCHEMORE 19 Jan 1696/97 Stokenham Mary LUSCOMBE  
Peter MICHELMORE 16 Dec 1759 Blackawton Elizabeth COLE banns only
Peter MICHELMORE, mariner 3 Apr 1763 Blackawton Elizabeth COLE  
Peter MOUCHEMORE 6 Apr 1786 Dartmouth St Petrox Margaret FARLEIGH  
Peter MITCHELMORE 16 Jan 1806 Stokenham Ann TROUT by licence
Peter MUCHEMORE 12 Apr 1819 Dartmouth St Clement Mary GORTLEY  
Peter MITCHELMORE 27 Mar 1821 Stoke Fleming Margaret MARCH  
Peter MOUCHEMORE, mariner, father William MOUCHEMORE, sailor 9 Oct 1842 Dartmouth St Saviour Ann Caroline LAWSON, father Peter LAWSON, sailor  
Peter MITCHELMORE, stone mason aged 29 of 28th Row, Sirhuwy, father William MITCHELMORE, farm bailiff 19 Sep 1896 Bedwellty, Monmouthshire Beatrice MORGAN aged 21 of 28th Row, Sirhowy, father Daniel MORGAN, deceased  
Philip MICHELMORE 2 Feb 1600/01 Buckfastleigh Judeth NOSWORTHE  
Phillip MITCHELMORE 10 Sep 1672 Staverton Susan POMERY  
Philip M* 12 Jan 1674 Buckfastleigh Phillis PROWSE  
Phillippus MUCHELMORE 12 Jan 1674 Buckfastleigh Phillis PROWSE  
Philip MICHAELMORE 2 Dec 1690 Buckfastleigh Agnes BLOCKALLER  
Philip MICHELMORE 24 Apr 1694 Buckfastleigh Margareta SYMONDS  
Philip MICHELMORE 11 Nov 1707 Buckfastleigh Florence WARREN  
Philip MICHELMORE 17 Feb 1707/08 Buckfastleigh Anna MUDGE  
Philip MICHELMORE 31 Mar 1719 Buckfastleigh Elizabeth FURNEAUX  
Philip MICHILMORE 11 Apr 1737 Buckfastleigh Amy LUSCOMB  
Philip MITCHELMORE 9 Jul 1761 Staverton Thomasin BRADRIDGE  
Philip MICHELMORE 28 Nov 1773 Buckfastleigh Margaret CALLARD  
Philip MUTCHELMORE 15 Jan 1788 Modbury Alice EDWARDS by licence
Philip MICHELMORE of Cornworthy 6 Nov 1807 Moreleigh Sarah SYMONS by licence
Philip MICHELMORE 16 May 1825 Wolborough Eleanor MUDGE  
Philip MICHELMORE 2 Oct 1827 Buckfastleigh Anne COOMBES  
Philip Symons MICHELMORE, linen draper of Newton Abbot, father Philip MICHELMORE, yeoman 29 Oct 1837 Wolborough Anne MORRISH, father William MORRISH of Newton Abbot, yeoman  
Philip MICHELMORE, merchant of Liverpool, father Henry MICHELMORE, farmer 3 Nov 1840 Liverpool St Philip, Lancashire Betsey WATKINS of Liverpool, father George WATKINS, master mariner  
Philip MICHELMORE, yeoman of Staverton, father Jeffrey Edwards MICHELMORE, yeoman 25 Apr 1848 Harberton Anna TAYLOR, father Robert TAYLOR, yeoman  
Philip William MICHELMORE, chemist aged 25 of Totnes, father John MICHELMORE, coal merchant 14 Aug 1872 Totnes Susan Ann ROSSITER aged 23 of Totnes, father John Reap ROSSITER, miller witness Eliza MICHELMORE
Philip MICHELMORE, gentleman of St John's, Upper Holloway, London, father Philip MICHELMORE, gentleman 18 Jun 1878 Deal, Kent Elizabeth Jane WARREN of Prospect Place, father Benjamin John WARREN, gentleman witness J E MICHELMORE
Philip MICHELMORE 25 Sep 1892 London Holy Trinity, Finchley Road Eleanor Jane LIGHTFOOT of All Saints, Alton, Hampshire 3rd banns
Philip Hellard MICHELMORE, solicitor aged 27 of 18 Powderhorn Crescent, Exeter, father Philip Daniel MICHELMORE, draper 1 Jun 1901 Sidmouth Florence Ethel Louisa ORCHARD aged 27 of Hope Cottage, father James Albert ORCHARD, solicitor witness E C MICHELMORE
Philip Henry MITCHELLMORE, carpenter aged 26 of 39 Glenville? Rd; father John MITCHELMORE, gardener 24 May 1903 London Holy Trinity, Kilburn Ada Port EDMONDS aged 24 of 138 Victoria Road, father Alfred EDMONDS, deceased  
Philippa MICHELMORE 21 Aug 1705 Buckfastleigh John WILSHIR  
Phillippa MICHELMORE 11 Apr 1737 Buckfastleigh Thomas WACUM  
Prudence MICHELMORE 16 Apr 1688 Buckfastleigh George BLACKMORE  
Prudence MICHELMORE 3 Mar 1697 Buckfastleigh Henry MUDGE  
Ralph Godfrey MICHELMORE 7 Sep 1925 Salcombe Regis Charlotte MacIntryre CHILTON  
Rebecca MICHILMORE 8 Apr 1740 Totnes William FURSMAN  
Rebeccah MUDGMORE 2 May 1756 St Germans, Cornwall John ANDREW Rebeccah signed MUCHMORE
Rebekah MITCHELMORE 1 Apr 1760 Staverton John SKINNER  
Rebecca MICHELMORE 28 May 1789 Staverton Thomas MAYE  
Rebecca MICHELMORE 28 Mar 1811 Ashburton Robert MICHELMORE by licence
Rebecca MITCHELMORE, father John MITCHELMORE 25 Sep 1866 Cardiff St John, Glamorganshire William EVANS aged 29, widowed, father Henry EVANS  
Reginald George Andrew MITCHELMORE aged 21, father Andrew MITCHELMORE 5 Aug 1900 Kennington, Surrey Ellen BRAKE aged 20, father John Henry BRAKE  
Richus MICHELMOORE 25 Jan 1556 Ugborough Blancia BLACKALL  
Richerd MICHELMORE 27 Nov 1568 Blackawton Agnes COLLYNGE  
Richerd MICHELMORE 27 Sep 1574 Blackawton Elizabeth FORD  
Rychard MYCHELLMORE 8 Jan 1576/77 East Allington Johane SALLRY?  
