M*CH*MORE One Name Study


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Father Born Child Further information Publication
? MICHELMORE, solicitor of Dart View, Totnes 29 Aug 1854 son   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 7 Sep 1854
? MICHELMORE, solicitor 23 Sep 1858 daughter at Dart View, Totnes Western Times 25 Sep 1858
? MICHELMORE, SDR of Rattery 12 Nov 1874 son   Totnes Times 14 Nov 1874
? MITCHELMORE 16 Jul 1920 daughter at 181 Newfoundland Road Western Daily Press
19 Jul 1920
? MITCHELMORE 9 Mar 1922 daughter at 181 Newfoundland Road Western Daily Press
11 Mar 1922
? MUCHAMORE 10 Aug 1938 son at Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London; mother née ROBBIE Dundee Courier 22 Aug 1938
? MUCHAMORE 2 Sep 1939 daughter at St Pancras Hospital, London; mother née ROBBIE Dundee Courier 6 Sep 1939
A P G MICHELMORE of Bovey Tracey 5 Apr 1947   mother Joan Andrews Newspaper Index Cards [Ancestry]
Aubrey MICHELMORE 15 Jun 1994 Emily Heather mother Oonagh London Times 20 Jun 1994
C F MICHELMORE, solicitor of Dart View, Totnes 23 Sep 1858 daughter   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 30 Sep 1858
C F MICHELMORE, solicitor 24 Sep 1859 daughter at Dart View Villa, Totnes Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 13 Oct 1859
C F MICHELMORE 3 May 1861 daughter at Dart View, Totnes Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 10 May 1861
Charles F MICHELMORE 11 Oct 1850 daughter at Totnes Western Times
19 Oct 1850
Charles F MICHELMORE, solicitor 29 Mar 1852 daughter at Dart View, Totnes Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 3 Apr 1852
Charles F MICHELMORE 21 Mar 1853 daughter at Dart View, Totnes Western Times
26 Mar 1853
Charles T MICHELMORE 21 Feb 1857 son at Dart View, Totnes Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 28 Feb 1857
Charles F MICHELMORE 2 Feb 1863 son at Dart View, Totnes Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 6 Feb 1863
Christopher MICHELMORE 6 Oct 1988 son mother Catherine STEPHENS London Times 10 Oct 1988
Christopher MICHELMORE 3 Jan 1991 son mother Catherine STEPHENS London Times 4 Jan 1991
Christopher MICHELMORE 20 Nov 1993 Charlotte mother Catherine STEPHENS London Times 25 Nov 1993
Ernest MITCHELMORE of 48 Charles Street, Cardiff 3 Nov 1886 daughter   Cardiff Times 6 Nov 1886
F Collingwood MITCHELMORE 1 Apr 1945 Mary Elizabeth at Imperial Nursing Home, mother Margaret TOMLINSON Gloucestershire Echo
4 Apr 1945
F MITCHELMORE 28 Jul 1895 son at Dartmouth Arms, Dartmouth Western Times
30 Jul 1895
F G MITCHELMORE 11 Feb 1900 son at The Island, Dartmouth Western Times
19 Feb 1900
George MITCHELMORE of Laugharne 24 Jan 1879 son   Cambrian 31 Jan 1879
George MITCHELMORE of Ambleton, Uplands, Tavistock 10 Feb 1943 son mother Elsie SCOTT Western Morning News
11 Feb 1943
Guy MICHELMORE 6 Nov 1999 Daisy Laura mother Emma BAGUST London Times 18 Nov 1999
H MICHELMORE of Broadstone, Dartmouth 3 Apr 1867 son   Totnes Times
13 Apr 1874
H MICHELMORE 1 Sep 1868 daughter at Broadstone, Dartmouth Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 16 Mar 1870
H MICHELMORE 10 Mar 1870 daughter at Broadstone, Dartmouth Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 16 Mar 1870
H MICHELMORE, solicitor of Newton Abbot 7 Oct 1870 son   Morning Post 14 Oct 1870
H MICHELMORE of Broadstone, Dartmouth 25 Jul 1874 son   Totnes Times
1 Aug 1874
H MICHELMORE of Broadstone, Dartmouth 1 Jul 1878 son   Western Times
9 Jul 1878
H W MICHELMORE 1 Sep 1890 son at 6 St Leonard's Road, Exeter Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 3 Sep 1890
H W MICHELMORE of 19 St Leonard's Road, Exeter 23 Jul 1892 son   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 30 Jun 1892
H W MICHELMORE of 19 St Leonard's Road, Exeter 14 Mar 1894 son   The Standard 19 Mar 1894
Henry MICHELMORE of London, Canada West 10 Jan 1862 son   Totnes Times
1 Feb 1862
Henry MICHELMORE, solicitor 6 Oct 1864 son at 1 Courtenay Terrace, Newton Abbot Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 14 Oct 1864
Henry MICHELMORE 21 Jul 1868 daughter at Newton Abbot Western Times 27 Jul 1868
Henry MICHELMORE, solicitor 7 Oct 1870 son at Newton Abbot Western Times
14 Oct 1870
Henry MICHELMORE 30 Jan 1919 son at Grove Hill, Topsham, mother Winifred Western Times
7 Feb 1919
Henry MICHELMORE 11 Apr 1921 daughter at 42 St Leonard's Road, Exeter, mother Winifred Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 15 Apr 1921
Henry MICHELMORE 6 May 1924 son at 42 St Leonard's Road, Exeter, mother Winifred Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 9 May 1924
Herbert MICHELMORE 19 Jun 1897 son at Glen Lyn, Totnes, prematurely Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 26 Jun 1897
Horace MITCHELMORE of 70 Leckhampton Road 1949 son at St Margaret's Nursing Home, mother Kitty Gloucestershire Echo
3 Mar 1949
Howard MITCHELMORE 10 Oct 1919 son at Yeovil Nursing Home Western Gazette 17 Oct 1919
J C MITCHELMORE 2 Jun 1881 daughter at Broad Street, Modbury Western Times
10 Jun 1881
J MUCHAMORE 7 Jun 1946 son at Redhill Hospital, Edgeware; mother Jean FALCONER Dundee Courier 7 Jun 1946
Jas MICHELMORE, coal merchant 22 Nov 1847 son at The Plains, Totnes Western Times
11 Dec 1847
Jeffery MICHELMORE 2 Jul 1859 son at True Street, Berry, Totnes Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 9 Jul 1859
Jeffery MICHELMORE of Truestreet, Berry Pomeroy 1 Dec 1860 daughter   Totnes Times
8 Dec 1860
Jeffery MICHELMORE of Truestreet, Berry Pomeroy 7 Oct 1863 daughter   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 14 Oct 1863
Jeffery MICHELMORE 30 Aug 1866 daughter at Berry House, Totnes Western Times
4 Sep 1866
Jeffery MICHELMORE 13 Nov 1867 son at Berry House, Totnes Western Times
15 Nov 1867
Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE of 12 St Leonards Road, Surbiton 13 Oct 1880 son   Morning Post 21 Oct 1880
Jim MICHELMORE 7 Aug 1948 Susan Jane at Canterbury, mother Effie KENT Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette 13 Aug 1948
Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE of Rose Hill House, Kingskerswell 26 Sep 1881 daughter at Rose Hill House, Kingskerswell, the residence of her father Western Times
30 Sep 1881
Jonathan MUCKMORE 30 Dec 1988 Jessica mother Linda PERKINS London Times 9 Jan 1989
John MITCHELMORE, sexton of Totnes 1 May 1873 daughter   Totnes Times
3 May 1873
John MITCHELMORE 4 May 1878 daughter at Broad Street, Modbury Western Times
7 May 1878
John MITCHELMORE 20 Apr 1879 son at Dartmouth Western Times
5 May 1879
K I MITCHELMORE 9 Feb 1949 Lesley Ann at Harrogate General Hospital, mother Rita BOSTOCK Western Gazette 18 Feb 1949
M MICHELMORE 29 Jun 1848 son at Phoenix Lodge, Lower Rocombe Western Times
8 Jul 1848
N MITCHELMORE of Lower Street, Dartmouth 4 May 1873 daughter   Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle
9 May 1873
N MITCHELMORE RN, of Kyance House, Keyham,  Devonport 16 Sep 1911 son   Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle
22 Sep 1911
P MICHELMORE, draper of Newton Abbot 29 Dec 1840 daughter   Western Times
2 Jan 1841
P MICHELMORE of Beaston House, Broadhempston 10 Nov 1850 son   Western Times
23 Nov 1850
N MITCHELMORE CERA (HMS Lion), of 66 Ocean Street, Keyham, Devonport 5 Dec 1918 son   Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle
13 Dec 1918
P W MICHELMORE, chemist of Fore Street, Totnes 29 Jan 1875 son   Totnes Times
30 Jan 1875
P W MICHELMORE, chemist of Totnes 13 Jul 1876 daughter   Totnes Times
30 Jul 1876
P W MICHELMORE of Fore Street, Totnes 14 Aug 1877 daughter   Totnes Times
18 Aug 1877
P C MITCHELMORE 24 Jan 1879 son at Laugharne Pembrokeshire Herald & General Advertiser
31 Jan 1879
Philip MICHELMORE of Stretchford, nr Totnes 9 Apr 1849 son   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 26 Apr 1849
Philip MICHELMORE of Beaston House, Broadhempstone 26 Mar 1855 son   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 5 Apr 1855
Philip MICHELMORE 2 Mar 1857 son at Beaston House, Broadhempston Western Times
7 Mar 1857
Philip MICHELMORE of Beaston House, Broadhempstone 2 May 1859 son   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 12 May 1859
Philip W MICHELMORE of Fore Street, Totnes 14 Jul 1873 daughter   Totnes Times
19 Jul 1873
Philip MICHELMORE, MA Oxon, of 11 Grosvenor Gardens, Willesden Green NW 26 Mar 1894 daughter   The Standard 28 Mar 1894
Philip MICHELMORE of Abercorn,
N Rhodesia
14 Mar 1945 son mother Joan Andrews Newspaper Index Cards [Ancestry]
R MICHELMORE 3 Aug 1857 daughter   Sherbourne Mercury
18 Aug 1857
R MICHELMORE 20 Aug 1862 daughter at Heathfield Farm, Slapton Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 3 Sep 1862
Robert MICHELMORE 12 Nov 1855 son at Dinacombe, Cornworthy Sherbourne Mercury
20 Nov 1855
Robert MICHELMORE 16 May 1991 Clare Kay mother Sue LODGE London Times 18 May 1991
Robert MICHELMORE 13 Jun 1993 Andrew James mother Sue LODGE London Times 16 Jun 1993
T MICHELMORE jun 6 Jul 1850 son at True Street, Totnes, died the same day Western Times 13 Jul 1850
T MICHELMORE jun, of Berry, nr Totnes 6 Nov 1851 son   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 13 Nov 1851
T MICHELMORE jun, of Berry, nr Totnes 16 Nov 1852 daughter   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 18 Nov 1852
Thomas Wilson MICHELMORE of Hill House, Wellington, Shropshire 9 Jan 1878 son   The Standard 14 Jan 1878
Thomas W MICHELMORE of Bournemouth 3 Oct 1879 son   Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 8 Oct 1879
Thos Wilson MICHELMORE of Hampton Court 9 Dec 1882 daughter   The Standard 25 Mar 1882
W MICHELMORE of Fountain Inn, Trinity Street 23 Jun 1848 daughter   Cardiff & Merthyr Guardian & Brecon Gazette 8 Jul 1848
W A MITCHELMORE of Gadlys House, Llandudno 29 Jul 1890 son   Liverpool Mercury
1 Aug 1890
W R E MICHELMORE 29 Sep 1892 son at the Abbey Temperance Hotel, Glastonbury Western Daily Press
3 Oct 1892
W H MITCHELMORE of Bodmin 3 Jan 1900 son   Royal Cornwall Gazette
11 Jan 1900
William MICHELMORE 29 Jun 1848 son at Phoenix Lodge, Rocombe, near Teignmouth Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 8 Jul 1848
William MITCHELMORE, builder 22 Nov 1857 son at Fountain Inn, Cardiff Cardiff & Merthyr Guardian & Brecon Gazette 28 Nov 1857
William MUCHAMORE 9 Sep 1867 daughter at 6 Camden Street, Plymouth Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 13 Sep 1867
William MITCHELMORE of 181 Newfoundland Road 28 Feb 1914 son   Western Daily Press
2 Mar 1914
Name Date Financé(e) Publication
Aubrey M J MICHELMORE, son of Dr H R A MICHELMORE of Sidmouth 4 May 1985 Oonagh M McQUADE, daughter of Dr I A McQUADE of Barrow Gurney, Bristol London Times 4 May 1985
Helen J MITCHELMORE, daughter of Dr Gordon MITCHELMORE of Wallingford, Oxon 8 Oct 1985 David E SYKES, son of Edward SYKES of Reigate, Kent London Times 8 May 1985