Richard MICHELMORE ?? ?? 1578 Blackawton Elizbeth EFFORD  
Richerd MICHELMORE 18 Nov 1594 Blackawton Joane LUSCOMBE  
Richerd MICHELMORE 8 Aug 1613 Blackawton Elizabeth LYFE  
Richerd MICHELMORE 10 Feb 1616/17 Blackawton Alis BURGEN  
Richard MUCHELMORE 12 Aug 1633 Menheniot, Cornwall Margery LUKYE  
Richard MICHELMORE 14 Nov 1643 Menheniot, Cornwall Elizabeth DANIELL  
Richard MICHELMORE 23 Jun 1662 Blackawton Alice COX?  
Richard MICHELMORE 30 Oct 1737 Stokenham Mary HEXT  
Richard MITCHELMORE 30 Apr 1766 Stokenham Elizabeth TUCKER  
Richard MUCHAMORE 2 Nov 1783 South Milton Mary MARSTERS of South Huish banns only
Richard MITCHELMORE 25 Nov 1783 South Huish Mary MASTERS  
Richard MICHELMORE, widower 15 Jan 1802 South Milton Joanna COLE, widow, sojourner  
Richard MUCHMORE of St Martin by Looe 18 Feb 1816 Talland, Cornwall Mary BOWDEN witness Willam MUCHMORE
Richard Hancock MITCHELMORE 27 Jun 1818 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall Elizabeth Bullen FOX  
Richard MITCHELMORE 12 Oct 1819 Moreleigh Mary HICH  
Richard MICHELMORE, sawyer of St Petrox, father Thomas MICHELMORE, labourer 2 Sep 1838 Dartmouth St Petrox Elizabeth Burrell CHORLEY of St Petrox, father William CHORLEY, mariner  
Richard Mitchelmore BUDGE, yeoman of St Ives, Cornwall, father John BUDGE, farmer 22 Apr1845 Tavistock Armenal Berriball PROUT, father Richard PROUT, carpenter by licence
Richard MITCHELMORE, servant of Mevagissey, father James MITCHELMORE, labourer 14 May 1851 Mevagissey, Cornwall Elizabeth BONE, servant of Mevagissey, father Mark BONE, gardener  
Richard MUCHMORE, joiner of St Marylebone, father John MUCHMORE, exciseman 18 Jan 1875 London St Marylebone Parish Church Sarah Fanny SHENTON of St Marylebone, father William SHENTON, farmer  
Richard James MICHELMORE, aged 25, carpenter of Holne, father William MICHELMORE, labourer 25 Dec 1890 Buckfastleigh Milvena EASTBROOK aged 25, father Nicholas EASTERBROOK, miner  
Richard Roskelly Bate MITCHELMORE, painter aged 24 of 6 Beaumont Avenue, father William Henry MITCHELMORE (deceased), baker 31 May 1903 Plymouth Charles Florence Jane BURRING, tailoress aged 24 of 29 Beaumont Avenue, father William John BURRING (deceased), upholsterer witnesses William Henry & Susan MITCHELMORE
Richord MITCHELMORE 7 Aug 1707 Blackawton John HATCH, husbandman  
Robert MICHELMORE 28 Nov 1676 Buckfastleigh Phillis TUCKETT  
Robart MUCHIMORE 14 Apr 1694 Dartmouth St Petrox Hester DRAPER  
Robert MICHELMORE 2 Aug 1702 Diptford Ann FORD  
Robert MICHILMORE 10 Aug 1736 Buckfastleigh Mary KNOWLING by licence
Robert MICHELMORE 27 Dec 1751 Buckfastleigh Julian CROSSMAN  
Robert MICHELMORE 5 Oct 1773 Buckfastleigh Grace SEARLE  
Robert MICHELMORE, mariner 9 Feb 1774 Blackawton Mary CLOAK  
Robert MUCHAMOOR, husbandman 27 Feb 1781 Moreleigh Ann INGRAM of Loddiswell  
Robert MICHELMORE 18 Jan 1791 Buckfastleigh Margaret HAYMAN  
Robert MICHELMORE, widower 25 Jul 1802 Buckfastleigh Thomazin GILES, widow  
Robert MITCHELMORE 6 Feb 1810 Moreleigh Mary HEAD of Diptford  
Robert MICHELMORE 28 Mar 1811 Ashburton Rebecca MICHELMORE by licence
Robert MITCHELMORE 24 Jul 1814 Stokenham Elizabeth TAYLOR  
Robert MITCHELMORE of Dittisham 23 Jun 1826 Sherford Jane RIDER by licence
Robert MICHELMORE 17 Jun 1828 Buckfastleigh Susan BLACKLER witness Robert MICHELMORE
Robert MITCHELMORE 25 Dec 1830 Exeter St Thomas Grace PEPPRALL witnesses William & Ann MITCHELMORE
Robert MICHELMORE, labourer aged 23, father Robert MICHELMORE, labourer 22 Aug 1858 Stokenham Susanna STEER aged 22 of Beesands, father William STEER, fisherman 3rd banns read 8 Aug
Robert MITCHELMORE, mason aged 28 of 13 Summerland Place, father Peter MITCHELMORE, laborer 6 Jul 1862 Plymouth St Andrew Catherine Amelia Elizabeth SPURRELL aged 26 of 26 Richmond Street, father John SPURRELL, ropemaker  
Robert Michelmore BOVEY, father John BOVEY 29 Jun 1870 Swanscombe, Kent Emily Margaret RUSSELL, father William Edward RUSSELL  
Robert MICHLEMORE, aged 25, labourer, father deceased 19 Feb 1871 Paignton Sarah COOMBS  
Robert Henry MICHELMORE, laborer aged 27 of Chillington, father Charles MICHELMORE, laborer 10 Mar 1877 Stokenham Eliza PIKE aged 27 of Beesands, father James PIKE, tanner  
Robert MITCHELMORE, railway porter aged 20 of 3 Gibbon Street, father Robert MITCHELMORE, farmer 15 Jul 1884 Plymouth Charles Annie LIDSTONE aged 20 of 3 Gibbon Street, father Robert LIDSTONE, labourer  
Robert Franck MICHELMORE of Portlemouth 21 Nov 1886 Blackawton Harriet Elizabeth MICHELMORE 3rd banns
Robert MICHELMORE, carpenter aged 36 of 66 Iffley Road, father Robert MICHELMORE, carpenter 11 Aug 1896 London St Johns, Hammersmith Amy Florence ASHFORD aged 24 of 93 Lower Clapton Road, father William ASHFORD, labourer  
Robert John MITCHELMORE, cook's mate RN aged 22 of 43 Oakfield terrace, father Robert Edwin MITCHELMORE 20 Jul 1907 Plymouth St Barnibas Mary Louisa STEVENS aged 24 of 32 Holdsworth Street, father Charles STEVENS  