Frances MICHELMORE, daughter of George MICHELMORE of Littlebourne, Kent 27 Jun 1986 Charles H ELWORTHY, son of Peter ELWORTHY of Craigmore NZ London Times 27 Jun 1986
Name Married Place Spouse Publication
? MUCHMORE, Miss 5 Jun1836 Fowey Mr S BULLER West Briton 10 Jun 1836
? MUCHMORE, Miss of Fowey 1839 last week Mr UDY of Fowey West Briton 12 Apr 1839
? MICHELMORE, butcher of Dartmouth 23 Sep 1856 Bridgetown Free Church Sophia EASTMAN, daughter of the late Mr EASTMAN of Totnes Western Times
11 Oct 1856
? MICHELMORE, son of Mr P MICHELMORE of Kingsbridge 18 Jun 1878 St Leonard's, Deal Elizabeth J WARREN Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 26 Jun 1878
Agnes MICHELMORE, eldest daughter of Jeffery MICHELMORE of Berry House, Totnes, sister of Alfred MICHELMORE; bridesmaids included Edith, Florence & Gertrude MICHELMORE, groomsmen included H W & Herbert MICHELMORE 1 May 1886 Berry Pomeroy Church H M TURNOR, eldest son of Mr TURNOR JP, of Dartmouth Western Times
3 May 1886
Alfred MICHELMORE, eldest son of Jeffery MICHELMORE of Bridgetown, steward to the Duke of Somerset 21 Aug 1883 Bolton-le-Sands Parish Church Grace RICHMOND, youngest daughter of the late Thomas RICHMOND of Hext Bank, Lancashire Taunton Courier & Western Advertiser
29Aug 1883
Alfred John MUCHMORE, son of John MUCHMORE of Polbathic 16 Feb 1893 Saltash Harriet Williams STEVENS of Kittisford, Somerset Royal Cornwall Gazette
23 Feb 1893
Alfred MICHELMORE of Berry Pomeroy, eldest son of the late Jeffery MICHELMORE 10 Oct 1934 Bridgetown Church Georgina Mary EDMONDS of Totnes, widow of John EDMONDS, eldest daughter of the late Commdr BUCKNER, RN, & Mrs BUCKNER Western Morning News
11 Oct 1934
Alfred Philip Galabin MICHELMORE, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Harold G MICHELMORE of Saffron Close, Chudleigh; best man brother T G de J MICHELMORE; couple left for Lake Rukwa, Northern Rhodesia, where he has an appointment 11 February 1937 Chudleigh Parish Church Joan Grace WALTERS, younger daughter of Mrs WALTERS of Strathburn, Chudleigh Western Times
12 Feb 1937
Alice MICHELMORE, eldest daughter of Philip MICHELMORE of Painsford, Ashprington 18 Feb 1856 Ashprington Richard C PAIGE of Englebourne, Harberton, Commander of the Venilia, Indiaman Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 28 Feb 1856
Sherbourne Mercury
4 Mar 1856
Amy Frances Jane MITCHELMORE, only daughter of T F MITCHELMORE of Ashburton 11 Aug 1913 St Andrew, Ashburton Harold Octavius JONES, eighth son of the late Daniel Cripps JONES of Gloucester Cheltenham Chronicle 16 Aug 1913
Andrew MITCHELMORE, Mr, widower 12 Jan 1819 Highweek Mrs Elizabeth SCOTT, widow Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 27 Jan 1819
Andrew MITCHELMORE aged 68 19 Jan 1819 Highweek Mrs Elizabeth SCOTT aged 35 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 28 Jan 1819
Andrew MITCHELMORE, second son of Andrew MITCHELMORE 22 Jun 1877 Wolborough Church Alma PHILLIPS Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 29 Jun 1877
Annie MICHELMORE of Southern House, North Huish 10 Jan 1877 Trinity Chapel, Plymouth William MORRIS MD of Philadelphia Western Times
13 Jan 1877
Annie Mary Michelmore TOZER, third daughter of Benoni TOZER, Queen's Terrace, Mount Radford 11 Jul 1896 Exeter John LILICRAP of Braidwood Terrace, Plymouth Cornishman 16 Jul 1896
Annie Gough MICHELMORE, youngest daughter of the late Jeffrey John MICHELMORE 14 Nov 1928 East Portlemouth Church Charles Peter GILES Western Morning News
16 Nov 1928
Arthur Henry MUCHAMORE, son of the late W J R MUCHAMORE and Mrs A E MUCHAMORE of Edmonton, London 19 Dec 1936 London [by special licence] Muriel Agnes (Nan) ROBBIE, daughter of Mr & Mrs ROBBIE of East Gallowfauld, Inverarity Dundee Courier 22 Dec 1936
Beatrice May MUCHMORE, second daughter of Mr & Mrs A MUCHMORE of 1 Norley Place, Plymouth; bridesmaid her sister Winnie 21 Sep 1935 St Jude, Plymouth Charles A FOSTER, only son of Mr & Mrs F FOSTER of 39 Pounds Park Road, Peverell, Plymouth, deaf mute Western Morning News
23 Sep 1935
C G J MICHELMORE of Plymouth 26 Apr 1945 Bruton Church Douglas K LEMON, son of Mrs LEMON of Bruton and the late Mr LEMON Western Gazette 11 May 1945
Caroline MICHELMORE, youngest daughter of Mr Charles MICHELMORE of Highfield 27 Aug 1844 Totnes Stephen Francis SHAIRP, Totnes banker The Morning Post 5 Sep 1844
Bristol Mercury 7 Sep 1844
Caroline MICHELMORE, eldest daughter of Mr W H MICHELMORE, butcher, Dartmouth 5 Sep 1878 St Petrox Church, Dartmouth Mr Robert PILLAR, second son of Mr L PILLAR, builder and surveyor Totnes Times 14 Sep 1878
Cecilia MICHELMORE, second daughter of the late Charles Frederick MICHELMORE of Totnes 18 Aug 1884 St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, NSW Rev Edwin J STURDER, incumbent designate of St John's, Snails Bay, Sydney John Bull 11 Oct 1884
Charles MICHELMORE, solicitor of Totnes Nov 1820   Elizabeth BOWDEN, 3rd daughter of the late John BOWDEN of Staverton Bristol Mercury 20 Nov 1820
Charles Frederick MICHELMORE of Highfield 31 May 1849 London Sophia Harriett EDYE, eldest daughter of John EDYE of Exeter Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 7 Jun 1849
The Standard 4 Jun 1849
Charles Frederick MITCHELMORE, second son of Mr N MITCHELMORE of Dartmouth 24 Nov 1887 Congregational Church, Paignton Caroline Louisa TUCKER, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas TUCKER of Dartmouth Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 2 Dec 1887
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE, only son of Mrs MITCHELMORE and the late Mr MITCHELMORE RN of Ebrington Street, Kingsbridge 10 May 1937 Dodbrooke Church Gwendoline Mary MARSHALL, elder daughter of Mr & Mrs G MARSHALL of Rock Park Crescent, Kingsbridge Western Morning News
12 May 1937
Charlotte MICHELMORE, eldest daughter of Mr MICHELMORE of Dinnicombe, Cornworthy 28 May 1843 Cornworthy Henry Holditch TUCKER of Denbury Western Times
10 Jun 1843
Clara Alberta MITCHELMORE, only surviving daughter of the late Henry Andrew MITCHELMORE of 74 Richard Street, Cardiff 25 Dec 1900 St Andrew, Cardiff John Rees JONES, oldest son of Benjamin JONES of 9 John Street, Carmarthen Carmarthen Journal & South Wales Weekly Advertiser 4 Jan 1901
Cliff MICHELMORE, BBC announcer of the Hamburg part of "Family Favourites" 4 Mar 1950 Reigate Jean METCALFE, BBC announcer of the London part of "Family Favourites" Dundee Courier 6 Mar 1950
David John MITCHELMORE, second son of Mrs Mary MITCHELMORE, 71 Harriet Street, Trecynon 2 Aug 1915 Saron Congregational Chapel, Aberdare Sarah Ann PHILLIPS, youngest daughter of Miss Hannah PHILLIPS, 23 Jubilee Road, Godreaman Aberdare Leader 7 Aug 1915
Dinah Rendell MICHELMORE, third daughter of Henry MICHELMORE of Middle Rocombe, Coombe 16 Sep 1852 Coombeinteignhead John Hellyer OXFORD, lieutenant RN, of Bridport, Dorset Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 18 Sep 1852
Doris MITCHELMORE of Bristol 21 Dec 1930 St Lawrence Parish Church Basil WALKER of Nottingham Western Daily Press
22 Dec 1930
Edith MICHELMORE, third daughter of Jeffery MICHELMORE, Pomeroy House, Totnes 3 Jul 1889 Berry Pomeroy William Frederick TOLLIT, only son of W M TOLLIT, Highlands, Totnes Western Times
5 Jul 1889
Edward Austin MITCHELMORE, elder son of Mr & Mrs MITCHELMORE of Yeovil 23 Oct 1919 Clifton Parish Church Alice Jane THOMAS, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs W H THOMAS of Clifton Western Daily Press
24 Oct 1919
Eliza Dickson MICHELMORE, only daughter of the late Thos MICHELMORE of Berry Pomeroy 2 Sep 1876 Wolborough Church William KNOWLES, only son of S P KNOWLES of Highweek Western Times
5 Sep 1876
Elizabeth MICHELMORE, third daughter of the late Charles MICHELMORE of Highfield House, Totnes 2 Oct 1854 Totnes parish church Thomas Harrison MARSHALL, second son of the late Thomas Harrison MARSHALL of Kingston-upon-Hull and Thornsea, Yorkshire The Standard 4 Oct 1854
Elizabeth MICHELMORE, third daughter of the late Chas MICHELMORE of Totnes, solicitor 2 Oct 1854 Totnes Thomas Harrison MARSHALL, surgeon of Bridgetown Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 5 Oct 1854
Elizabeth MICHELMORE, eldest surviving daughter of the late Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE of Bridgetown; tenor bell cracked when bells were being rung in celebration of the marriage 23 Oct 1861 Berry Pomeroy Rev Charles LIVINGSTONE, rector of St Lawrence, Ventnor, Isle of Wight Western Times
26 Oct 1861 & 2 Nov 1861
Elizabeth MICHELMORE of South Milton 3 Sep 1868 South Milton James Edward LANE Western Times
8 Sep 1868
Elizabeth Jane MICHELMORE, daughter of James F G MICHELMORE of Exeter 25 Jun 1983   John Redford KELLEHER, son of Dr Joseph KELLEHER of Poole, Dorset London Times 27 Jun 1983
Ellen MICHELMORE, second daughter of Philip MICHELMORE of Pensford, Ashprington 15 Aug 1851 Ashprington Thos EDMUNDS of Totnes Sherbourne Mercury
19 Aug 1851
Ernest MITCHELMORE 16 Sep 1885 All Saints, Newton Heath, Lancashire Millicent Emily JACQUES, second daughter of James JACQUES Cardiff Times 26 Sep 1885
Florence MICHELMORE, second daughter of Jeffery MICHELMORE of Pomeroy House, Bridgetown, Totnes, Master of the Dart Vale Harriers; bridesmaids included sister Edith MICHELMORE, groomsman brother Herbert MICHELMORE 20 Jun 1887 Berry Pomeroy Church George Francis KELLOCK, solicitor, second son of Thomas Creaser KELLOCK, Under-Sherriff of Devon, of Highfield, Totnes Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 29 Jun 1887
Frederick Atherton MITCHELMORE, eldest son of the late F G MITCHELMORE & Mrs MITCHELMORE of Dartmouth 22 Jan 1922 St Mary, Broughton Gifford Elsie Irene THOMAS, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs M THOMAS, Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire, by licence Western Morning News
23 Jan 1922
Geraldine Ethel MITCHELMORE 8 Jul 1920 George Street Baptist Church, Plymouth Hedley Vicars MILLER, to live at Grenfell, Venn Crescent, Hartley, Plymouth Western Morning News
7 Jul 1945
Gladys Colton MITCHELMORE, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs MITCHELMORE of 49b Albert Road, Devonport 25 Sep 1929 Plymouth St Michael, Devonport John Wallace WEBBER, youngest son of Mr & Mrs WEBBER of Kingsley Avenue, Yeo Vale, Barnstaple North Devon Journal
3 Oct 1929
Hannah MITCHELMORE, daughter of Mr H MITCHELMORE of Stokeclimsland 24 Jun 1847 Stoke Damerel James SPEAR of Latchley, Calstock West Briton 4 Jun 1847
Hannah MICHELMORE, youngest daughter of the late Philip MICHELMORE, Esq., of Florian, Newton Abbot 16 Sep 1873 Baptist Chapel, Newton Abbot Edward M TUCKER, fourth son of the late William TUCKER, of Mount Pleasant, Totnes Totnes Times 20 Sep 1873
Harold Gaye MICHELMORE of Saffron Cove, Chudleigh, and Newton Abbot, son of Mr H MICHELMORE of Claremont, Exeter; bridesmaids included cousin Margaret MICHELMORE 21 Oct 1905 London St Marylebone Margaret Mignon GALABIN, daughter of Dr & Mrs GALABIN of 49 Wimpole Street and Tapley, Bishopsteignton  