Robert Mitchemore THOMSON 2 Feb 1914 Tunbridge Wells, Kent Sylvia Catherine PEARMUND  
Robert George Charles MITCHELMORE 14 Jun 1980 Plymouth Pennycross Diane Marie LAVIS  
Rosabella Gertrude MICHELMORE 3 Oct 1897 Bromley, Kent Arthur WOODS 3rd banns only
Roy Colin MITCHELMORE 5 Apr 1952 Plymouth St Jude Anne WILLMOTT  
Sampson MUCHAMORE 4 Apr 1738 Stoke Fleming Elizabeth LANGLEY  
Samuel MICHELMORE 17 Sep 1604 Buckfastleigh Judith LANGSON  
Samuel MITCHELMORE 30 Jan 1634/35 Buckfastleigh Margaret ILBERT  
Samuel MICHELMORE 7 Aug 1694 Buckfastleigh Maria SCOBELL  
Samuel MUCHEMORE, house carpenter 7 Aug 1705 Stokenham Mary HINE  
Samuel MICHELMORE 27 Oct 1817 Chivelstone Alice CHAPMAN  
Samuel MITCHAMORE 29 Feb 1836 Exeter St Edmund Mary Ann BAKER  
Samuel MUCHMORE aged 31, father William MUCHMORE 3 May 1869 Chatham St John, Kent Sarah WOOD aged 29, father James WOOD  
Samuel George MITCHAMORE, upholsterer aged 24, father Samuel MITCHAMORE, carpenter 12 May 1883 Exeter St Edmund Ellen William SCANES aged 23, father Philip SCANES, sawyer  
Sarah MITCHAMORE 23 Sep 1782 Malborough Richard RUNDLE  
Sarah MICHAMOOR 15 Aug 1784 East Allington William MUGFORD  
Sarah MUCHMORE 13 May 1802 London St George, Hanover Square James Moses MURRELL  
Sarah MITCHALMORE of Eltham, Kent 7 Jun 1807 London St Alphege, Greenwich George BAYLEY by licence
Sarah MITCHELMORE 4 Apr 1809 Diptford Thomas TOZER  
Sarah MICHELMORE 17 Nov 1811 South Pool John ADAMS banns only
Sarah MITCHELMORE 26 Nov 1811 Chivelstone John ADAMS  
Sarah MUCHAMORE 29 Jun 1813 Thurlestone William STEART  
Sarah Pearce MITCHELMORE 12 Mar 1815 Sherford George WAKEHAM witness Ambros MITCHELMORE
Sarah MUCHMORE 5 Mar 1829 St Winnow, Cornwall Joseph PARNE  
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE 14 Dec 1832 Thurlestone John LIDSTONE  
Sarah MUCHMOORE 14 Jul 1833 Portsea, Hampshire John JACQUES  
Sarah MICHMORE 29 Mar 1835 Tormoham Robert WARD  
Sarah MITCHELMORE 9 Jul 1843 East Allington Theodore MINGO 3rd banns read 2 Jul 1843
Sarah MITCHELMORE, father Robt MITCHELMORE, labourer 25 Dec 1844 Stokenham Samuel PEPPEREL, labourer of Chillington, father Samuel PEPPEREL witness Robt MITCHELMORE
Sarah MITCHELMORE, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, labourer 11 Oct 1847 St Marychurch Richard EDGECOMBE, quarryman, father Richard EDGECOMBE (deceased), quarryman  
Sarah Jane MITCHELMORE aged 28 of 8 St Andrew Street, father William MITCHELMORE, farmer 17 Sep 1854 Plymouth St Andrew Robert HUXHAM, porter aged 32 of 8 St Andrew Street, father John HUXHAM, stonecutter  
Sarah Muchmore GILBERT aged 25 of 13 Battery Street, father William GILBERT, road surveyor 24 Jun 1858 Plymouth St George, Stonehouse William HAWKINGS, carpenter aged 27 of 13 Battery Street, father Richard HAWKINGS, sawyer  
Sarah MICHELMORE aged 23 of Chillington, father Edward MITCHELMORE, labourer 27 Mar 1861 Stokenham Philip STRAW, shoemaker aged 25, father Philip STRAW, labourer witness Edward Mitchell MITCHELMORE
Sarah Hannah MUCHMORE aged 24, father William MUCHMORE 16 Dec 1861 Chatham St Mary, Kent John Benjamin PRIME aged 22, father John Benjamin PRIME  
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE, aged 22, father Richard MITCHELMORE, sawyer 29 Aug 1868 Dartmouth St Clement Henry COOK, steward HMS St George aged 25 of Townstall, Dartmouth, father Joseph COOK, painter witness Mary & Richard MITCHELMORE
Sarah Susannah MITCHELMORE of 11 Vernon Terrace, father Charles MITCHELMORE, carpenter 6 Jul 1869 London St Mark, Notting Hill David LARKINS, greengrocer, widower of 11 Vernon Terrace, father William LARKINS, carpenter  
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE aged 21, father William MITCHELMORE 26 Dec 1870 St Cuthbert, Wells, Somerset George BROWN aged 20, father Benjamin BROWN  
Sarah Ann MICHELMORE, father Philip Symons MICHELMORE, draper 30 Aug 1873 Wolborough Sydney Octavius ROW, accountant of Coombinteign Head, father John ROW, chemist witnesses Philip D & Emily Clarissa MICHELMORE
Sarah MITCHELMORE 14 Jul 1881 Kingsbridge William PARTRIDGE  
Sarah Rider Crocker MITCHELMORE aged 20, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 14 Oct 1882 Paignton Edward Robert Manley HARRIS, gardener aged 20, father Richard HARRIS, labourer witness John MITCHELMORE
Sarah Jane MITCHELMORE, domestic servant, father Andrew, sawyer 17 Jul 1885 Abbotskerswell Arthur Charles CUMES, railway fireman of Penzance witness James Henry MITCHELMORE
Sarah Jane MITCHELMORE @ 52 ^ 1 Park View Terrace, Townstal, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 9 Jul 1905 Dartmouth St Clement Charles HORSWILL, labourer @ 52 ^ 1 Park View Terrace, Townstal, father Charles HORSWILL, labourer 3rd banns read 11 Jun 1905; witnesses William & Edith Elizabeth MITCHELMORE