Harriet Louisa MICHELMORE, eldest daughter of Charles F MICHELMORE, Esq., late of Totnes 18 May 1871 Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park Robert Mayland JENKINS, only son of Robert JENKINS, Esq. Totnes Times 20 May 1871
Harriet Rossiter MITCHELMORE, daughter of the late Phillip William MITCHELMORE of Totnes 10 Aug 1912 St Andrew's Church, Muswell Hill, London Phillip William McCREA, son of the late Edward d'Arcy McCREA of Dublin Irish Times 24 Aug 1912
Henry MICHELMORE of Rocombe 8 Aug 1837 Wolborough Miss MARDON of Newton Abbot Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 19 Aug 1837
Henry MICHELMORE, youngest son of the late Charles MICHELMORE of Totnes 6 Mar 1861 Townstall Church, Dartmouth Marianne PUDDICOMBE, youngest daughter of John PUDDICOMBE of St Clair House, Dartmouth Western Times
16 Mar 1861
Henry MICHELMORE of Newton Abbot, solicitor 17 Sep 1863 St Stephen Parish Church [Exeter] Elizabeth Mary Justinia TOMBS, younger daughter of William TOMBS of Exeter Western Times
18 Sep 1863
Henry Michelmore CROCKWELL of Warren House 2 Apr 1872 St Luke, Torquay Agnes AUSTIN of 3 Vaughan Parade Western Times
4 Apr 1872
Henry William MICHELMORE, elder son of Henry MITCHELMORE, Clerk of the Peace for Devon 30 Jul 1889 Durham Cathedral Marian SIMEY, second daughter of Ralph SIMEY, Clerk of the Peace for Durham Western Times
31 Jul 1889
Henry Theodore MICHELMORE, Capt, RFA(TF), son of H W MICHELMORE of Grove Hill, Topsham, ex-mayor of Exeter, brother of Major W G MICHELMORE, RE; just returned from Mesopotamia, leaves for France after honeymoon 6 Dec 1917 Topsham Parish Church Winifred Amy COULTON, daughter of Richard Calthrop COULTON of King's Lynn and Pentney, Norfolk Western Times
7 Dec 1917
Herbert MICHELMORE, youngest son of the late Mr Jeffrey MICHELMORE of Berry Pomeroy, an enthusiastic supporters of local athletic pastimes 19 Nov 1896 St John, Bridgetown Florence ADAMS, eldest daughter of Mr W ADAMS of Totnes and late of Seaton and a violinist of some repute in the county Western Times
20 Nov 1896
Howard Cecil Jeffrey MITCHELMORE, lieut Som L I, younger son of Mr & Mrs MITCHELMORE of Yeovil 24 Aug 1918 Holy Trinity, St Austell Annie ARNOLD, youngest daughter of the late J ARNOLD Esq of Beckenham, Kent Western Gazette 30 Aug 1918
I MITCHELMORE of Reigate 5 Apr 1920 Lydden Wesleyan Chapel A PHILPOTT, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs F PHILPOTT of Stonehall Dover Express 9 Apr 1920
Ivy Elizabeth MITCHELMORE, only daughter of Mrs and the late Mr C of 15 Newcomin Road, Dartmouth 30 Jul 1921 Baptist Chapel, Dartmouth Henry Charles PIKE, only son of Mr & Mrs H PIKE of Speedwell House Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 5 Aug 1921
Jane Michelmore TOLCHER of Buckfastleigh 16 Nov 1853 Buckfastleigh Samuel CALLARD, son of Mr T CALLARD, late of Buckfastleigh Western Times
26 Nov 1853
Jane MITCHELMORE, late of Harberton 16 Apr 1874 Highweek Church, Newton Mr Frederick HALE of Ropley, Hants Totnes Times 18 Apr 1874
Jeffery Michelmore MAYE of Staverton 25 Apr 1844 North Huish Anne BOWDEN, fourth daughter of Mr BOWDEN of Norris, North Huish Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 4 May 1844
Jeffery MICHELMORE, second son of Thomas MICHELMORE of Berry House, Totnes 21 Sep 1858 Plymouth St Andrew Emily PIKE, youngest daughter of the late Anthony PIKE of Royal William Yard, Plymouth The Morning Post 24 Sep 1858
Jeffery John MICHELMORE of Stokeley Barton, second son of the late Charles MICHELMORE, solicitor of Totnes 4 Jun 1863 Stokenham Kate PITTS, third daughter of the late Mr J PITTS of Coldridge Farm Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 19 June 1893
Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE, second son of Philip MICHELMORE of Scoble 30 Dec 1879 Kingskerswell parish church Mary Eugenie CODNER, only daughter of Richard CODNER of Kingskerswell The Standard 5 Jan 1880
Jeffery E MICHELMORE, son of Mr Philip MICHELMORE of Scoble 30 Dec 1879 Kingskerswell Mary E CODNER, daughter of Mr Richard CODNER of Kingskerswell Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 5 Jan 1880
Jeffry MICHELMORE, youngest son of Mr & Mrs Harold G MICHELMORE of Chudleigh 20 May 1950 Littleham Parish Church Katherine Mary Walton TURNER, only daughter of Mr & Mrs J WALTON of Exmouth Western Morning News
22 May 1950
Jim Venner MICHELMORE of Folkestone, future address 25a New Dover Road, Canterbury 19 Oct 1946 Folkestone Effie KENT of Sunderland Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette 22 Oct 1946
Joannah MICHELMORE, eldest daughter of Mr MICHELMORE of Rocombe Feb 1838 Coombeinteignhead J ROSSITER, butcher Bristol Mercury 17 Feb 1838
John Marchant MICHELMORE of Havant, Hampshire 24 May 1893 Ipplepen Millie LEAMON, younger daughter of the late William McGannon Tout LEAMON of Copplestone Portsmouth Evening News 25 May 1893
John Tulledge MITCHELMORE, lieut RN, twin son of Mr & Mrs E H MITCHELMORE of Highland Terrace, Uffculme 9 Feb 1944 Holy Trinity, Huddersfield Barbara STOTT, daughter of Mr & Mrs Norman STOTT of Luck Lane, Huddersfield Western Times
25 Feb 1944
John Henry MITCHELMORE LAC RAFVR, eldest son of Mr & Mrs C MITCHELMORE, Hillside, East Portlemouth (late Slapton) 23 Nov 1944 Banwell Baptist Church Sheila Marie EDWARDS, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs EDWARDS, Cartref House, Banwell, Somerset Western Morning News
1 Dec 1944
John MUCHMORE RN, youngest son of the late Charles MUCHMORE and Mrs MUCHMORE, Meadoway, Wembley 28 Jul 1945 Old Parish Church [Dundee] Jean FALCONER, PO WRENS, second daughter of Mr & Mrs Falconer of Hollybank, Carnoustie Dundee Courier 31 Jul 1945
Julia Michelmore CALLARD, second daughter of Mr J P CALLARD, Newton Abbot 27 Aug 1881 Berry Pomeroy George PERRETT, third son of Mr H G PERRETT, Hammersmith Western Times
31 Aug 1881
Kate Mary MICHELMORE, third daughter of the late Mr W H MICHELMORE of Dartmouth 9 Jan 1882 Townstall Church, Dartmouth William Henry HAWKE, second son of Mr W A HAWKE of Dartmouth Western Times
16 Nov 1882
Kenneth Ivor MITCHELMORE, younger son of the late H C J MITCHELMORE and Mrs A MITCHELMORE of Yeovil 6 Dec 1947 All Souls, Leeds Rita BOSTOCK, only daughter of the late Mr W BOSTOCK and Mrs BOSTOCK of Leeds Western Gazette 19 Dec 1947
Lena MUCHMORE, youngest daughter of Mrs and the late Mr A E MUCHMORE 28 Jan 1924 St Levan Wesleyan Church [Porthcorno, Cornwall] William John PEARCE, youngest son of Mr & Mrs PEARCE, 25 Hotham Place [Plymouth] Western Morning News
29 Jan 1924
Lewis MITCHELMORE, youngest son of Mr & Mrs William MITCHELMORE of Harriet Street, Trecynon 2 Aug 1913 Register Office, Merthyr Mary JAMES, third daughter of Mr & Mrs John JAMES of 93 Brook Street Aberdare Leader 9 Aug 1913
Margaret MICHELMORE, youngest daughter of Mr H MICHELMORE of Rocombe House, near Teignmouth 6 Nov 1856 Coombeinteignhead Mr W T SHAPLEY Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 13 Nov 1856
Marian Kate MICHELMORE, fourth daughter of Mr & Mrs Philip MICHELMORE of Four Marks, Hampshire 4 May 1920 Bedford Church, Exeter Owen Hewish TRUDE, youngest son of Samuel TRUDE of Broadridge, Crediton Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 5 May 1920
Marian Amy ("Anne") MICHELMORE 25 May 1946 Holcombe Burnell Eric Nigel ATKEY London Times 27 May 1946
Mary MUCHMORE, only daughter of John MUCHMORE of Liskeard 17 Nov 1857 Plymouth Richard BETTISON of Liskeard West Briton & Cornwall Advertiser27 Nov 1857
Mary Michelmore CREBER, only daughter of James CREBER of Buckfastleigh 15 Feb 1866 Holy Trinity, Buckfastleigh Mr J LEE of Buckfastleigh Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 23 Feb 1866
Mary Ann Michelmore TOZER, second daughter of Mr Benoni TOZER of Shaldon 27 Aug 1887 [no place stated] Edmund FROST of Exeter Western Times
1 Sep 1887
P S MICHELMORE, draper 29 Oct 1837 Wolborough Church Ann MORRISH, many years an assistant in the late firm of Branscombe & Co Western Times
4 Nov 1837
P H MICHELMORE of Powderham Crescent, Exeter; bridesmaids included sister A MICHELMORE 1 Jun 1901 Sidmouth Parish Church Miss ORCHARD, daughter of Major J A ORCHARD, connected with the Volunteers in Sidmouth, who formed a guard of honour Western Times
3 Jun 1901
Peter Guy MICHELMORE, son of J G de J MICHELMORE of Woodbury 5 Oct 1984 London Susan Elizabeth MUIR née GARDENER London Times 8 Oct 1984
Philip MICHELMORE of Stretchford 25 Apr 1848 Harberton Anna TAYLOR, 3rd daughter of Robert TAYLOR of Standcombe The Lady’s Newspaper
29 Apr 1848
Philip MICHELMORE of Torquay 4 Jul 1868   Ann Jane, oldest daughter of the late Richard WATKINS of Stanley Liverpool Mercury 6 Jul 1868
Philip Damerel MICHELMORE, eldest son of P S MICHELMORE, Esq., of Florian, Courtenay Park, Newton Abbot; bridesmaids included sister Annie MICHELMORE, best man brother John MICHELMORE 14 Sep 1869 St James Church, Taunton Emily Clarissa HELLARD, youngest daughter of W B HELLARD, Esq., of Chestnut Lodge, Taunton Totnes Times 18 Sep 1869
Philip W MICHELMORE, chemist of Totnes 14 Aug 1872 Totnes Parish Church Susan Ann ROSSITER, eldest daughter of Mr J R ROSSITER, miller of Totnes Western Times
15 Aug 1872
Phillip MICHELMORE, third son of Phillip MICHELMORE of Scoble, Kingsbridge, late of Sparkwell, Totnes 18 Jun 1878 Parish Church of St Leonards, Deal Elizabeth Jane WARREN, daughter of Benjamin John WARREN of Deal Totnes Times 22 Jun 1878
Philip Michelmore, only son of Philip MICHELMORE of Paignton 4 Oct 1892 All Saints, Alton Eleanor Jane LIGHTFOOT, only daughter of William LIGHTFOOT of Alton, Hants The Standard 5 Oct 1892
Philip Frederick Mitchelmore TOZER of Torquay 21 Sep 1896 Barnstaple Rhoda Jane HEARS of Barnstaple Western Times
25 Sep 1896
R Gertrude MICHELMORE, only daughter of Henry MICHELMORE, Clerk of the Peace for the County of Devon 21 Oct 1897 St Leonard's, Exeter Arthur WOODS of Clare Croft, Bromley, Kent The Standard 25 Oct 1897
Ralph Godfrey MICHELMORE MB BS of Sidmouth 7 Sep 1925 Salcombe Regis Charlotte Macintyre CHILTON, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs Charles CHILTON Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 8 Sep 1925
Richard MUCHMORE of St Martins 18 Jun 1816 Talland Mary BOWDEN of West Looe Royal Cornwall Gazette
22 Jun 1816
Robert Mitchelmore BOVEY of Buckfastleigh 29 Jun 1870 Parish Church of Swanscombe, Kent Emily Margaret RUSSELL, youngest daughter of the late W E PURNELL of The Mansion House, Swanscombe The Morning Post 4 Jul 1870
Roger Jeffery MICHELMORE, son of Henry MICHELMORE of Exeter 26 Jul 1952 Mylor, Cornwall Mary Dreda BROWN, daughter of Austin BROWN of Mylor Western Morning News
26 Jul 2012
Sarah Isabella MICHELMORE, daughter of Mr P MICHELMORE, yeoman of Dinnacombe 21 May 1852 Cornworthy G P HUTCHINGS, yeoman of East Cornworthy Western Times
29 May 1852