Sarah MITCHELMORE 27 Oct 1915 Plymouth Christ Church William Henry JANE  
Shirley MITCHELMORE 15 Jul 1967 Plymouth St Francis Roger Stanley BURSTOW  
Sibella MICHELMORE 23 Sep 1803 Cockington Henry HEARDER of Stokeinteignhead  
Sidney Tom Manning MITCHELMORE, signalman GWR aged 26 of St Marychurch, father Thomas MITCHELMORE, late signalman GWR 20 Jul 1902 West Alvington Sarah Mary Wood HURRELL aged 25, father William Henry HURRELL, labourer witness M A MITCHELMORE
Sidney Henry MICHELMORE aged 23, tailor, father James Henry MICHELMORE, tailor 28 Mar 1910 Ashburton Winifred Alice ROBERTSON aged 20, father Francis, printer witness James H MITCHELMORE
Silvanus Stone MITCHELMORE, sojourner 7 Nov 1859 East Allington Emily WEST 3rd banns read 6 Nov
Sylvanus MITCHELMORE, labourer aged 24 of Chillington, father Charles MITCHELMORE (deceased), laborer 9 Nov 1895 Thurlestone Sarah Elizabeth JEFFERY aged 30, father William JEFFERY, laborer witness Emmanuel MITCHELMORE
Solomon MITCHELMORE 9 Jun 1791 Stokenham Dorothy JELLARD of Slapton witness Peter MITCHELMORE
Sophia MITCHELMORE 27 May 1821 London St Marylebone Parish Church William TEWSLEY  
Sophia Ann MUCHMORE of Trinity District, father William MUCHMORE, pianoforte maker 19 Feb 1865 London Holy Trinity, Marylebone George ARIS, cellarman of Cirencester Place, father Thomas ARIS, labourer witness William MUCHMORE
Stanley Richard MITCHELMORE 28 Jul 1924 Plymstock Hooe Kathleen Mary HINE  
Susan MUCHMORE 10 Oct 1831 Plymouth Charles John WIDER  
Susan MUTCHMORE 10 Nov 1832 Maker, Cornwall Samuel DANGAR  
Susan MUCHMORE of Trewardale, father John MUCHMORE, carpenter 19 Sep 1844 Blisland, Cornwall John COUCH, shipwright of Woolwich, Kent, father John COUCH, shoemaker witness William UDY
Susan MICHELMORE, aged 31, servant of Newton Bushel, father Peter MITCHELMORE (deceased), labourer 10 Oct 1861 Highweek Samuel JACKMAN, railway porter aged 28 of St Mary Magdalen, Bermonsey, London, father James JACKMAN, labourer  
Susan Michelmore BOW, domestic servant, father Samuel BOW, labourer 28 Nov 1878 Berry Pomeroy Charles Richard CORRICK, labourer of West Ogwell, father John CORRICK, labourer  
Susan Avery MICHELMORE, widow aged 33 , father William John DOUST, sailor 27 Nov 1883 Brixham All Saints William RACKLEY, fisherman aged 25 , father John RACKLEY, fisherman  
Susan Elizabeth Shellabear MICHELMORE aged 29 of Rolle Street, Exmouth, father Philip MICHELMORE (dec'd), chemist 17 Oct 1907 Littleham cum Exmouth Fred BAIRSTOW, bank clerk aged 30 of Binley Queen's Park, Chester, father John BAIRSTOW, chemical manufacturer witness Susan Ann MICHELMORE
Susanna MICHOLMORE 18 Jan 1687 Buckfastleigh Georgius BRODERIDG  
Susanna MICHELMORE 13 Jan 1697 Buckfastleigh Henry FURNEAUX  
Susanna MUCKAMORE 13 Apr 1721 St Luke, Old Charlton, Kent Richard SLAUGHTER  
Susanah MUCKAMORE 6 Oct 1729 Westminster John NORTON  
Susanna MICHELMORE 10 Nov 1745 Stokenham John BASTARD  
Susanna MICHELMORE 7 Mar 1745 Stokenham Phinehas HEXT  
Susannah MICHELMORE 15 Dec 1761 Chivelstone Samuel ELLIOTT  
Susannah MUCHAMORE 6 Apr 1763 Stokenham William ROPER  
Susannah MUCHMORE 20 Oct 1766 St Veep, Cornwall William BARRETT  
Susanna MICHELMORE 1 Sep 1779 Harberton William POSE  
Susanna Ann MICHELMORE 1 Apr 1793 Stokenham Joseph RANDALL  
Susanah MUCKAMORE 5 Nov 1808 London St Marylebone Parish Church Thomas CARTER, minor guardian of the said? minor wife of Benjamin LAWSEY? the? mother & Gerton? Gand? with consent of Elizabeth LAWRENCE
Susanna MITCHELMORE 28 Apr 1812 Chivelstone Benjamin EDWARDS  
Susanna MICHELMORE 28 Mar 1813 Thurlestone Vincent WILLS  
Tamsen MICHELMORE 13 Oct 1550 Blackawton John WOOTTON  
Thamzin MICHELMOR 14 Nov 1625 Hockworthy Thomas BOWINGE  
Thirza Maud Mary MITCHELMORE aged 18, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 27 Jun 1903 Slapton Robert Sydney ROPER, labourer aged 23, father Robert ROPER, labourer  
Thomas MICHELMORE 16 Feb 1617/18 Blackawton Agnes BURGT  
Thomas MUCKLEMORE 1 Aug 1699 London St George the Martyr, Southwark Susan PICKERGILL  
Thomas MUCHAMORE, day labourer 18 Aug 1706 Stokenham Elizabeth JEFFREY  
Thomas MITCHELMORE 7 Apr 1714 Buckfastleigh Joan WINDSOR of Staverton  
Thomas MUCHMORE 11 Oct 1719 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Eliza LORD  
Thomas MICHAELMORE 28 Dec 1731 Blackawton Richord TOLCHARD  
Thomas MICHELMORE 3 Oct 1732 Stokenham Sybella KING  
Thomas MICOLMOR 7 Nov 1743 Dean Prior Mary HINGSON  
Thomas MICHELMORE of Slapton, husbandman 17 Apr 1758 Blackawton Elizabeth JELLARD witness John MUCHEMORE
Thomas MUCHAMORE of Thurlestone 14 Feb 1769 Bigbury Cecilia BORRYER the younger  
Thomas MUCHEMORE 12 Feb 1769 Thurlestone Cecilia BORYER  
Thomas MUCHAMORE 8 Jun 1778 Charleton Mary WOOLATON  
Thomas MICHELMORE 5 Dec 1785 Buckfastleigh Elizabeth MICHELMORE witness William MICHELMORE
Thomas MICHAELMORE of Staverton 12 Oct 1791 Rattery Elizabeth BOWDEN  