Sarah MITCHELMORE, eldest daughter of Mr R MITCHELMORE of Dartmouth 29 Aug 1868 Townstall Church, Dartmouth H COOK of HMS St George, Portland Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 4 Sep 1868
Sarah A MICHELMORE, eldest daughter of the late P S MICHELMORE of Florian, Newton Abbot 30 Aug 1873 Wolborough Church Sydney Octavius ROW of Heathside Cottage, Newton Abbot Western Times
1 Sep 1873
Sidney F MITCHELMORE, MT, ASC, of Modbury 8 Apr 1916 Russell Town Congregational Church [Bristol] Millicent G FISH, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs F FISH of 52 Victoria Avenue, Redfield Western Daily Press
10 Apr 1916
Susanna MUCHMORE 19 Sep 1844 Blisland John COUCH, shipwright in HM yard, Woolwich West Briton 27 Sep 1844
Thos MICHEMORE, jnr., Esq of True-street, Totnes 22 Apr 1849 Muir House, Hamilton, Lanarkshire Ann Gillow LANG, third daughter of J. LANG, Esq., Writer to the Signet [an ancient Scottish solicitors’ guild] Western Times
27 Apr 1849
Thomas MICHELMORE, jun, of True Street 27 Apr 1849 Muir House, Hamilton, Lanarkshire Anne Gillow LANG, 3rd daughter of James LANG, writer to the signet The Lady’s Newspaper
5 May 1849
Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE of Dartmouth 25 Aug 1877 Christ Church, Northam, Southampton Harriet Caroline NORMAN, daughter of the late Capt William NORMAN The Hampshire Advertiser
5 Sep 1877
Thomas Wilson MICHELMORE of Wellington, Salop, only son of the late Thomas MICHELMORE, junr, of Berry Pomeroy, Devon 29Apr1875 Parish Church, Bedminster, Bristol Lucy Mary SUCCOTH, daughter of Thomas DAINES, of the Gables, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, and formerly of Merrywood Hall, near Bristol Totnes Times 8 May 1875
Thomas Guy de Jonquières MICHELMORE, third son of Mr & Mrs Harold MICHELMORE of Chudleigh 21 May 1949 Exeter Cathedral Joan Margaret READ, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Herbert READ of Exeter Western Morning News
23 May 1949
Thomasine MICHELMORE, third daughter of Robert MICHELMORE of Fishacre, Broadhempstone 13 Apr 1842 Broadhempstone James Dimond MOYSEY of Venton, near Totnes Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser
20 Apr 1842
W MICHELMORE of Rocombe 27 Jan 1847 Stokeinteignhead Mary HEARDER, youngest daughter of Mr HEARDER of Phoenix Lodge, near Teignmouth Western Times
20 Feb 1847
William Quirck MITCHELMORE, builder of Cardiff 4 Feb 1857 Tilehurst, Berks Melora Sarah MILLS, eldest daughter of the late Robert MILLS Esq of Broad Street, Reading Bristol Mercury 14 Feb 1857
William MICHELMORE, superintendant of Totnes Gas Works 18 Dec 1865 Totnes Harriet Maria Matilda MAY, only daughter of Mrs MAY, Rose Cottage, Harberton Western Times
22 Dec 1865
William Henry MICHELMORE, barrister of Exeter, son of the Clerk of the Peace for Devon 30 Jul 1889 Durham Cathedral Marian SIMEY, daughter of Ralph SIMEY, Clerk of the Peace for Durham; to reside in the College Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette 31 Jul 1889
William MITCHELMORE, eldest son of the late Andrew MITCHELMORE of Cardiff 8 May 1899 Wesleyan Chapel, Roath Road, Cardiff Julia WATKINS, only daughter of the late Thomas WATKINS of Newport, Monmouthshire Cardiff Times 20 May 1899
William Thomas MITCHELMORE, eldest son of William MITCHELMORE of Bournemouth 14 Mar 1900 Congregational Church, Gloucester Street, Weymouth Alice Mary RAYMOND, youngest daughter of James RAYMOND of Farnham, Tollard Royal, Wiltshire Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser
28 Mar 1900
William Godwin MICHELMORE, DSO, MC, Major, youngest son of Mr & Mrs H W MICHELMORE of Grove Hill, Topsham 7 Jun 1921 Christ Church, Lancaster Gate Margaret Pheobe NEWBOLT, youngest daughter of Sir Francis NEWBOLT KC & Lady NEWBOLT of 40 Kensington Park Gardens Western Times
10 Jun 1921
Winifred Annie MICHELMORE, daughter of J MICHELMORE of Paignton; bridesmaid were "nieces" Muriel and Winifred 0267 16 Apr 1904 Paignton Parish Church Percival Raymond GIBBS, third son of the late Joseph GIBBS, JP of Newport, Mon Weekly Mail 23 Apr 1904
Deaths, funerals & obituaries
Name Died [buried] Age Place of death Further information Publication
? MITCHELMORE, Capt 27 Sep 1831 53 Penryn of the schooner Liberty Royal Cornwall Gazette
1 Oct 1831
? MICHELMORE Nov 1836   Dodbrook   Western Times
12 Nov 1836
? MICHELMORE, Master 5 Apr 1838 9 Totnes eldest son of Chas MICHELMORE, banker & solicitor Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 7 Apr 1838
? MUCHMORE 7 Aug 1838 about 20 Keyham journeyman to Mr POLKINGHORNE, baker of Princes Street: drowned, believed to be suicide due to depression Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 11 Aug 1838
? MICHELMORE, Miss 15 Jul 1839   Bridgetown sister of Thomas MICHELMORE Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 27 Jul 1839
? MICHELMORE, Mrs 25 Jul 1848 25 Phoenix Lodge, Rocombe wife of William MICHELMORE Western Times
29 Jul 1848
? MICHELMORE, Mrs 22 Dec 1850 85 Northwood Farm, Buckfastleigh   Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 26 Dec 1850
? MITCHELMORE, Mr 28 Oct 1853   Plymouth confidential clerk to solicitor J LUXMOORE: drowned in Weston Mill Lake, Saltash Road, leaves wife and young family Royal Cornwall Gazette
 28 Oct 1853
? MICHELMORE, Mrs 30 Apr 1861 78   father of Mr MICHELMORE, builder of Cardiff Cardiff Times 3 May 1861
? MICHELMORE 22 Jul 1868   Hackney youth, apprentice to Mr WHITMARSH, ironmonger: accidentally drowned while bathing in the Teign North Devon Journal
30 Jul 1868
? MUCHMORE, Mrs 10 Jun 1895 67 Liskeard wife of William MUCHMORE Cornishman 20 Jun 1895
? MITCHELMORE, Mrs 1897     thanks for sympathy in recent bereavement Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 15 Apr 1897
? MITCHELMORE, Mrs [12 Jun 1916] 67   of Abertridwr, formerly of Harriet Street, native of Trecynon: interred at Aberdare Cemetery; leaves daughters Mrs J R PHILLIPS, Mrs Rees THOMAS and Mrs WALTERS of Lllanharran, and sons S & L W MITCHELMORE Aberdare Leader 17 Jun 1916
? MICHELMORE, Mrs Dec 1931   The Cottage, True Street, Berry Pomeroy wife of Alfred MICHELMORE, agent to the Duke of Somerset: married 43 yr, popular mayoress Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 17 Dec 1931
Agnes MICHELMORE 17 May 1877 75 at Devon Square, Newton Abbot widow of Thomas MICHELMORE, late of Berry House, Berry Pomeroy Western Times
18 May 1877
Albert MITCHELMORE Oct 1934     gardener of 39 Parr Street, Exeter: funeral at Higher Cemetery [Exeter], mourners included son Percy MITCHELMORE of Chudleigh Knighton, and granddaughter Audrey MITCHELMORE Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 19 Oct 1934
Alfred MICHELMORE 22 Apr 1838 77   of The Cottage, True Street; son of Geoffrey MICHELMORE, joined father's land agency 1888, active member of the South Devon Herd Book Society and Devon County Agricultural Association, member of Totnes Town Council 1894-1908, mayor in 1894 and 1903, commanded a company of the Haytor Volunteer Battalion, Devonshire Regiment; second wife was daughter of John EDMONDS Totnes Express & Echo
23 Apr 1838
Alfred MICHELMORE 22 Apr 1838 77     Totnes Express & Echo
25 Apr 1838
Alfred John MITCHELMORE 29 Apr 1906 2 Paignton son of a naval seaman of 13 Nuncham Terrace, Paignton, at present on HMS Forth: fell into a lime pit and died from the resulting burns Western Times
1 May 1906
Ambrose Mitchelmore WAKEHAM 20 Apr 1867 3 mo Landport, Portsea son of Mr John WAKEHAM The Hampshire Advertiser
4 May 1867
Ann MICHELMORE 18 Dec 1871 63 Florian, Newton Abbot wife of Philip Symons MICHELMORE Western Times
27 Dec 1871
Ann MICHELMORE 13 Nov 1881 92 Totnes formerly of Ashburton Western Times
22 Nov 1881
Anna MICHELMORE 22 Apr 1894 75 Westcott, Talaton widow of the late Philip MICHELMORE of Sparkwell, Staverton Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 24 Apr 1894
Anthony (Tony) MITCHELMORE 25 Jun 2013 87 St Austell husband of Tommy (Eloise) (deceased), funeral 4 Jul at Glynn Valley Crematorium, Bodmin Western Morning News 29 Jun 2013
Arthur Stuart MICHELMORE 20 Jul 1916 33 23 East Southernhay, Exeter youngest son of the late P W MICHELMORE of Totnes Western Times
28 Jul 1916
Audrey Elizabeth BAMFORD née MITCHELMORE 12 Jul 2012   Derriford Hospital, Plymouth wife of Peter, mother of four children; funeral at Efford Crematorium 25 Jul 2012 Plymouth Herald
24 Jul 2012
Augustus John MITCHELMORE 10 Mar 1929 66   entered Navy as boy, warrant rank as carpenter 1 Jun 1897, chief carpenter Jun 1912, served Hong Kong Dockyard 1913-1917, appointed MBE "for valuable services in carrying out repairs to vessels of the Sixth Destroyer Flotilla", promoted shipwright lieutenant 13 Sep 1918, retired 1919, promoted shipwright lieutenant commander Sep 1926 London Times 15 Mar 1929
B MICHELMORE, Mrs 20 Mar 1871 87 Burton House, Burton Street, Brixham   Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 24 Mar 1871
Bartholomew Carlile MICHELMORE 10 Apr 1876 62   of 137 Hemingford Road, Barnsbury, buried 18 Apr Ashburton The Standard 20 May 1876
Bernard Wilson MICHELMORE 16 Jul 2003     funeral at St John's, Hildenborough 29 Jul 2003 East Kent Gazette
25 Jul 2003
Betsey Furneaux MICHELMORE 22 Aug 1860   14 Lockyer Street relict of the late Charles MITCHELMORE, Esq., solicitor of Totnes Totnes Times 25 Aug 1860
Betsey MICHELMORE 16 Jun 1863 67 Bridgetown widow of Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 17 Jun 1863
Betsy MICHELMORE 2 Oct 1869 74 Sparkwell, Staverton relict of the late T MICHELMORE Totnes Times 30 Oct 1869
Betty MUCHMORE 19 Oct 2007 78 Derriford Hospital, Plymouth née TAYLOR, wife to Ronald, mum to Ann and Colleen, mother-in-law to Chris, nan to Kathleen, Philip, Mark, John and Paul, great-nana to Iola and Emily Plymouth Herald
24 Oct 2007
Blanche Eleanor MITCHELMORE 15 Sep 1886   Luton House, Spotlands, Cardiff youngest daughter of Andrew MITCHELMORE Cardiff Times 18 Sep 1886
Brian Bill MITCHELMORE 28 Apr 2009 75   husband of Edna, father of Robert & Andrew, father in law of Margaret, grandfather of Matthew, Simon, Dean and Paige, great grandfather of Liam; funeral at Weston Mill Crematorium 8 May 2009. Plymouth Herald
5 May 2009
Brian Bill MITCHELMORE       father of Andrew & Robert Plymouth Herald
5 May 2009
Brian Bill MITCHELMORE       love from Robert, Margaret, Matthew & Simon Plymouth Herald
5 May 2009
Brian (Billy Wiz) MITCHELMORE 28 Apr 2009     brother in law of Pam and David, uncle to Chris & Nicky, Kim & Vicky Plymouth Herald
5 May 2009
Caroline Louisa MITCHELMORE 13 Feb 1938 74   widow of late Chas F MITCHELMORE of 19 Shoreton Valley Road, Paignton; buried Dartmouth Cemetery Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 18 Feb 1938
Caroline Louisa MITCHELMORE 13 Feb 1938 74 the house of her daughter Mrs PIKE bur 17 Feb 1938 Dartmouth Cemetery; former proprietor of the Art Gallery, Newcomin Road Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 18 Feb 1938
Caroline Louisa MITCHELMORE       additional mourners at funeral Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 25 Feb 1938
Catherine MICHELMORE, Mrs 26 Jan 1878 94 Newton Abbot   The Standard 8 Feb 1878
Catherine MITCHELMORE 29 May 1889 61 Haddon House, Paignton wife of Edward MITCHELMORE Western Times
1 Jun 1889
Cecil Michelmore ROW 1 Mar 1896 20 21 Devon Square, Newton Abbot son of S O & S A ROW Western Times
6 Mar 1896
Charles MICHELMORE 20 Jul 1847   Plymouth solicitor of Totnes Western Times
31 Jul 1847
Charles Walter MICHELMORE 4 Dec 1858 1 yr 8 mo Dart View, Totnes d at Dart View, Totnes; youngest son of Mr MICHELMORE, solicitor Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 6 Jan 1859
Charles Herman MICHELMORE 17 Nov 1887 3 mo Rickham, Salcombe infant son of Robert Frank and Harriet Elizabeth Totnes Times 26 Nov 1887
Charles John MITCHELMORE 14 May 1901 15 Cardiff of 74 Richards Street, Cathays with widowed mother, apprentice to watchmaker & jeweller Mr ABBOTT, George Street, Docks: with two or three other boys, unmoored a boat about 2 pm and sculled around East Bute Dock, about 4 pm fell in and could not be reached Cardiff Times 18 May 1901 Weekly Mail 18 May 1901
Charles MUCHMORE 29 Mar 1904 14 St Thomas's Hospital, London pastry-cook's: died from gangrene resulting from injury suffered when a patent pastry roller in a Battersea bakery crushed one of his hands Shields Daily Gazette 6 Apr 1904
Charles F MITCHELMORE       buried 2 May 1918, long list of mourners and flower senders Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 3 May 1918
Charles Frederick MITCHELMORE 28 Apr 1918 51   of 15 Newcomin Road, Dartmouth Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 3 May 1918
Charlotte MICHELMORE 8 Oct 1852 25 Fishacre House, Broadhempston   Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 14 Oct 1852
Charlotte MICHELMORE 23 Jul 1855   Bridgetown died of consumption; daughter of the late Jeffery Edward MICHELMORE Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 26 Jul 1855
Charlotte MICHELMORE 12 Aug 1869   Elm Villa, Newton Abbot only daughter of the late Thomas MICHELMORE of Berry House, Totnes Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 14 Aug 1869
Clara M MITCHELMORE 19 Mar 1925 58 20 Ebrington Street, Kingsbridge wife of Roger MITCHELMORE; funeral Dodbrooke Churchyard 23 Mar Western Morning News
21 Mar 1925
Cynthia MITCHELMORE née PRIDDLE 19 Dec 2008 71 Chillington wife of Ron, mother of Mandy & Rob and Neil & Nina, nanny of Oliver, Sam & Dominic; funeral at Churchstow Church 31 Dec 2008 Western Morning News
20 Dec 2008
David William MUCHAMORE 20 Jul 2013 78 Bristol Royal Infirmary husband of Jean, father of Linda, father/grandfather of Carole, Mark, Anne and Kirstie, died after many years with emphysema; funeral 6 Aug at South Bristol Crematorium Bristol Evening Post
23 Jul 2013
Diana MITCHELMORE 31 Oct 2007   Paignton Hospital wife of late Sqdn Ldr Douglas MITCHELMORE, mother of Alison, mother-in-law of Steve, grandma to Hannah and Matthew and a good friend to the residents of Compton. Funeral at Torquay Crematorium. Torquay Herald Express
2 Nov 2007
Doris Edna MITCHELMORE 15 Sep 2003 84 Torbay Hospital of Fisher Street, Paignton, wife of late Fred, mother of Roger (m Linda), grandmother of James and Sarah Plymouth Herald
17 Sep 2003
Doris May MOON née MITCHELMORE 21 Mar 2008 86   wife of late George; funeral at Weston Mill Crematorium 10 Apr 2008 Plymouth Herald
5 Apr 2008
Doris Evelyn MITCHELMORE née BOND 21 Jul 2014   Derriford Hospital, Plymouth wife of Charles (deceased), mother of Estelle, Jonathan (deceased) and David, grandmother of James, mother-in-law to Franck; funeral 7 Aug 2014 at Efford Crematorium Plymouth Herald
1 Aug 2014
E A MITCHELMORE, Mr 22 Mar 1926 50   buried 27 Mar 1926 at Dartmouth Townstall; mourners & flower senders listed Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 2 Apr 1926
E J MICHELMORE, Mrs 5 Aug 1944 88   buried Bovey Tracey, recently moved from home in Ropley, Hants, baptised 1906, leaves six daughters and one son The Messenger 6 Oct 1944
Edward Austin MITCHELMORE 11 Jan 1946 58 Golder's Green elder son of the late Mr W R W MITCHELMORE & Mrs MITCHELMORE, The Park, Yeovil Western Gazette 25 Jan 1946
Edward Cox MITCHELMORE 14 Apr 1950 91 Darnacombe Farm, Chillington bur 18 Apr Stokenham Western Morning News
18 Apr 1950
Eleanor MICHELMORE 2 Mar 1876 80 Bridgetown widow of the late Philip MICHELMORE of Painsford Totnes Times 4 Mar 1876
Elias MITCHELMORE 3 Mar 1935 69   of Murley Lodge, Bishopsteignton, formerly licensee of the New Inn, Ilsington, afterwards resided at Holbroak, Ilsington; leaves widow and son Edgar MITCHELMORE; funeral at Bishopsteignton Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 15 Mar 1935
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 7 May 1840 69 Rill House, Buckfastleigh relict of the late Thos MICHELMORE of Mamhead Western Times
16 May 1840
Elizabeth MUCHMORE 22 Apr 1859 86 Fowey one of the oldest inhabitants Royal Cornwall Gazette
29 Apr 1859
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 24 Jan 1880   Tredegar niece of Mr MITCHELMORE, builder etc of Cardiff Monmouthshire Merlin
30 Jan 1880
Elizabeth MUCHMORE 24 May 1902 62 Polbathic wife of John MUCHMORE West Briton & Cornwall Advertiser29 May 1902
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 2 Apr 1894 66 St Marychurch widow of 2 Union Terrace: died of a heart attack after hard work moving into a new house Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 5 Apr 1894
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 26 Dec 1899     widow of late Nathaniel MITCHELMORE. Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 29 Dec 1899
Elizabeth Mitchelmore WHITEHEAD 12 Oct 1914     of London, wife of Henry MITCHELMORE South Wales Daily Post
14 Oct 1914
Elizabeth Mary Justina MICHELMORE 31 Oct 1919 80 at Devonia, Newton Abbot widow of the late Henry MICHELMORE, Clerk of the Peace for Devon Western Times
1 Nov 1919
Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE 2 Apr 1939 66 Williton House 23 Bear Street, Barnstaple North Devon Journal
5 Apr 1939
Ellen MICHELMORE 10 Apr 1892 70   of St Maur, St Andrews Road, Southsea, daughter of the late Charles MICHELMORE of Highfield, Totnes The Standard 13 Apr 1892
Ellen Annie MITCHELMORE 10 Nov 1950 94 Summerlands Hospital Yeovil widow of Alderman W R E MITCHELMORE Western Gazette 17 Nov 1950
Elliott Mitchelmore PROWSE 13 Aug 1943 53 124a Torquay Road, Newton Abbot former chief officer of the Newton Abbot Fire Brigade. Chairman of the South-Western District National Fire Brigades' Association, clerk in the Urban Council surveyor's department for 24 yr Western Morning News
14 Aug 1943
Emily Laura MICHELMORE 25 Dec 1858 3 mo Dart View, Totnes youngest daughter of Mr MICHELMORE, solicitor Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 6 Jan 1859
Emily MITCHELMORE, Miss 1901     thanks for sympathy in recent bereavement Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 3 May 1901
Emma Louisa MITCHELMORE 22 Apr 1875 infant Silver Street, Dartmouth daughter of Thomas MITCHELMORE Western Times
26 Apr 1875
Emma MUCHMORE 26 Sep 1877 23   of Frankford Street, Plymouth, only daughter of Mr Thomas MUCHMORE (formerly of Liskeard) Royal Cornwall Gazette
5 Oct 1877
Ernest A MITCHELMORE 22 Mar 1926 50   collapsed and died while installing plate glass window, died 4 hours later; served in Home Forces during the war; leaves widow, two sons and three daughters Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 26 Mar 1926
Ernest MITCHELMORE 22 Mar 1926 50   husband of Mabel, father of Muriel, Emily, Valerie, Frank and Geoffrey Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 26 Mar 1926
Ernest A MITCHELMORE 1926     funeral report includes a long list of mourners and flower senders Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 2 Apr 1926
Ethel Mary MITCHELMORE Nov 1941 60 13 St Paul's Road, Preston only surviving daughter of the late Mr & Mrs J MITCHELMORE of Modbury, funeral 24 Nov Western Morning News
22 Nov 1941
Florence MICHELMORE 22 Oct 1842 19 Bridgetown daughter of the late Jeffery MICHELMORE of Stankham, Harberton Sherbourne Mercury
5 Nov 1842
Frances Perring MICHELMORE 16 Jun 1878 60 Lipton, East Allington wife of Robert MICHELMORE Western Times
21 Jun 1878
Francis (Frankie) MICHELMORE 8 Jan 2004 72 Woodland Park Nursing Home, Torquay of Paignton, sister of Josie (m Harry), nephews Raymond and Malcolm; funeral 15 Jan 2004 at Torquay Crematorium Plymouth Herald
9 Jan 2004
Frank MITCHELMORE 18 Jul 1936   Totnes postman of Leechwell Street, Totnes, employed for about 30 yr at Totnes Post Office: large number of colleagues and members of the Dart Vale & Berry Castle Lodges of the RAOB attended funeral at Totnes Parish Church on 21 Jul Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 24 Jul 1936
Frederick Leonard MICHELMORE 29 Jan 1890 6 Totnes son of late Mr MICHELMORE, chemist of Fore Street, staying with grandmother Mrs Thirza MICHELMORE of New Walk: died from burns suffered when he lit a match to find a candle and set his nightdess alight Western Times 31 Jan 1890 & 1 Feb 1890
Frederick George MITCHELMORE 29 Jul 1920   on waste land near The Esplanade, Durban, South Africa of Dartmouth: well-known in Devon rugby football circles 20 yr ago and a keen oarsman; had been in South Africa for some years, spent a long furlough in Dartmouth a year ago; no suspicion of foul play, funeral at Stellawood cemetery, Durban, attended by members of the League of Comrades Western Times
7 Sep 1920
Frederick Donald (Don) MITCHELMORE 24 Jan 2006 77   husband of Margaret, father of Gary, grandfather of Katie & Luke, brother of Esther Plymouth Herald
27 Jan 2006
Frederick (Derick) MITCHELMORE 18 Jun 2013   Woodland Park Nursing Home [Torquay] husband of late Margaret Torquay Herald Express 27 Jun 2013
George MITCHELMORE 28 Feb 1907   Docks Police Station "a most loyal, conscientious, and efficient officer, always civil and obliging, and during the 32½ years he served in the force there never was a complaint made against him. He was much respected, not only by his comrades, but also by the inhabitants wherever he was stationed. He has one son, a draper's assistant, who is on his way home from India, to whom I recommend the Committee to give a gratuity of L50 out of the Superannuation Fund" Carmarthen Journal & South Wales Weekly Advertiser 12 Apr 1907
George Henry MITCHELMORE 15 Jan 1926 62 Torquay son of the late G H MITCHELMORE of Kingswear; funeral Torre Parish Church 19 Jan, interment at Kingswear Cemetery Western Morning News
18 Jan 1926
George MICHELMORE 6 Aug 1936 73 his home Blue Burn, Chelston husband of Kathleen MICHELMORE, funeral 10 Aug Chelston Western Morning News
8 Aug 1936
George Brian MITCHELMORE 19 Jan 2004 77 Torbay Hospital husband of Audrey, father of Lynda and Alex, Alan and Marina, grandfather of George, Marc, Bill, Kirsty and Stephen Plymouth Herald