Thomas MICHELMORE, husbandman 26 Oct 1792 Blackawton Ann SWEET  
Thomas MITCHELMORE of Newton Ferrers, sojourner 22 Aug 1794 Bigbury Elizabeth BECK  
Thomas MICHELMORE 26 Jul 1799 Plympton St Maurice Philippa ROBERTS  
Thomas MICHELMORE 18 May 1802 Buckfastleigh Mary ADAMS, widow  
Thomas MITCHELMORE 18 Dec 1807 Slapton Elizabeth TRIDDLE by licence
Thomas MUCKAMORE 5 Sep 1807 London St Mary, Newington Ann KING  
Thomas MITCHELMORE 16 Apr 1811 Stokenham Mary TAYLOR  
Thomas MITCHEMORE, widower, sojourner 6 Sep 1816 Ringmore Elizabeth WAKEHAM, sojourner, weaver  
Thomas MITCHELMORE 1 Feb 1819 East Portlemouth Mary COWLE  
Thomas MITCHELMORE 10 Apr 1821 Blackawton Mary SWEET  
Thomas MITCHELMORE, sojourner 21 Jul 1822 Tiverton Ann MORTIMORE  
Thomas MITCHELMORE 10 Jul 1823 Mortonhampstead Mary HOLMAN  
Thomas MICHELMORE 1 Nov 1824 Staverton Agnes MAYE  
Thomas MICHELMORE 16 Jun 1826 Broadhempston Betsey SKINNER  
Thomas MICHELMORE 4 Jul 1827 Blackawton Mary PEARCE  
Thomas MICHELMORE, sojourner 11 Feb 1830 Dean Prior Ann BINMORE, widow 3rd banns read Nov 1829
Thomas MITCHMOOR of South Milton, sojourner 27 Jun 1830 South Pool Elizabeth PUTT  
Thomas MUCHMORE, tailor of Norley Place, father John MUCHMORE, postman 16 Sep 1847 Plymouth Charles Emma SARGENT of Norley Place, father William SARGENT, shoemaker  
Thomas MITCHELMORE, sojourner, minor, laborer, father John MITCHELMORE, laborer 25 Mar 1849 West Alvington Mary CRANCH, minor, father William CRANCH, laborer 3rd banns read 11 Mar 1849
Thomas Mitchelmore DARTON, sailmaker aged 25 of 15 Lambhay Street, father Richard DARTON, baker 3 Oct 1850 Plymouth St Andrew Harriet Yeo BRAY aged 22 of 15 Lambhay Street, father John BRAY, fisherman  
Thomas MITCHELMORE, servant aged 29 of Modbury, father Peter MITCHELMORE, laborer 12 Oct 1851 Plymouth St Andrew Elizabeth CROCKER aged 25 of 24 Willliam Street, father Samuel CROCKER, plasterer  
Thomas MITCHELMORE, sojourner, yeoman ?? Nov 1853 Malborough Mary YEOMAN, minor banns only
Thomas Wacomb MICHELMORE, labourer, father Thomas MICHELMORE, labourer 15 Jan 1856 Bickington Susanna SMERDON, father John SMERDON, parish clerk  
Thomas MICHELMORE, railway guard aged 21 of Millbay House, father George MICHELMORE, laborer 17 Nov 1861 Plymouth St Andrew Anne OBORN aged 28 of Millbay House, father Richard OBORN, serjeant major, Royal Marines  
Thomas MITCHELMORE, policeman on SD Railway, father George MITCHELMORE, labourer 9 Jul 1873 Rattery Priscilla MANNING, father Philip MANNING, labourer  
Thomas Wilson MICHELMORE, father Thomas MICHELMORE 28 Apr 1875 Bristol St Paul, Bedminster Lucy Mary DAINES, father Thomas DAINES  
Thomas MITCHELMORE, servant of Goodshelter, father John MITCHELMORE, labourer 18 Feb 1875 East Portlemouth Mary CUDD, servant of Goodshelter, father Philip CUDD, labourer  
Thomas Leigh MICHELMORE, shipwright of 12 Rochester Terrace, father Richard MICHELMORE, timber merchant 25 Aug 1877 Southampton Christ Church, Hampshire Harriet Caroline NORMAN of Belvider Terrace, father William NORMAN, ships captain  
Thomas MUCHMORE, tailor aged 24 of 21 Queen Street, father Thomas MUCHMORE, tailor 3 Jun 1883 London St Luke, Marylebone Alice Emma GULLETT aged 25 of 21 Queen Street, father George GULLETT (deceased), mason witness Walter MUCHMORE
Tom MITCHELMORE, constable aged 26 b Hackney, father John MITCHELMORE (deceased), farmer 14 Aug 1887 London St Jude, Kensal Green Maria FOWLER aged 24 of 77 Droop Street, father John FOWLER, bailiff  
Thomas Ferris MITCHELMORE, aged 25, royal engineer of Antony, father John MITCHELMORE, mason 17 Feb 1889 Ashburton Jessie THORNE aged 25, father George THORNE, publican witness Sarah Jane MITCHELMORE
Thomas Bovey Michelmore BROWNING, tailor aged 27 of 39 Old Town Street, father William BROWNING, tailor 31 Jul 1894 Exeter St Thomas Kate MURCH aged 25 of 4 Brunswick Street, father Joseph MURCH (deceased), carriage proprietor  
Thomas MUCHMORE, shop walker aged 20 of 19 East Street, father Walter MUCHMORE, tailor 28 Nov 1897 London St Mark, Walworth Elizabeth LESTER aged 19 of 19 East Street, father Charles LESTER, engineer  
Thomasine MITCHELMORE 5 Sep 1699 Blackawton John WINDYOTT, husbandn  
Thomasin MUDGMORE, widow 11 Apr 1748 Landrake, Cornwall Thomas SNELL of Menheniot  
Thomasin MICHELMORE of Fishacre, father Robert MICHELMORE, yeoman 13 Apr 1842 Broadhempston James Dimond MOYSEY, yeoman of Venton in Dartington, father Nicholas MOYSEY, yeoman witnesses Robert & Charlotte MICHELMORE
Titus MICHELMORE 20 Nov 1655 Blackawton Dorrothey UDEY?  
Vera May MITCHELMORE 4 Aug 1934 Plymouth St John Albert Edwin OSBORN  
Gualterus MICHELMORE 4 Jul 1607 Buckfastleigh Margarita HUET  
Walter MITCHELMORE 24 Oct 1632 Buckfastleigh Agnetta HORE  
Walter MICHEMORE 15 Feb 1640 East Allington Margaret JEFERY  
Walter MUCHMORE 29 May 1668 Stokenham Honour TUCKER?  
Walter MUCHAMORE 27 Dec 1731 Malborough Alice YEOMAN  
Walter MUCHEMORE 5 Jan 1767 Malborough Elizabeth ADAMS  
Walter MICHAMORE, widower of South Huish 31 Dec 1786 Kingsbridge Mary NARRAMORE, widow  
Walter MICHELMORE, law stationer of Robert Street, father Horatio Roland MICHELMORE (dec'd) 25 Apr 1859 London St Pancras Old Church Ann Fieldhouse MURRAY of Robert Street, father Robert Hamilton MURRAY, baker  
Walter MUCHMORE, tailor of 48 Gibbon Street, father Thomas MUCHMORE, tailor 25 Dec 1872 Plymouth Charles Isabella Stow WATERFIELD of 48 Gibbon Street, father John Waterfield, store keeper  
Walter Percival MICHELMORE, compositor aged 26 of St Giles, father William MICHELMORE (deceased), glass cutter 8 Oct 1910 St Martin in the Fields Ellen Adelaide MITCHELL aged 24 of Bedfordbury, father Robert William MITCHELL, box maker  
Walter James MUCHMORE, furrier, bachelor aged 23 of 38 Holmes Road, father Frederick William MUCHMORE, gas fitter 16 Apr 1911 London St Barnabas, Kentish Town Elizabeth May BROWN aged 19 of 38 Holmes Road; father Henry BROWN, gas fitter witness George MUCHMORE
Walter Weeks MITCHELMORE 14 Feb 1914 Stoke Fleming Mary OSBORNE of Ivybridge 3rd banns
Walter Weeks MITCHELMORE 22 Feb 1914 Ivybridge Mary OSBORNE  
Warren Ball Adams Heath MITCHELMORE, engineer aged 29, father John MITCHELMORE (deceased), coachman 22 Aug 1914 Dartmouth St Petrox Emily Maud Mary COX aged 29 , father Joseph Edward COX, maltsman  
Wendy MITCHELMORE 8 Feb 1964 Plymouth St Peter Colin John MCLOUGHLIN  
Wilfred John MITCHELMORE, sailor aged 31 of 29 College St, father John MITCHELMORE (deceased), butler 8 Dec 1912 London St Mary, Islington Ellen HEMMINGS aged 27 of 29 College St, father Alfred HEMMINGS (deceased), bricklayer  
William MICHMOORE 27 Apr 1625 Liskeard, Cornwall Susanna GOODALE  
William MITCHELMORE 14 Feb 1632/33 Buckfastleigh Maria ELLES  
William MYCHELMORE 3 Jul 1637 Liskeard, Cornwall Joyce PARDON  
William MICHELMORE 16 May 1667 Charleton Grace CAYLOR  
Gulielmus MICHELMORE 26 Jul 1681 Buckfastleigh Wilmot GUSWELL  
Gulielmus MICHELMORE 11 Nov 1689 Buckfastleigh Maria STONNING  
William MICHELMORE 27 Sep 1692 Dean Prior Elizabeth VEALE  
William MICHEMORE of Charleton 31 Jul 1701 Modbury Catherine GILBERT  
William MICHELMORE 16 Jul 1723 Ashburton Mary MUDGE  
William MUCKAMORE 26 Mar 1724 Fleet Non-Conformist Church, Westminster, Middlesex Mary WAKELIN of Durham 3rd banns read 29 Nov 1723
William MUCHIMORE 25 Mar 1725 Ugborough Joane SILLEY  
William MUCHAMORE 24 Oct 1733 West Alvington Elizabeth WAKEHAM  
William MICHELMORE 9 Sep 1746 Stokenham Mary COSS  
William MITCHELMORE 14 Oct 1747 Buckfastleigh Margaret MITCHELMORE  
William MUCHMORE 26 Feb 1749 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Elizabeth ROSE  
William MITCHELMORE 14 Jun 1752 Ugborough Judith BAKER  
William MICHELMORE 28 Sep 1759 Plympton St Maurice Elizabeth BARTLETT 3rd banns read 24 Jun 1759
William MUTCHAMORE 31 Jan 1763 Ugborough Betty CHUBB  
William MUCKEMORE 19 Jun 1768 Westerham, Kent Frances FULLER  
William MUCHMORE 18 Apr 1774 Churchstow Jane BOYS witness John MUCHMORE
William MICHELMORE 6 Feb 1776 Buckfastleigh Susanna WIDGER  
William MUCKAMORE 26 Sep 1779 London St George the Martyr, Southwark Elizth POTTER  
William MITCHELMORE 5 Dec 1781 Stokenham Sarah HUMBERSTONE  
William MITCHELMORE 15 Oct 1782 Stokenham Mary POPE witness Ambros MITCHELMORE
William MUCHMORE 31 Dec 1782 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Mary RUNDLE  
William MICHELMORE 26 Feb 1785 London St Bride, Fleet Street Mary WEBB  
William MICHELMORE 28 Feb 1786 Buckfastleigh Margaret CROSSMAN witness Thomas MICHELMORE
William MITCHELMORE 2 Mar 1791 Stokenham Jane KELLOND  
William MICHELMORE 22 Aug 1791 Stokenham Sarah COLE  
William MITCHELMORE of Townstall 19 Apr 1793 Stoke Fleming Eleanor WILLS  
William MUCHMORE 5 May 1804 Plymouth St Andrew Honour HORSWILL  
William MICHELMORE 1 Apr 1807 Ashburton Rebecca CARLILE of Broadhempston by licence
William MITCHELMORE 24 Sep 1807 Cockington Betsy WADLAND  
William MITCHELMORE 10 May 1808 Harbertonford Elizabeth PILLAGE 3rd banns 8 Apr 1808
William MITCHELMORE 29 Aug 1808 St Decumans, Cornwall Rachel QUIRKE  
William MITCHELMORE 29 Aug 1808 St Decumans, Somerset Rachel QUIRKE  
William Cole MOUCHEMORE 8 Mar 1809 Dartmouth St Saviour Grace LAWRANCE witness Daniel LAVERANCE
William MITCHMORE 7 Sep 1811 Dartmouth St Saviour Sarah WILLIAMS  
William MICHELMORE 5 Sep 1814 London Christ Church, Southwark Elizabeth Jemima JONES witness Mary MICHELMORE
William MICHYMORE, sojourner 6 Oct 1814 Churchstow Mary HILL  
William MITCHELMORE 4 ??? 1816 Thurlestone Mary ASH month either Jan or Feb
William MICHELMORE 19 Jan 1817 Totnes Harriet TORR  
William MUCHMORE, carpenter 7 Mar 1819 Liskeard, Cornwall Ann HOAR witness Mary Ann MUCHMORE
William MUCHMORE 11 Oct 1821 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall Elizabeth PEARCE witness Grace PEARCE
William MUTCHAMORE, mariner 25 Mar 1821 Dartmouth St Clement Mary TUCKER  
William MITCHELMORE 29 Aug 1822 Kingsbridge Ann HURRELL  
William MITCHMORE 29 Aug 1822 Maker, Cornwall Elizabeth PEARCE  
William MITCHELMORE 29 Mar 1825 Stoke Fleming Susanna Ching COUCH  
William MITCHELMORE 23 Jul 1826 Stoke Fleming Jane WALLIS  