23 Jan 2004
George MITCHELMORE 16 Jul 2004 93   of Newquay, husband of late Mary, father of Michael and Gary; funeral at Claremont Methodist Church 23 Jul 2004 Plymouth Herald
20 Jul 2004
Georgiana Lucy MICHELMORE 18 Mar 1856 3 Dart View, Totnes third daughter of Charles F MICHELMORE, solicitor Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 27 Mar 1856
Gordon Edward MITCHELMORE 17 Sep 2010     husband of Una, father and grandfather; funeral 6 October at St Mary's Church, Wallingford Wallingford Herald
 29 Sep 2010
Grace C MUCHMORE 13 Apr 1877 49 Falmouth wife of Mr William MUCHMORE Royal Cornwall Gazette
22 Apr 1877
Gwendoline Edith MICHELMORE 19 Aug 2006 72 Kent & Sussex Hospital funeral at St Johns, Hildenborough 31 Aug 2006 East Kent Gazette
25 Aug 2006
H MUCHMORE, Mr 9 Dec 1855 69   yeoman of Polliscourt, St Martins Royal Cornwall Gazette
21 Dec 1855
Harold MUCHMORE 23 Dec 2007 90 Hillcrest House Nursing Home, Looe of Liskeard, husband of late Muriel, father of Bob, grandfather of Victoria and Lizzie, brother of John and Pat and father-in-law to Janet; funeral at Glynn Valley Crematorium, Bodmin Western Morning News
29 Dec 2007
Harold George MITCHELMORE 21 May 2014   Frenchay Hospital [Bristol] from Irene, Sarah, Mike, Kimberley, Danni, Tyler and Caelan; funeral 29 May at Westleigh Crematorium Bristol Evening Post
26 May 2014
Harriett MICHELMORE 13 Apr 1855 18 14 Lockyer Street, Plymouth youngest child of the late Chas MICHELMORE of Highfield, Totnes Western Times
21 Apr 1855
Harriet Elizabeth MICHELMORE 27 May 1928   74 The Close, Salisbury wife of Robert Frank MICHELMORE, funeral 31 May at Portlemouth Western Morning News
29 May 1928
Harriet PRATT née MICHELMORE 30 Mar 1931   Exeter b 14 Oct 1852, widow of Charles PRATT of Westcott, Talaton, sister of Mr F, John & Comdr MICHELMORE Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 10 Apr 1931
Harriet Caroline MITCHELMORE 28 Sep 1942 87 San Ursula, Dartmouth widow of the late T L MITCHELMORE; died at the residence of her daughter Mrs W G ROW, mayoress of Dartmouth; left son Mr A MITCHELMORE, other daughters Mrs H T CHURCHILL & Mrs L CLOUDSDALE Western Morning News
5 Oct 1942
Harry Morgan MICHELMORE 5 Jul 1905 43 Kenwyn, Codrington Road, Ramsgate   Whitstable Times & Herne Bay Herald
22 Jul 1905
Henry MICHELMORE 10 Oct 1855 85 Bridgetown, Totnes late of Painsford, Ashprington Western Times
13 Oct 1855
Henry MUCHMORE Dec 1855 68 Alice Court near Looe   West Briton 14 Dec 1855
Henry MICHELMORE 1 Mar 1866 77 Newton Abbot of Middle Rocombe, Coombeinteignhead Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 7 Mar 1866
Henry H MICHELMORE 28 Oct 1866 18 East Street, Newton Abbot grandson of the late Henry MICHELMORE, Middle Rocombe, Coombeinteignhead Western Times
2 Nov 1866
Henry MITCHELMORE 25 Apr 1875 56   of 58 Asylum Road, Kent Road: for many years proprietor of the Phoenix Tavern, Palace Street SW The Standard 8 May 1875
Henry MITCHELMORE 25 Dec 1906 71 Dartington carpenter of Totnes: died of a heart attack outside Cott Farm Western Times
28 Dec 1906
Henry MICHELMORE 21 Feb 1912 72 Claremont, Exeter b 22 Apr 1839, for over 33 yr Clerk of the Peace for Devon; funeral 26 Feb, interment at Topsham Cemetery Western Times
23 & 27 Feb 1912
Herbert MITCHELMORE 5 Oct 2011     husband of Sylvia, father of Sandra & Clive, father in law of Mel and Amanda, grandfather to Lauren, Daniel (deceased), Jade, Chloe and Alfie Torquay Herald Express
13 Oct 2011
Howard Cecil Jeffery MITCHELMORE   52   educated at Reckleford School, the Merchant Venturers' School, Bristol, and Bristol University; teacher at Reckleford School and Summerleaze Park, Yeovil; 1922-1945 special constable, awarded Police Medal 1936 with bar 1943; sportsman and horticulturalist Western Gazette 1945
Ian MICHELMORE 1 Jun 1940   Dunkirk, France   Andrews Newspaper Index Cards [Ancestry]
Ida MITCHELMORE 12 Sep 1922   4 Brownston Street, Modbury wife of Alfred; funeral 16 Sep Western Morning News
13 Sep 1922
J MITCHELMORE 27 May 1838 63   of Landport Hampshire Advertiser & Salisbury Guardian
2 Jun 1838
J MICHELMORE 12 Aug 1877 83 Poisloe, Heavitree   Western Times
15 Aug 1877
James Henry MITCHELMORE 30 Apr 1879 27 Union Road only son of William MITCHELMORE, late of Lewis Street Western Daily Press
3 May 1879
James H MITCHELMORE 12 Sep 1931 76 Newton Abbot tailor: native of Newton Abbot, moved to Ashburton in 1888, member of Parish Council and then Urban District Council, keen worker for Conservative & Unionist causes and the Mutual Improvement Association, member of the old School Board and of the Lodge of Oddfellows, returned to Newton Abbot on retirement about 15 yr ago, leaves two sons and a daughter Western Times
18 Sep 1931
James Henry MITCHELMORE Nov 1934 67 Wells manager of Lennard's boot shop, High Street: committed suicide by gas poisoning in his kitchen, had returned to work a fortnight earlier after 4 mo holiday recovering from a nervous breakdown Western Daily Press
2 Nov 1934 Gloucester Citizen 5 Nov 1934
James Franck Godwin MICHELMORE 10 May 2015 91   husband of June, father of Kate, Robert and William; service of thanksgiving 20 May Exeter Cathedral The Times
15 May 2015
Jane MITCHELMORE 8 May 1850     landlady of the Fountain Inn, Trinity Street, Cardiff Cardiff & Merthyr Guardian & Brecon Gazette 11 May 1850
Jeffery MICHELMORE 17 Feb 1852 82 Ashburton   Western Times
21 Feb 1852
Jeffery Michelmore MAYE 11 Dec 1880 75 Coombe, Staverton   Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 17 Dec 1880
Jeffery MICHELMORE 5 Jan 1891 55 his residence Bridgetown, Totnes 2nd son of the late Thomas MICHELMORE of Berry Pomeroy Totnes Times 10 Jan 1891
Jeffery MICHELMORE 5 Jan 1891   his residence Pomeroy House the popular master of the Dart Vale Harriers: died somewhat suddenly in his armchair soon after the return of his harriers from the meet at Blue Post, he and his father had been connected with the pack for the last 50 yr The County Gentleman 10 Jan 1891
Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE 26 Dec 1917 67 Highlands, Preston, Paignton of 30 Cleveland Square and 38 Bloomsbury Square, London; funeral at Kingskerswell 28 Dec Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 27 Dec 1917
Jeffry MICHELMORE 20 Mar 2006 84   husband of Lizzy Plymouth Herald
25 Mar 2006
John MUCHMORE 16 Jul 1849 9 Falmouth “On Wednesday the 18th instant, an inquest was held at the King's Arms, Falmouth, before Mr. W. J. GENN, coroner, on the body of a little boy called JOHN MUCHMORE. It came out in evidence that deceased and several other children were riding on a wain on the 16th instant, driven by BENJAMIN PASCOE, labourer of Constantine, and the driver without stopping the horses, dropped deceased from the wain, before the wheel, which went over his bowels, and he died in the course of the night. There appeared a great want of caution in the man's not stopping for the children to alight, and the jury returned a verdict of "accidental death," accompanied by great carelessness on the part of the driver, whom the recommended should be severely reprimanded by the coroner which was accordingly done. The driver expressed his regret at what had taken place.” West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser 27 Jul 1849
John C MUCHMORE 18 Jul 1849 9 Falmouth similar report states that the inquest was held on 20 Jul and the accident took place on 18 Jul and adds: "PASCOE … ordered the children to get off. Some got off without assistance, and others he assisted, the wain still going on; but the deceased, being unwell and weakly, got under the wheel, was dreadfully crushed, and lingered till the next day, when he died." Royal Cornwall Gazette 27 Jul 1849
John MICHELMORE 6 Apr 1850 26 London second son of Mr MICHELMORE, builder of Totnes Western Times
13 Apr 1850
John MITCHELMORE 14 Feb 1872 65   of Breeze Cottage, Crowther's Hill, Dartmouth Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 16 Feb 1872
John MITCHELMORE 31 Mar 1873   Batstone Lodge, Budleigh over 50 yr faithful servant of Samuel WOOD Western Times
3 Apr 1873
John MUCHMORE 23 Feb 1874 79 Cannon Terrace, Liskeard   West Briton & Cornwall Advertiser5 Mar 1874
John MICHELMORE 26 Sep 1876     aged 12, son of a labourer of Paignton: fell 8 ft from a tree and broke arm on 6 Sep 1876; taken to Torquay Infirmary, where he died Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 4 Oct 1876
John MICHELMORE 26 Sep 1876   Torquay Infirmary boy of Paignton: admitted 16 Sep suffering from an accident, died of lock-jaw Western Times
28 Sep 1876
John Douglas MICHELMORE 5 Jul 1878   Broadstone, Dartmouth infant son of J MICHELMORE Western Times
9 Jul 1878
John MITCHELMORE 23 Nov 1881   on fishing ground off Brixham fisherman on board the smack Capella, native of Newton: washed overboard and drowned; had only been married a few months Western Times
29 Nov 1881
John MICHELMORE Dec 1887 65 New Walk, Totnes after a brief illness, of congestion of the lungs; funeral Dec 26 at Totnes cemetery Totnes Times 24 Dec 1887
John MUCHMORE 1 Nov 1893 75 East Looe late of Polliscourt Cornishman 9 Nov 1893
John MUCHMORE 12 Aug 1902 72 Polbathic   Cornishman 21 Aug 1902
John MICHELMORE 16 Sep 1912 59 Slapton committed suicide by cutting his throat; had been ill for 5 months, was worried about being able to obtain work when he recovered Western Times
19 Sep 1912
John MICHELMORE Nov 1919 over 50 Ackrell's Hill, Littlehempstone labourer at Buckyette Farm: found hanging in a linhay by his wife, leaves a grown up family Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 11 Nov 1919
John Michelmore PEEKE 26 Jan 1921 73 Rockford, Harberton for many years occupied Hernaford Farm, Harbertonford, bred superior South Devon cattle, original member of the Herdbook Society, represented parish on Totnes Board of Guardians, chairman of Rural Council Western Morning News
27 Jan 1921
John Mitchelmore COLLIN 15 Jun 1941 21   2nd lieutenant, Royal Tank Regiment @ 21, only son of Mrs Lita COLIN, 30 Oyster Bend, Paignton D T 12 Jul 1941
John Mitchelmore BLANK 28 Jun 1941   Prospect Cottages, Newton Abbot funeral 2 Jul Western Morning News
1 Jul 1941
John Edward MITCHELMORE 2 Feb 1943 36 Melville Road, Falmouth soldier of Sea View, Thurlestone: run over and killed by lorry Western Morning News
3 Feb 1943
John Michelmore ADAMS 24 Mar 1945 90 Northwood, Blackness Road, Crowborough late of Brickhouse Farm, Frant Forest Kent & Sussex Courier
30 Mar 1945
John Francis MITCHELMORE 10 Aug 1950 60 South Hams Hospital funeral Stokenham 13 Aug Western Morning News
12 Aug 1950
Joyce Frances MITCHELMORE 19 Jul 2004 82   of Burnham on Sea, d at Weston super Mare Hospital. Wife of Leonard, mother of Kathryn and Nicola Western Daily Press
& Bristol Evening Post 24 Jul 2004