William MUTCHEMORE 27 Oct 1829 Dartmouth St Saviour Elizabeth ELLIS both sojourners
William MITCHELMORE 10 Jul 1833 East Stonehouse Lucy ANEAR  
William MUSHMORE 11 May 1833 East Stonehouse Hannah FERRIS  
William MICHELMORE 23 Apr 1834 Dodbrooke Agnes KELON  
William MICHEALMORE 29 Sep 1834 Plymouth Charles Elizabeth TANTON  
William Vanderbost MICHELMORE 13 Sep 1835 London St Anne, Soho Eliza GEDLING  
William MICHELMORE, farmer aged 27 of Cornworthy, father Philip MICHELMORE, farmer 20 Sep 1837 Slapton Jane Harris CHING aged 21 of Slapton, father Nicholas CHING, innkeeper witness Louisa MICHELMORE
William MITCHELMORE, carpenter of Cardiff, Glamorgan, father William MITCHELMORE, shipwright 4 Sep 1838 London Holy Trinity, Chelsea Jane STOATE of 2 Caroline Street, father William STOATE, farmer  
William MITCHELMORE, surgeon of 13 Water St, Blackfriars, father George Humberstone, gent 27 Mar 1840 London St Bride, Fleet Street Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Bartholemew Close, father John WILLIAMS, gent  
William MICHELMORE, labourer aged 26, father John MICHELMORE, labourer 6 Jun 1846 Slapton Joanne JELLARD aged 32, father Richard JELLARD, labourer  
William MITCHELMORE, yeoman of Middle Rocombe, father Henry MITCHELMORE, yeoman 27 Jan 1847 Stokeinteignhead Mary Pinsent HEARDER of Lower Rocombe, father Henry HEARDER, yeoman witness Margaret MICHELMORE
William MITCHELMORE, husbandman, father John MITCHELMORE, husbandman 10 Aug 1848 West Alvington Elizabeth EDWARDS, sojourner, father Richard EDWARDS, husbandman 3rd banns read 30 Jul 1848
William MICHELMORE, carpenter, father William MICHELMORE, carpenter 25 Nov 1848 Harberton Ann MILLER of Totnes, father Richard MILLER, labourer witness Harriett MICHELMORE
William MUCHMORE 24 Jan 1848 London St Martin in the Fields Esther Amelia KENT  
William MITCHELMORE 6 May 1849 East Allington Jane CROSS 3rd banns read 29 Apr 1849
William MICHELMORE, woolcomber, father Philip MICHELMORE, woolcomber 25 Jul 1849 Dean Prior Amelia HOARE, father Charles HOARE, domestic servant  
William MITCHELMORE, labourer, father William MITCHELMORE, labourer 30 May 1850 Churchstow Elizabeth BOND, servant , father John BOND, labourer witness William MITCHELMORE
William MUCHMORE, shoemaker aged 23 of 24 Portland Place, father John MUCHMORE, baker 1 Dec 1850 Stoke Damerel Mary SARGENT aged 22 of 17 Granby Street, father William SARGENT, shoemaker  
William MUCHMORE, widower, pianoforte maker of 48 Queen Street, Camden Town, father William MUCHMORE, pianoforte maker 20 Oct 1855 London Holy Trinity, Marylebone Harriet TATE, widow of Trinity District, father George Frederick JONES, gentleman  
William Francis MICHELMORE 22 Oct 1855 London St Anne, Soho Mary Elizabeth WELLS  
William Henry MITCHELMORE of Dartmouth St Petrox 23 Sep 1856 Bridgetown Sophia EASTMAN of Totnes witness Ann MICHELMORE;,by licence
William MITCHELMORE, labourer of Totnes, father Edward MITCHELMORE, labourer 6 Aug 1856 Totnes Mary Ann DENBOW of Totnes, father Richard DENBOW, labourer  
William Quick MITCHELMORE, father William MITCHELMORE 4 Feb 1857 Tilehurst, Berkshire Sarah Menora Toundy MILLS, father Robert MILLS  
William MITCHELLMORE, baker aged 24 of South Street, father Robert MITCHELLMORE, labourer 30 Nov 1858 Stoke Damerel Elizabeth BATE aged 23 of Stopford Place, father John BATE, mariner  
William Henry MITCHELMORE, widower, butcher aged 24, father John MITCHELMORE, inn keeper 18 Jan 1859 Dartmouth St Saviour Elizabeth TOLMAN, widow aged 26, father George DEANE, sailor  
William MITCHELMORE 20 Oct 1861 Blackawton Elizabeth HOCKING 3rd banns
William Henry MUCHAMORE, cabinet maker of Bilbury Street, father William MUCHAMORE, mariner 26 Jun 1864 Plymouth Charles Caroline HILL of Bilbury Street, father Walter HILL, coast guard service  
William Vanderbest MICHELMORE aged 48 20 Oct 1867 London St Clement Danes Jane Sophia COOPER aged 52  
William Thomas Edwards MITCHELMORE, post boy aged 20 of Kingsbridge, father William MITCHELMORE, labourer 7 Nov 1872 Charleton Sarah COLE, father Robert COLE, labourer witness Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE
William Henry MITCHELMORE, servant of Wilton Crescent, London, father Edward MITCHELMORE, labourer 12 Dec 1874 Southampton Christ Church, Hampshire Charlotte Lydia ALLUM of 17 Lower Princes Street, father John ALLUM, woodman witness Mary Ann MICHELMORE
William MICHELMORE, glass cutter of 38 Cornwall Road, father William Vanderbost MICHELMORE, glass engraver 23 Jan 1876 London St John, Lambeth Mary Ann CONNOR of 37 Cornwall Road, father John CONNOR, plasterer witness William Vanderbost MICHELMORE
William MITCHELMORE, mason aged 25, father John MITCHELMORE, mason 30 Nov 1876 Stoke Fleming Mary SHEPPERD aged 22, father Andrew SHEPHERD, labourer witnesses John Henry & Sarah Jane MITCHELMORE
William Henry MICHELMORE, engineer aged 32 of Lambeth, father Philip Symons MICHELMORE, draper 2 Jun 1877 London Immanuel, Streatham Common Emily Alice Mary WARING aged 27 of Streatham, father Charles WARING, music professor by licence
William Mitchelmore NEWSON 29 May 1877 Plymouth St Matthew Jemima Lee BROWN  
William MICHELMORE, glasscutter aged 24 of 40 Stanhope Street, father William MICHELMORE, glass engraver 25 Dec 1878 London St Clement Danes Eliza WHITE aged 22 of 40 Stanhope Street, father Robert WHITE (deceased), butcher  
William Cranch MICHELMORE, sailor of Townstall, father Thomas MICHELMORE 4 Aug 1879 Dartmouth St Saviour Ann Maria DAVIDSON, widow of Dartmouth  
William Henry MICHELMORE, labourer of Buckfastleigh, father William MICHELMORE, gamekeeper 31 Oct 1881 Tiverton Bessie HOBBS, father George HOBBS, carpenter 3rd banns 23 Oct 1881
William MITCHELMORE, decorator aged 21 of 35 Huntley Street, father John MITCHELMORE, gardener 29 Aug 1886 London St George, Bloomsbury Eliza WHITE aged 20 of British Museum, father Charles WHITE, farmer  
William Edward MICHELMORE, dairy man of 170 Drury Lane, father William Francis MICHELMORE, glass engraver 7 Aug 1887 London St Clement Danes Annie FLINT, widow aged 25 of 18 Vere Street, father Charles KNIGHT (deceased), shoe-maker  
William Mitchelmore BROOKING, seaman AB Harpy aged 22 of 25 Castle Street, father John BROOKING, rigger 10 Jun 1888 Plymouth St Saviour Sarah Jane COLLINS aged 21 of 25 Castle Street, father Robert COLLINS, labourer  
William Arthur MITCHAELMORE, aged 25, mariner of Gadlys House, Llandudno, father Nathaniel MICHAELMORE, painter 25 Jun 1889 Llandudno Wesleyan Methodist, Carnarvonshire Elizabeth BESWICK aged 25 of Gadlys House, Llandudno, father Richard BESWICK, mariner  
William Richard MITCHELMORE, gardener, father William MITCHELMORE, gardener 12 Jan 1893 Rattery Florence Lydia MARLEY, father David MARLEY, carpenter witness John MITCHELMORE
William MICHELMORE, tailor aged 27 , father Robert MICHELMORE, farm labourer 31 Aug 1893 Sherford Eliza GRANT aged 27 , father John GRANT, labourer  
William MITCHELMORE, aged 34, gardener, father Edward MITCHELMORE, army pensioner 5 Aug 1895 Paignton Caroline Sophia TURNER aged 30, father John TURNER (dec), master mariner  
William Sidney MITCHELMORE, 1st Class Petty Officer RN aged 29, father John MITCHELMORE, fisherman 9 Oct 1899 Stokenham Edith Annie WIDGER aged 21, father John WIDGER, labourer  
William Henry MITCHELMORE, farm labourer aged 20 of Sorley, father Robert MITCHELMORE, labourer 21 Jun 1900 West Alvington Hannah DURE, domestic servant aged 25 of Sorley, father John DURE, labourer  
William Henry MITCHELMORE, butcher aged 26 of 2 Primley Cottages, Paignton, father Richard MITCHELMORE, labourer 6 Aug 1900 Bovey Tracey Margaret Sarah BUCK aged 25 of Pludda, father Garrett BUCK, coachman  
William Henry MUCHMORE, mason aged 31 of 4 Elan Village, father William Henry MUCHMORE, mariner 29 Jan 1903 Llanwrthwl, Breconshire Elizabeth LLOYD aged 22 of 49 Elan Village, father John LLOYD, labourer  
William MITCHELMORE, builder’s foreman, widower aged 37 of 85 West Dulwich Mansions SE, father John MITCHELMORE, gardener 18 Sep 1904 London St John, Northfields Ada Eliza SANDERS aged 21 of 8 Worthfield Lane, father Thomas Ross SANDERS, cabinet maker  
William Charles John MITCHELMORE, painter aged 20 of Newcomen Road, Dartmouth, father Frederick Charles MITCHELMORE, painter 23 Apr 1910 Dartmouth St Clement Milly Eliza WHITEMORE aged 23 of Newport Street, Dartmouth, father George Edward WHITEMORE, sergeant major  
William Henry MICHELMORE, farmer aged 52, father William Henry MICHELMORE, farmer 28 Dec 1910 Collaton St Mary Charlotte MUGFORD aged 36, father Abraham MUGFORD, labourer  
William Thomas MITCHELMORE, soldier aged 24 of Bramshott Camp, Hampshire, father Joseph MITCHELMORE (deceased), naval officer 24 May 1917 Epsom St Barnabas, Surrey Grace Lilian ROBJENT, cook aged 24 of 5 Upper Court Road, Epsom, father James ROBJENT (deceased), labourer  
William Godwin MICHELMORE, solicitor aged 27 of Grove Hill, Topsham, father William Henry MICHELMORE, solicitor 7 Jun 1921 London Christ Church, Paddington Margaret Phoebe NEWBOLT aged 22 of 82 Queens Road, W, father Francis George NEWBOLT, King’s Counsel witness M MICHELMORE
William MITCHELMORE 1 Jan 1927 Plymouth St Mary the Virgin, Laira Alice Mary GRIFFIN  
William Frank MITCHELMORE 27 Dec 1934 Egg Buckland Caroline Eva FITZGERALD  
William Charles Rowe MITCHELMORE 22 Jun 1946 Sheepstor Rachel Elizabeth GADEN  
William Charles Roy MITCHELMORE 4 Dec 1976 Horrabridge Betty BROOKS  
Wilmet MYCHELLMORE 1 Jun 1590 Littlehempston John TORRINGE  
Wylmotte MICHELMORE 1627 Ashcombe Richarde CARPENTER  
Wilmot MUCHMORE 25 Sep 1686 Mary Tavy Edward FRY  
Wilmot MUCHAMORE of Combe-in-Teignhead 5 Apr 1687 Wolborough James COTTON of Ford, hortularis  
Wilmot MITCHELMORE 28 Jan 1780 Harberton Philip HANNAFORD  
Winifred MUCHMORE 13 Apr 1806 East Allington Richard CRIMP of Stoke Dameral, a private in the Cornwall Militia  
Winifred Annie MICHELMORE aged 23 of Kernon, father Jeffrey John, gentleman 16 Apr 1904 Paignton Percival Raymond GIBBS aged 27, accountant of Preindow's, Chepstow Road, Newport, Monmouthshire, father Joseph GIBBS (dec), solicitor witness Jeffrey John MICHELMORE
Winifred Annie MICHELMORE ?? Sep 1919 Salcombe Gerald HAMILTON of Idmiston, widower banns only
Winifred MITCHELMORE, father Wm. Henry & Susan née MORTIMORE 8 Jan 1944 Plymouth Mutley Plain Methodist Walter Harry LUCK  
Winifred Selina MUCHMORE 27 Oct 1945 Plymouth St Jude Percival James CARR  

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