Laura Emily MITCHELMORE 10 Dec 1880 4 yr 9 mo at 19 Augusta Street daughter of Mr Andrew MITCHELMORE Cardiff Times 18 Dec 1880
Leigh Anthony MITCHELMORE 2 Sep 2006 28 Afghanistan b 1978 Bournemouth, law degree at Southampton Uni, joined RAF as navigator, died in aircraft crash; leaves wife of 6 years, Claire @ 25, and children Faye @ 3 and Hayden @ 6 mo Bournemouth Echo
16 Nov 2006
Leonard Ernest MITCHELMORE 13 Jun 2007 84 Burnham on Sea Hospital of Burnham on Sea, father of Kathryn and Nicola; funeral at Burnham on Sea Methodist Church 21 Jun 2007 Bristol Evening Post
19 Jun 2007
Lillian M MITCHELMORE 26 Jun 1943 64 Wickham House, Fremington wife of E V MITCHELMORE, came to Fremington 4 yr ago from Kent, of Barnstaple parentage, leaves widower and son V B MITCHELMORE of Kent North Devon Journal
1 Jul 1943
Lilian MITCHELMORE 14 Aug 2003 83   wife of late James, mother of Patricia (m Richard) Plymouth Herald
19 Aug 2003
Lillian Violet MUCHMORE 12 Feb 2012 86 West House Nursing Home, Southend-on-Sea   Southend Standard
2 Mar 2012
Lynda Ann GEROLIMATOS née MITCHELMORE 19 Oct 2012 61 Rowcroft Hospice, Torquay wife of Alex, daughter of Audrey, sister of Alan, mother of George, Marc and Amalia; funeral 1 Nov at Upton Vale Baptist Church, Torquay Torquay Herald Express
25 Oct 2012
M J MUCHMORE, Mrs Feb 1906 60 2 Ingledene, Shutta, Looe   Cornishman 15 Feb 1906
Margaret MITCHELMORE 2 Apr 1874 80 Berry Pomeroy late of Harberton Totnes Times 11 Apr 1874
Margaret MITCHELMORE 4 Dec 1988 70   wife of Mick London Times 6 Dec 1988
Margaret MITCHELMORE 6 Nov 2010     wife of Derick for 68 yr, funeral at Our Lady, St Marychurch 18 Nov 2010 Torquay Herald Express
15 Nov 2010
Maria MICHELMORE 15 Jul 1839   Bridgetown, Totnes fourth daughter of the late Thomas MICHELMORE of Mamhead North Devon Journal
25 Jul 1839
Mary Michelmore BERRY 2 May 1835 11 Chagford second daughter of John BERRY Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 9 May 1835
Mary Louisa MICHELMORE 27 Aug 1859 16 East Street, Newton Abbot second daughter of Mr P S MICHELMORE Western Times
3 Sep 1859
Mary Michelmore BOVEY 14 Oct 1873 47 The Cottage, Buckfastleigh eldest daughter of the late John BOVEY, Esq. Totnes Times 25 Oct 1873
Mary BULLER née MUCHMORE 8 Aug 1838   Fowey wife of Samuel West Briton 10 Aug 1838
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE Jun 1894 76   buried at St Edmunds Cemetery, Exeter Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 9 Jun 1894
Mary Ann MICHELMORE 8 Mar 1906 70   wife of William MICHELMORE, Llanddwywe Inn, Dyffryn Ardudwy Dydd 16 Mar 1906
Mary MICHELMORE 4 Apr 1907 39 Llwyn-ynn, Dyffryn Ardudwy   Dydd 12 Apr 1907
Mary Eugenie MICHELMORE 14 Feb 1926 70 Hastings of 30 Cleveland Square, London, widow of Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE; funeral Kingskerswell 19 Feb Western Morning News
18 Feb 1926
Michael MITCHELMORE 1 Jan 2007 72   of Newquay, son of late George and Mary, brother of Gary and Gina; funeral at Claremont Methodist Church 9 Jan 2007 Western Morning News
5 Jan 2007
Minnie MITCHELMORE 4 Oct 1942 52 at Troon, Camborne wife of Alf, sister of J O WILLIAMS, 44 Daniel Place, Penzance Cornishman 8 Oct 1942
Nina MICHELMORE 10Jul1875 14 St Peter's Home, Kilburn youngest daughter of Charles Frederick and Sophia Harries MICHELMORE Totnes Times 24 Jul 1875
P D MICHELMORE, Mr 30 Mar 1882 42 Powderham Villa, Newton Abbot   Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 5 Apr 1882 Totnes Times 8 Apr 1882
Pauline Mavis MITCHELMORE 13 Apr 2006     wife of late William MITCHELMORE and the late Patrick AHEARNE, funeral at South Wigston [Leicester] The Sentinel (Stafford)
19 Apr 2006
Peggy MITCHELMORE 31 Jul 2007   Torbay Hospital wife of David, daughter of Helen, aunt of Lisa, Jessie, Ted and George. Funeral at Dodbrooke. Western Morning News
1 Aug 2007
Peter William MITCHELMORE 6 May 2011 73 Derriford Hospital, Plymouth of Staverton; wife Gwen, children Kay and Ian, Keith and Caroline; buried at St Matthew's Church, Landscove 16 May 2011 Western Morning News
11 May 2011
Peter Francis MITCHELMORE [9 Oct 2014] 77   mechanical fitter of Vale Court Care Home, Ellesmere Port: funeral held at Chester Crematorium Flintshire Chronicle
9 Oct 2014
Philip MICHELMORE 18 Dec 1842 80 his residence Paignton formerly of Sparkwell North Devon Journal
29 Dec 1842
Philip MICHELMORE Oct 1856 78 his residence Painsford, Ashprington   Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 18 Oct 1856
Philip MICHELMORE 31 Mar 1859 82 Dinnacombe, Cornworthy yeoman Sherbourne Mercury
5 Apr 1859
Philip Michelmore EDMONDS 5 Jan 1862 5 yr 4 mo Totnes second son of Mr T H EDMONDS, solicitor: Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 8 Jan 1862
Philip Symons MICHELMORE 18 Dec 1871 65 Florian, Newton Abbot   Totnes Times 30 Dec 1871
Philip Dameral MITCHELMORE 30 Mar 1882   Powderham House, Newton Abbot   Western Times
6 Apr 1882
Philip William MICHELMORE 14 Nov 1885 37 Fore Street chemist Totnes Times 21 Nov 1885
Philip MITCHELMORE 18 Nov 1887 67 Scoble funeral at Staverton 24 Nov Western Times
22 Nov 1887
Philip MICHELMORE 7 Dec 1891   his residence Claremont, Torre representative of Torquay on the Devon County Council Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 12 Dec 1891
Philip MICHELMORE 7 Dec 1891 76   CC [County Councillor] of Claremont, Torquay, uncle of Mrs J J ELWIN of Peneho; bur Coombeinteignhead, of which place he was lord of the manor, deposited in family walled grave. Mourners included his widow; brother Mr WATKINS, Liverpool; sister Mrs LOWCOCK; nephews P M CROCKWELL, G CROCKWELL, F CROCKWELL, F ROSSITER, H SHAPLEY, J LOWCOCK, J OXFORD; brother-in-law H CROCKWELL; nieces Miss ROSSITER, Mrs W H MORTIMER; sister-in-law Miss WATKINS Taranaki Herald (New Zealand) 28 July 1892
Philip Michelmore CROCKWELL 11 Feb 1900 46 Clydesdale, Croft Road, Torquay   Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 17 Feb 1900
Philip MICHELMORE 31 Mar 1900 71 Willesden, Paignton late of Painsford near Totnes Western Times
6 Apr 1900
Philip MICHELMORE, MA, FRGS Jun 1902 35 Painsford, Cricklewood only son of the late Philip MICHELMORE of Painsford; funeral Ashprington 16 Jun Western Times
14 Jun 1902
Phyllis Rosetta MITCHELMORE 3 Mar 2004 90   sister to Muriel and Vera, both deceased Plymouth Herald
11 Mar 2004
Ralph Godfrey MICHELMORE, Dr 23 Apr 1983 90 Sidmouth   London Times 27 Apr 1983
Rebecca MICHELMORE 7 Feb 1855 68 Fishacre, Broadhempstone wife of Robert MICHELMORE Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 22 Feb 1855
Rebecca MICHELMORE 17 Jun1855 74 Ashburton relict of William MICHELMORE, boot and shoemaker Western Times
23 Jun 1855
Rebecca MICHELMORE 12 Dec 1897 88 1 Grosvenor Terrace, Barnstaple sister of the Clerk of the Peace for the County Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 14 Dec 1897
Richard MITCHELMORE 18 Jan 2008   Frenchay Hospital brother of Michael Bristol Evening Post
26 Jan 2008
Robert MICHELMORE 2 Feb 1861 84 his Manor House, Fishacre, Broadhempston   Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 8 Feb 1861
Robert MICHELMORE 19 Apr 1869   Catherstone Farm House   Western Gazette 23 Apr 1869
Robert Henry MITCHELMORE 23 Sep 1929   48 Hilton Road husband of Annie MITCHELMORE, late goods guard Western Times
27 Sep 1929
Robert Edwin MITCHELMORE May 1931 68 Lockyer Street, Plymouth of 84 Neath road, Plymouth, husband of Mary Lavinia Mitchelmore: collapsed and died on step of the Royal Hotel, inquest found death mainly due to bronchitis and diabetes Western Morning News
16 May 1931
Robert Edwin MITCHELMORE [16 May 1931]     cabinet maker, prominent member of the Independent Order of Rechabites (a past Chief Ruler and secretary of the Living in Hope Tent for 28 years and trustee) and the International Order of Good Templars, trustee of the Temperance Memorial Hall in Millbay Road; funeral at United Methodist Church, Embankment Road, attended by widow, son R E MITCHELMORE, daughters Mrs J CRAWFORD, Mrs S STURGESS, Mrs T SCULLY, sister Mrs M HOSKINS and many other relatives, Rechabites and Good Templars Western Morning News
18 May 1931
Robert Frank MICHELMORE 7 Feb 1949 91 Michelcombe, Salcombe funeral East Portlemouth 10 Feb Western Morning News
88 Feb 1949
Robert (Bob) MITCHELMORE 5 Jul 2012     father to Lisa, Eliott & Wesley, grandfather to Sam, Hannah & Thomas, brother of Cathline, Joan, Betty, Flo and Amy; funeral at Kingswear Church 13 Jul 2012 Torquay Herald Express
12 Jul 2012
Roger MITCHELMORE 24 Jan 1939   20 Ebrington Street, Kingsbridge clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes, deputy superintendant registrar for Kingsbridge: died after fall at his house 3 days before Western Morning News
28 Jan 1939
Ronald MUCHMORE 30 May 2011 86 Derriford Hospital, Plymouth husband of late Betty, father of Ann and Colleen, father in law of David and Chris Western Morning News
4 Jun 2011
Rosalie Emmaline Mitchelmore 25 Jun 1946 82 8 Beauchamp Crescent, Peverell widow of the late A J MITCHELMORE, lieutenant commander RN, mother of Bessie; burial at Efford Cemetery 28 Jun Western Morning News
27 Jun 1946
Rose Hellard MICHELMORE 10 Jul 1897     b 29 Oct 1871; funeral held at the Higher Cemetery, Exeter; chief mourners included her brothers P H and W MICHELMORE Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 13 Jul 18977
Rose MITCHELMORE 17 Apr 2011 99   wife of late Charles, mother of Sheila & Raymond; funeral at Torquay Crematorium 28 Apr 2011 Torquay Herald Express
21 Apr 2011
Samuel MITCHAMORE 4 Aug 1884 69 Bonhay Road, Exeter   Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 31 Jan 1857
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE 18 Mar 1886 35 Northam Road, Southampton   The Hampshire Advertiser
27 Mar 1886
Sarah Mary MITCHELMORE 21 Mar 1907 35 2 Elm Grove, Bodmin   Cornishman 28 Mar 1907
Sarah Mitchelmore QUARM Jan 1924 68 1 South Place, Kingsbridge daughter of the late William QUARM, funeral 8 Jan Western Morning News
8 Jan 1924
Sarah Betsy MITCHELMORE 28 Apr 1942 83   wife of late W H MITCHELMORE of Dartmouth Western Morning News
1 May 1942
Sheila MITCHELMORE 18 Nov 2006     leaves husband and son Weston & Somerset Mercury 24 Nov 2006
Sidney Michelmore STEVENS 7 Jun 1938   5 Penrose Villas, Mannamead invalid son of John and the late H STEVENS Western Morning News
9 Jun 1938
Sidney Frank MITCHELMORE 24 May 1942     funeral at Russell Town Congregational Church; left widow, son Harold MITCHELMORE, daughter Mrs T W EDGE, brothers C & W MITCHELMORE, sisters Mrs L G FISH & Mrs W S MARTELL Western Daily Press
29 May 1942
Silvanus MITCHELMORE 2008     nephews and nieces Jane, Mac, Wendy, Susan Plymouth Herald
4 Mar 2008
Silvanus Ven Mitchelmore 20088     husband of late Edith, brother in law of Dolly, uncle of Michael, Marion & the late Christine Plymouth Herald
4 Mar 2008
Silvanus Manuel Venn MITCHELMORE 26 Feb 2008 85 Nazareth House [Plymouth] husband of late Ede, uncle of George & Dianne; funeral at Weston Mill Crematorium 7 Mar 2008 Plymouth Herald
4 Mar 2008
Sophia MICHELMORE 24 Feb 1858 24 Dartmouth wife of Mr Michelmore, butcher Sherbourne Mercury
2 Mar 1858
Sophia MICHELMORE 30 Aug 1890 78 Bryntirion, Heavitree   Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 5 sep 1890
Stanley MUCHMORE 3 May 2006 83 Treliske Hospital, Truro of Carlyon Bay, husband of Frances, father of Glynis (m Graham), grandad to Amy and Ross, brother to Jean; funeral at Glynn Valley Crematorium, Bodmin Plymouth Herald
9 May 2006
Stuart MITCHELMORE 17 Nov 1988 69   survived by wife Margaret London Times 22 Nov 1988
Susan Ann MICHELMORE 3 Jan 1931     of Exmouth, widow of the late Philip William MICHELMORE of Totnes Western Times
9 Jan 1931
Susan MITCHELMORE [7 Aug 1937] 79 Plymouth hospital funeral at Mutley Baptist Church: of 12 Channel View Terrace, Lipson; died following severe burns suffered in accident; left son Mr F E Mitchelmore  
Susanna MITCHELMORE 14 Feb 1909 84 Bickington wife of the late Thomas MITCHELMORE Western Times
19 Feb 1909
Sylvia MITCHMORE 20 Jun 20044 58   mother of Wesley, funeral at Torquay Crematorium Plymouth Herald
13 Jul 2004
T MICHELMORE 14 May 1866 62 Berry House, Totnes steward to the Duke of Somerset Exeter & Plymouth Gazette18 May 1866
Thirza MICHELMORE 14 Sep 1900 81 The Plains, Totnes widow of John MICHELMORE Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 22 Sep 1900
Thomas MICHELMORE 1 Feb 1835 70 the residence of his son of Mamhead Cottage, for many years steward to the Duke of Somerset, Lady Ashburton, Robert William Newman and other gentlemen Western Times
7 Feb 1835
Thomas MICHELMORE 5 Apr 1838 9 Totnes eldest son of Charles MICHELMORE, solicitor Western Times
13 Apr 1838
Thomas MICHELMORE, jun 9 Jan 1859 35 Truestreet Cottage, Berry Pomeroy eldest son of Mr T MICHELMORE of Berry House Morning Chronicle 15 Jan 1859
Thomas MICHELMORE, jun 13 Jan 1859     funeral attended by nearly 150 friends on horseback and about thirty carriages followed; his loss to the towns of Totnes, Ashburton and Buckfastleigh deeply regretted Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 20 Jan 1859
Thomas MICHELMORE 16 Jan 1862 71 Sparkwell, Staverton   Totnes Times 18 Jan 1862
Thomas MICHELMORE 14 May 1866 63 Berry House, Berry Pomeroy   Western Times
18 May 1866
Thomas Michelmore FREEMAN 20 May 1866 12 mo Exmouth son of Mr FREEMAN, bookseller Western Times
25 May 1866
Thomas MICHELMORE 26 Mar 1896 66 South Knighton near Newton Abbot husband of Susan MICHELMORE Western Times
2 Apr 1896
Thomas Michelmore BOVEY 27 Dec 1910 85 Sloucombe, Moretonhampstead funeral North Bovey 31 Dec Western Times
30 Dec 1910
Thomas MICHELMORE 7 Oct 1917   Beaston, Broadhempston   Western Times
12 Oct 1917
Thomas Ferris MITCHELMORE 28 Feb 1927   Railway Inn, Ashburton husband of Jessie, funeral 4 Feb Western Morning News
2 Mar 1927
Tommy MITCHELMORE 3 Jun 2012 92 Old Roselyon Nursing Home of St Austell, wife to Tony; funeral at Glynn Valley Crematorium, Bodmin 4 Jul 2012 Plymouth Herald
23 Jun 2012
W H MITCHELMORE 10 Mar 1881 47   of Lower Street, Dartmouth Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 11 Mar 1881
W H MITCHELMORE       report on funeral 16 Mar 1881 Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 18 Mar 1881
W H MITCHELMORE, Mr       of Bearscove: obituary Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 11 Mar 1881
W R E MITCHELMORE, JP 18 Jul 1939   Yeovil town clerk's office senior member of Yeovil Town Council and ex-mayor: collapsed and died when discussing council matters with the deputy town clerk Hull Daily Mail 19 Jul 1939
Walter Harold Strachan MICHELMORE, Sir 18 Feb 1988 79     London Times 11 Mar 1988
Wm MICHELMORE 4 Sep 1846 68 Ashburton for many years landlord of the Royal Oak Inn and brewer of Ashburton pop Western Times
12 Sep 1846
William Quirck MITCHELMORE 30 Jan 1858 10 wk   infant son of Mr W G MITCHELMORE, builder, Trinity Street Cardiff & Merthyr Guardian & Brecon Gazette 13 Feb 1858
William MUCHMORE 22 Nov 1861   Chatham shipwright: expired in Melville Hospital from injuries sustained in fall; leaves widow and nine children The Morning Post 23 Nov 1861
William Quirck MITCHELMORE 5 Mar 1867 6 yr 6 mo   youngest son of Mr MITCHELMORE, builder, 2 Charles Street Cardiff Times 9 Mar 1867
William MICHELMORE 15 Aug 1868 81 Totnes builder Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 21 Aug 1868
William MITCHELMORE 11 Mar 1870 43 Brixham landlord of the Rising Sun Inn: died of complications arising from injuries received in December while quelling a disturbance in his house; son John MITCHELMORE testified Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 18 Mar 1870
Wm MITCHELMORE 9 Feb 1872 76 Burrough's Slip, Dartmouth painter Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 9 Feb 1872
William Quirck MITCHELMORE 24 Oct 1883 71 4 Charles Street, Cardiff contractor Weekly Mail 27 Oct 1883
William MICHELMORE 31 Dec 1890 71 Lees Square, Slapton   Totnes Times 10 Jan 1891
William MICHELMORE 11 Oct 1891     of 13 Walker Terrace, Plymouth; great uncle of Mrs J J ELWIN of Puneho. By his will gave £1000 to the Guardians of the poor and overseers of Ashburton and directed that they should invest it and "expend the [income] in coals to be distributed amongst the poor of Ashburton, irrespective of religious belief, one half ... to be distributed in the first week in November, and the other half to be distributed in the first week of January in every year, but no one person to receive more than 1 cwt at each distribution, and persons of 60 years of age and upwards to be preferred to younger persons, such coals to be delivered to the homes of the recipients free of cost to them". Other bequests: £250 to the Ashburton Cottage Hospital, £500 to the South Devon and Cornwall Institution for the Blind at North Hill, Plymouth, £500 to the Plymouth Sailors' Home, £100 to the Plymouth Eye Infirmary, £100 to the Plymouth Public Dispensary, £100 to the West Hoo Mission Church, and £100 to the Plymouth Lying in Charity Taranaki Herald (New Zealand) 28 July 1892
William MUCHMORE 12 Dec 1898 71 Liskeard   Royal Cornwall Gazette
22 Dec 1898
William Henry MUCHMORE 2 Dec 1899 65 Smithick Hill, Falmouth   Cornishman 14 Dec 1899
William Muchmore ROACH 24 Aug 18999 34 on voyage to Adelaide eldest son of the late Robert ROACH, The Esplanade, Fowey Royal Cornwall Gazette
19 Oct 1899
William Henry MITCHELMORE 16 Jun 1901 49 17 Morley Place, Plymouth late sergeant of the Plymouth police force Cornishman 20 Jun 1901
William Arthur MITCHELMORE 16 Oct 1909 44 Cottage Hospital, Dartmouth second son of the late Nathaniel Mitchelmore Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 29 Oct 1909
William Henry Mitchelmore BREWER       boot and shoe manufacturer, oldest local preacher of the Dartmouth & Brixham Wesleyan Circuit: left £1163 Western Times
6 Jan 1914
William MITCHELMORE 11 Jan 1914 67 71 Harriet Street, Trecynon a native of Hirwain, member of Horeb Chapel, Llwydcoed Aberdare Leader 24 Jan 1914
William MITCHELMORE [15 Jan 1914]     buried at the Old Cemetery, Trecynon; mourners included widow Mary, sons D J, Samuel, Lewis and daughters Mrs J R PHILLIPS of Abertridwr, Mrs Rees THOMAS of Abertridwr, Mrs Charles WATERS Aberdare Leader 17 Jan 1914
William MITCHELMORE 3 Oct 1942 80 Sunny Side, East Down   North Devon Journal
8 Oct 1942
William George MITCHELMORE 18 Nov 1950 71 Arch Cottage, Slapton eldest son of the late John & Emma MITCHELMORE, funeral 21 Nov Slapton Church Western Morning News
20 Nov 1950
William Godwin MICHELMORE, Sir 25 Oct 1982 85 Exeter KBE, CBE, DSO, MC, TD, DL; buried at Topsham; survived by wife Winsome London Times 27 Oct 1982
Winifred A MICHELMORE 25 Jun 1938 47 Haresdown, Longdown wife of H T MICHELMORE, MC, LlB, JP: memorial service held at Holcombe Burnell Church on 3 Jul attended by widower H T, father-in-law H W, brother-in-laws Colonel W G, & Dr R G, brother G F COULTON, children Mr R, Mr Roger & Miss M MICHELMORE Western Times
8 Jul 1938
Birthdays, wedding anniversaries and memorials
Name Date Event Further information Publication
Albert MITCHELMORE 7 Apr 1940 50th anniversary of wedding at Baptist Church, Newton Abbot of Glen Villa, Forde Park, Newton Abbot Western Morning News
6 Apr 1940
Alison MITCHELMORE 18 Jun 2013 birthday from Claire, Andy and niece Erin Hull Daily Mail 18 Jun 2013
Brian (Bill) MITCHELMORE 28 Apr 2014 in memoriam b 1934, d 2009 Plymouth Herald 28 Apr 2014
David MITCHELMORE 13 May 2003 remembering his death on 24 Dec 2000 from Isobel and son Neil Plymouth Herald
13 May 2003
Dorothy MITCHELMORE 11 Apr 2014 birthday from daughters Claire and Alison, sons-in-law Andy and Mark and grandchildren Elliot and Erin Hull Daily Mail 11 Apr 2014
David MITCHELMORE 13 May 2003 in memoriam from Julie, Bill, Paula, Donna, Mark, Carly and Lauren Plymouth Herald
13 May 2003
David MITCHELMORE 13 May 2003 in memoriam from wife and child Plymouth Herald
13 May 2003
Frances Caroline MITCHELMORE 12 Sep 2003 anniversary of his death on 10 Sep 2001 from children Peggy, John, Joyce, Tom and Hermon Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle 12 Sep 2003
George Mitchelmore NELDER 10 Apr 1903 25th anniversary of wedding to Jane Marie ALDRIDGE, youngest daughter of John ALDRIDGE of Badingham, Suffolk, at All Saints, Landport messman, HMS Asia Portsmouth Evening News 11 Apr 1903
H W MICHELMORE 30 Jul 1939 50th anniversary of wedding at Durham Cathedral of the Lindens, Matford Avenue, Exeter, son of the late H Michelmore, Clerk of the Peace for Devon, mayor 1912-13 and 1931-32; many years Deputy Clerk of the Peace and Registrar of the Diocese of Exeter and the Consistory Court; father of H T Michelmore, MC, JP, former sheriff of Exeter, and W G Michelmore, DSO, MC, TD, DL, Commanding Officer of the 4th btn, Devonshire Regiment Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 4 Aug 1939
Julie Ann GRIFFITHS nee MITCHELMORE 11 Mar 2013 50th birthday from family Plymouth Herald 11 Mar 2013
Nigel MITCHELMORE 26 Jul 2003 10th anniversary of death b 1949; from Pam, Joe, David, John, Dawn and family Plymouth Herald
26 Jul 2003
Richard Jeffrey MITCHELMORE 8 Oct 2009 52nd birthday from daughter Nicola Bristol Evening Post
8 Oct 2009
Richard MITCHELMORE 8 Oct 2009 birthday from wife Jill Bristol Evening Post
8 Oct 2009
Robert MITCHELMORE 9 Aug 2013 birthday from Claire and Ali, in-laws Andy and Mark, and mini-gremlins Elliot and Erin Hull Daily Mail 9 Aug 2013
Roger Jeffery MICHELMORE 26 Jul 2012 60th anniversary of marriage to Mary Dreda BROWN at Mylor Parish Church, Falmouth son of Mr & Mrs Henry MICHELMORE of Exeter; from Jim, June, Tim and Sue Western Morning News
26 Jul 2012
Violet MITCHELMORE 13 May 2003 in memoriam from Reg, Ann, Shirley, Lynda, Paul, Peter, Clive and their families Plymouth Herald
13 May 2003


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